Coffee Maker Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker

Coffee maker buying guide for new and avid coffee lovers.

If you can’t start your day without coffee, this coffee maker buying guide is for you. Most people in the U.S. cannot start their day without a cup of coffee.

Coffee is perhaps the most preferred morning beverage for many people and having the best coffee maker can be advantageous. Getting a cup of coffee or two in the morning can get rid of all the fatigue of the previous day and give you the energy for the new day. That’s why most people prefer it more than tea.

You get the opportunity to choose the beans you like; you add the right amount of cream or sweeteners you want. These are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to owning a coffee maker.

Making coffee at home really saves you a package.  

But how to choose the best coffee maker still remains a challenge to most people, given that there are plenty of coffee maker machines from different brands and they come in different types and with different features.

Well, that should not worry you so much because this article shares the factors you need to put in mind when buying a coffee maker machine.

Of course, there are coffee lovers who aren’t convinced of the benefits of brewing their own coffee at home. In fact, with plenty of coffee shops everywhere, it can be hard for someone to consider the benefits of owning a coffee maker.

Benefits of Owning a Coffee Maker at Home

If you are a coffee lover, then you must admit that owning a coffee maker machine is beneficial. And if you can take more than one cup a day, then you badly need a coffee machine at your home.


Because you are spending too much on coffee shops yet you can save money by making flavored and sweet coffee at home.

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy when you have a coffee maker at home as we have listed them below.

Saves you money

You think spending $5 on a cup of coffee at the coffee shop isn’t draining your pocket but you are spending a lot of money than you could have spent had you bought your own coffee maker.

Just imagine if you take 3 cups of coffee a day, then see how much you spend in a month, a year, after two years. It’s quite expensive.

Of course, buying a coffee maker comes with its expense, but you will incur a one-time cost yet enjoy long-term benefits.

Health benefits

A brewed coffee has plenty of health benefits (large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients). Instant coffee lacks all these benefits. And more importantly, these antioxidants and nutrients can help to combat many types of cancers and heart diseases.

Get a cup of coffee when you want it

When you want a cup of coffee immediately you wake up in the morning, a coffee maker can do it for you. Anytime you want it, just push a button and you are served with a hot cup of coffee. Think about if you want a cup of coffee early in the morning and you don’t have a coffee maker.

Overall, owning a coffee maker machine has many benefits than you can imagine.

So, which coffee machine to buy?

Deciding which type of coffee maker to buy isn’t as complicated as many people think. There are plenty of options available so whether it’s your first time or 30th time, you will still get the best coffee maker for you.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Coffee Maker (Coffee Maker Buying Guide)

Type of Coffee Maker  

First things first; before you hit the road in search of a coffee machine, you need to know what type is suitable for your coffee brewing.

Of course, there are many different types of coffee makers, but do you need all of them? No!

You just need one for your everyday coffee brewing.

Get to know the types of coffee makers and what they can do then choose one for yourself.

Size and Capacity

Having looked at the different types of coffee makers, you will realize that they come in different sizes and capacity. Depending on the number of people who will be drinking the coffee, you can decide the size you want.

If you are the only one who will use the coffee machine, choose the right capacity that is best for you. The same applies if you have many people in your household who will drink coffee.

Ease of Use

You don’t want a coffee machine that’s too complicated, especially if you make most of your coffee in the morning. You need a machine that gets the coffee brewed in a few minutes. Therefore, consider the user-friendliness of the coffee maker before buying it.

Besides, you need a coffee maker that can do the brewing automatically at a specific time you want. The good thing is that there are plenty of coffee maker models that come with programmable features so you can set the specific time you want your coffee brewed and the machine will do that automatically.

Counter Space

How much space do you have in your counter? Can it accommodate a big coffee maker machine? Can it accommodate more than two appliances? There are small, medium, and big coffee makers and so you need to know how much space you have in your counter. Before you go out to buy a coffee maker, take the measurements of your counter space so that you know exactly the size of coffee maker that fits properly.

Type of Coffee

Coffee makers and espresso machines have some difference. That means you need to choose a machine that can make all types of coffee. If you decide to buy the two separately, it means you will need a lot of counter space. So the best option is to buy a hybrid machine that takes less space.

If you are unsure of the size of coffee maker that fits in your counter space, do yourself a favor to know how you can return it in case it does not fit in your home. After all, you don’t have to enlarge your kitchen because of one appliance.

Additional Features

Different coffee maker models come with different features. You need to know what features you want in your coffee maker before buying one.

Extra features to consider include programmable setting, built-in grinder, auto shutoff, multiple warmers, water filter, and steamer/frother.

Lastly, consider the cost of the coffee maker. Coffee makers come with different price tags; some are expensive while some are cheaper. Choose a good quality coffee maker with a reasonable price tag.

we hope this coffee maker buying guide helps you to get your best coffee machine.

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