Best Pop Filter in 2021

Best pop filter

Today we’re going to talk about pop filters. There are a couple of different kinds of pop filters and we want to see which one is the most effective and right for you.

A pop filter’s job is to remove or reduce breathing noises, pops and clicks sounds that usually occur when you are recording.

You can use editing techniques to minimize this but if you have a pop filter, you wouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of annoyances.

To get the best results from any pop filter, make sure you run a few tests using your microphone and your audio interface. Once you get the settings right, then it’s all about sticking to it and continue recording your music, podcast or whatever.

Let’s have a look at the best pop filters on the market today

Earamble Pop Filter

One of the most popular pop filters out there today, this little wonder by Earamble is what you would connect to your mic stand. It’s one of those industry-standard pop filters that have a metal screw thing.

You basically slide it along the mic stand and screw it in.

Love the “gooseneck” feature that allows it to spin and adjust in any way you like.

One of the most basic but solid pop filters out there.

Aokeo Professional Pop Filter

This pop filter seems to be a popular choice for a lot of people especially Blue Yeti microphone users. This pop filter is double layered so it does a darn good job in keeping your vocals nice and clean. Of course, it kind of depends on the audio interface you are using and general mic settings as well but if you got that part right, then don’t worry about the noise with this pop filter. The only thing I would add is I hope they upgrade the overall materials they use for this one. It does the job feels a little bit cheap.

Bee-life Pop Filter

This 6 inch wide (Circumference) pop filter is considered a mid-quality pop filter. It’s robust overall and most users really seem to enjoy it. If you are looking for a higher quality one, this may not be the right one but for beginners, it’s close to perfect.

Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter

I’m a big fan of double mesh screens because if you rap, you most likely spit a little bit now and then. That’s why the double mesh screens are a god sent. They also clean up the ‘hisses’ fairly well so if you are a rapper or a singer, the Auphonix microphone pop filter will really help you out.

Just like any quality pop filter, the Auphonix is easy to connect thanks to it’s gooseneck feature. The only thing we would suggest at this point is if they can improve the quality control on the mounting parts. Seems like they seem to degrade a bit faster than usual.

Auphonix MPF-2 Pop Filter

A pop filter that advertises it’s compatible with the Blue Yeti. That’s great and all but any pop filter can do that job can’t they?

Anyways, not to take anything away from this Auphonix 6 inch pop filter, it still has some very good reviews. Most people seem to love recording with it and if you’re getting the results that you want then what’s the issue right?

One thing is for sure, if you set this pop filter up properly, yout “pops” will be history.

Neewer Pop Filter

Now you can pronounce your ‘s’ as much as you want thanks to the double layer ‘protection’ if you may that this Neewer studio pop filter provides.

By the way, the pictures don’t do this pop filter proper justice. Once it’s out of the box, it actually has some good weight to it and is considered a quality pop filter.

You’d be surprised how different audio sounds when recorded with mesh and without. Great job Neewer.

ZINGYOU PF-101 Pop Filter

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Now if you’re looking for a sleek looking pop filter that actually works. You might not have heard of this brand yet but they are quickly winning fans. They have their own unique design and the best part, it works. Although it’s mostly made of plastic, it’s one of the smoothest and sturdiest pop filters around. Look out for this brand in the near future.

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