Bring out your Sceptre TV’s best picture quality

picture quality sceptre tv

One of the most common complaints from people who recently purchased a new TV is picture quality. They usually talk about how they were excited to buy their brand new shiny TV, but when they got the TV home and turned it on, the picture quality wasn’t what they expected. We also hear many people say that the quality looked sharper and crisper in the store, but their Sceptre TV doesn’t look as nice or the colors seem a little off.

This is an issue that causes a lot of unnecessary problems and misconceptions about even the most popular brands, especially now that we are living in a day where customers can give reviews on any product they buy. And in this particular situation, the fix is quite simple.

Most importantly, this problem isn’t really a problem at all. It’s simply a matter of calibrating your new Sceptre TV so the picture settings are appropriate for the lighting of the room it’s in.

Many new TVs have their picture options set in a generic fashion, a “one-size-fits-all” approach, if you will. Unfortunately, this approach usually doesn’t suit anybody, leaving many customers with a feeling of disappointment the first time they turn on their TV. Other times, new TVs will have their picture settings programmed to suit the average retail environment where they will be on display. However, the average retail environment will be much brighter than your home, leaving the picture settings in need of some major adjustments.

If you prefer to stay out of retail stores and do your research online, we’ve conducted a full set of Sceptre reviews detailing all of their best selling TVs and how they performed.

The good news is that you don’t need to return your new TV – because there’s nothing wrong with it. We have an easy way to improve your Sceptre TV’s picture quality and make it ideal for your home.

Most TVs have several different visual presets to choose from. Some of them are usually for movies and sports, but some TVs will have many more settings that you might find useful. You can find these in your Sceptre TV’s picture setting menu. If you have trouble finding them, just have a look through the user’s manual that came with your TV.

Sometimes your TV’s picture settings will be a “vivid” preset or something similar, which is designed to make the colors really pop off the screen. This type of preset is used in many retail stores to catch the shopper’s eye, but will look terribly artificial and loud in your home. A much more suitable setting for your home will be the “normal” or “standard” preset, or whatever your model of Sceptre TV calls it.

If the standard preset still isn’t ideal, it will give you a good starting point to make small changes until you find the settings you like. Try adjusting one setting at a time until you find the ideal number and then move on to the next setting, rather than bouncing between the different settings aimlessly in hopes of finding the ideal picture settings for your Sceptre TV. This will more than likely cause frustration and the need to go back to the standard preset and start over.