Bussines Router

The low cost and high speed of home routers might be tempting for small entrepreneurs that are looking for a new router for their business. There are many models that look really appropriate, especially those that are established on the IEEE 802.11ac standard. The problem for the new buyers of small business routers is that is difficult for them to asses if these devices can satisfy the requirements that their organization demands.

The most common questions are about security, scalability, to use wired or wireless set up, and covering range.

For most the answer is to go for business devices that today are fast business routers and the same time are quite affordable.

Nowadays business routers are amazingly developed when you compare with a decade ago, and some of the modern routers display even triple and double connectivity. High end models feature a huge variety of   characteristics that a little while ago were unimaginable.Some of the best routers that you can use at home or at your business are:

How to choose a business router

One of the aspects that is important to take in to account when buying  a business router, is you would like to use wireless access or a wired one,how many users are going to use the deployment, do you need double or single WAN, and also the level of security that is required for the proper functionality of it.

If you need simplicity, the best course of action is to take advantage of a software-defined WAN, that is more budget efficient and also increase resource utilization reducing operating costs for set ups that use several sites. The use of available bandwidth efficiently is provided by the better performance and the same time keeps your data secure without worries about safety.

Special considerations:

  • The advantages of dual band routers are notorious, due that they allow you to change to the frequency that is less crowded at the moment.
  • The communication of your router with the network is ruled by the protocol or the network standard which are standardized regularly in periods of between 4 and 6years.The most recent standardization (802.11ac) was made a while ago, so there is not too much to worry about because almost all routers and other devices are updated already.

Another fact to consider is how much control you have over the settings of your device. Many modern routers allow us to customize the preferences of our set up, like connection to a VPN, speeds for some applications , or applying parent control ,which is a clear advantage over the less onerous and older routers.


The balance between budget and quality only can be assessed by the business entrepreneur by himself ,but in our humble opinion, home routers can be used in small business settings,but the savings that are made in the shot term don’t worth the work and spendings that will be necessary to make in the future.

We think is that a business network should have minimum standards that home routers are not be able to comply.

Nowadays,the number of alternative routers is so ample that is possible to find routers that are not expensive and at the same time show plenty of features that will made the business owner satisfied with them.