Musical Instruments

Best DJ Speakers

Best DJ Speakers

Having a DJ Controller is awesome but if you want to play in the public, you need some dj speakers.
Best Bass Headphones

Best Bass Headphones

You know one thing that I love about music? Especially trap music? BASS.So when it comes to headphones, I expect my headphones to provide...
[Cover] Chord Progression Generator

Chord Progression Generator

If you’re making modern music like trap, dance, future bass or anything along those lines, you need to start playing around with...
Best Kids Electric Guitar

Best Kids Electric Guitar in 2020

Getting your kids into music is one of the best things you can do for their personal development and creativity.So how do get started?Well,...
Best Kids Acoustic Guitar

Best Kids Acoustic Guitar in 2020

Playing the guitar although fun, can also be quite challenging for kids. However, having the right electric...
[Cover] Best DIY Ukulele Kit

Best DIY Ukulele Kit in 2020

We all love that beautiful sound of a soothing ukulele.I mean who doesn’t...
[Cover] Best DIY Cigar Box Guitar Kit

Best DIY Cigar Box Guitar Kit in 2020

If you enjoy making things and playing music, a DIY cigar box guitar kit may just be something that works for you.
[Cover] Best Kalimba Instrument

Best Kalimba Instrument

The kalimba is a member of a whole family of instruments with origins in many regions of Africa.Instruments...
Best Laptop for music production

Best Laptop For Music Production

Again this is a personal choice.What do you prefer working on or find easier to use? When I was using Fruity Loops I was...
[Cover] Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners

Best Digital Piano Keyboard For Beginners

It's amazing how far things with a keyboard have come. I mean there are midi controllers, music...
[Cover] Best Headphones For Music Production

Best Headphones For Music Production in 2020

When it comes to music production or even sampling music, headphones are simply just a necessity. Especially when you get into recording...
[Cover] Best Audio Interface

Best Audio Interface

This little device is what separates the beat making "wannabees" from the real professional producers.