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Best pop filter

Best Pop Filter in 2020

Today we're going to talk about pop filters. There are a couple of different kinds of pop filters and we want to see which...
Best Studio Monitor Stands

Best Studio Monitor Stands Buying Guide

Getting studio monitors is one thing but if you don’t have a proper desk, you definitely need to think about acquiring strong,...
Best Acoustic Panels For Ceiling

Best Acoustic Panels For Ceiling in 2020

Acoustic panels for soundproofing are an essential part of having your own quality home studio, home theatre...
Best Drum Set Lights

Best Drum Set Lights in 2020

Drum set lights are used when you are playing at night. Which seems to be the obvious reason right?Actually, drum set lights are also...
Cello Bow

Best Cello Bow in 2020

You can’t play cello without a cello bow.The bow is the cellos partner.Okay, to be honest, you can play the cello without the bow...
Best Drumsticks

Best Drumsticks in 2020

Do I even need to mention why you need drumsticks?No it's not just...
[Cover] Best Laptop For DJing

Best Laptop For DJing

Unlike when using a laptop for music production, you don't really need that much power (RAM) when...
Best Boombox

Best Boombox Reviewed & Tested

Boomboxes have been around since the days of the CD Walkman. Remember those guys? Now what exactly...
Best Wireless Guitar System

Best Wireless Guitar System for Beginners in 2020

A wireless guitar system is made of two main parts, the transmitter and the receiver.
Best Guitar Humidifier

Best Guitar Humidifier in 2020

Today we're going to be talking about one of the most serious issues when it comes to...
Best Fuzz Pedal for Beginners

Best Fuzz Pedal for Beginners in 2020

So another variation of an effect that is similar to overdrive or distortion, but definitely a lot...
Best Wah Pedal

Best Wah Pedal For Beginners in 2020

Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, the Wah pedal produces a very unique “wah waw" sound.