How to pick the right size Sceptre TV for you

pick the right size Sceptre TV feature image

When you’re in the market for a new Sceptre TV, you’ll likely notice that you can get bigger TVs for much more reasonable prices than you’re used to. This is when your instincts kick in and tell you to buy the biggest TV on the face of the planet so you can make all of your friends jealous. However, sometimes this can be a mistake because, when it comes to TVs, bigger isn’t always better. Alright fine it’s almost always better. But not in every situation.

We’re not saying that huge TVs aren’t awesome, because they are. But sometimes a large Sceptre TV just isn’t suitable for the size of the room you’re planning to watch it in. Or sometimes the position or placement of the TV within a room can have the same effect as being in a smaller room. While big screens are great, many people don’t enjoy constantly moving there head side to side and up and down the entire time they’re watching a movie or show.

You might be asking: “Well, how am I supposed to know if a TV is too big for a room, without having the TV in the room?” There’s actually a very simple way of figuring this out.

To find out if a TV is going to be too big or too small for a room, just get yourself a tape measure. Now measure the distance between your couch and your TV (or where you plan to put your TV). The size of the Sceptre TV you choose you should be somewhere between one half and one third of the distance you measured.

Other people will probably suggest going for the biggest Sceptre TV you can afford to buy. However, even if you’re dead-set on buying something very large, and even if you don’t want to ruin your TV-buying experience by doing measurements and math, you should double check by doing a quick test.

Go to a store that sells Sceptre TVs and watch each screen size from approximately the distance you will be watching from at home. Try to follow along with whatever mindless commercial or children’s movie happens to be on the TV, and picture yourself watching this TV for hours at a time. If you find your eyes moving around too much to follow the action (or worse yet, moving your head), that screen size is likely too big for the room you plan on watching it in. Likewise, if you find yourself needing to concentrate (or worse, squinting) to follow what’s going on, the screen size you’re looking at is probably too small for the distance you plan on putting between yourself and your new Sceptre TV.

If you’re interested, we have an extensive list of Sceptre TV reviews for 2017 which cover a wide range of screen sizes to choose from. Have a look at the different models and see which size is most suitable for the room you’re placing it in. Or you can just ignore everything we said here and get the biggest, baddest Sceptre TV on the list – which we’re almost certain most people will do. Including me.