Installing an HD antenna with your Sceptre TV

Installing an HD antenna with your Sceptre TV

An HD antenna can be a great way to complement your Sceptre TV with many free TV channels to watch. I mean, who doesn’t want free TV? Right?

Once you choose your HD antenna, either online or in-store, many people feel intimidated by installing and positioning the antenna, assuming it will be a very technical job. While different manufacturers will vary slightly, most HD antennas can be installed on your Sceptre TV in two easy steps with no professional needed.

First, screw the coax cable into the back of your TV, exactly the same way you would with an old antenna. If the antenna you’ve chosen is an amplified model, hook up the power so you’re ready to go. This might look like it’s going to be a frustrating experience, but we’ll get you through it nice and easy. A few minutes from now you’re going to be watching your favorite channels for free on your Sceptre TV.

Once you have the coax cable hooked up and everything is plugged in, go to your TV’s settings menu and have it scan for available channels in your area. This setting is usually called something like “tuner”, “channel scan”, “auto scan” or “auto program”, but this can vary between models and updates.

Now you need to position your antenna so it has the best location for receiving signals through the air. While this can take a little bit of trial and error, it will not be very difficult in most situations. If the first place you try doesn’t work very well, even making slight adjustments in angle or position of the antenna can make a significant improvement.

The real key here is not giving up after the first try, assuming it’s not going to work. Most of the frustration and intimidation behind installing an antenna to your Sceptre TV comes from finding a good position/location for the antenna, not the installation itself. Try out a few different locations if the first one doesn’t give you the reception you were looking for.

The best places to try first are elevated locations where the antenna has more of a chance of catching a signal. Placing your antenna by a window can be an excellent choice, especially when other spots aren’t working for you. For people who live in an area with good reception, many times you can simply position the antenna on the back of the TV itself.

In the majority of cases, you will have no problem finding an ideal location and all of your worry will have been for nothing. Also, we’re sure Sceptre would be glad to help you with the installation as well.

If you’re looking for more information, we’ve performed an extensive review of Sceptre TVs ranging from large to small. If you’re still having issues getting reception on your Sceptre TV using an HD antenna, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you through it.