Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review and Details

When it comes to getting on the water and enjoying a bit of nature a person can quickly realize that it starts to cost them. Most fiberglass and ABS plastic kayaks can start at hundreds of dollars. For someone who really doesn’t know they even like to kayak poses a big problem. A great way to get into kayaking and starting to enjoy nature is by getting an affordable inflatable kayak such as the Intex Explorer K2 kayak. It’s a great kayak for beginners although there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. I’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages in this Intex Explorer K2 kayak review

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review and Details

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review and Details

Although fishing kayaks are very popular right now it’s certainly not the only use for a kayak. Fishing in an inflatable kayak can be problematic and one wrong move with your hook can spell disaster for an inflatable kayak. For this reason, we don’t recommend any inflatable kayaks be used for fishing even the Intex Explorer K2 kayak.

We’ll review the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak below and then go over some of the details on why we rated it the way we did. If you have a question or comment be sure to comment after the article to clarify anything about this kayak.


Being able to maneuver and operate the kayak comfortably and safely is a must for any kayak. While these features are important they can sometimes be sacrificed in order to make a kayak more functional. In the case of most inflatable kayaks functionality suffers because of the large air tubes on each side of the craft. And while the Intex Explorer K2 kayak is inflatable and does have these two air tubes it still remains very functional for kayaking through nature.

Two Person Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak was designed for 2 persons with a weight limit of 350 pounds which includes any gear you take with you. One of the problems that we found with this kayak is there is little room for gear if you’re riding 2 persons. Since the bow or the kayak is small there is not much room for a small cooler or anything else. If you’re using this kayak as a single person however, using the additional seat can provide plenty of room to take gear along.

Great Seating on This Kayak

One of the best features of this kayak are the comfortable seating. They are inflatable seats but are very rigid when fully inflated so you won’t fall backwards on the kayak even when rowing. The kayak also comes with two 96 inch aluminum oars which provide a way to power the craft. The biggest problem with the oars however is that they are not adjustable and smaller persons may have a more difficult time with them.

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For beginners that are just starting out in the sport of kayaking this is a great product. The price of this product can range from $90 to $150 online from a variety of online sources. Amazon usually offers the best price which you can check below. This lower price point allows a person to experience the sport of kayaking without spending hundreds of dollars.

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This kayak is built with heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl that uses 2 main tubes along each side. The bottom of the kayak is also tube structure for support. Seams and connections seem to be built rather well with longevity in mind. Storing the kayak will need to be done in a clean, dry area out of direct sunlight and also rain or extreme cold. Most are stored in a garage or even a closet inside the home. Since it’s inflatable the footprint of this craft is rather small.

top view of intext explorer k2 kayak


For all kayaks, safety is a top priority. However, for most 2 person kayaks it becomes an even bigger deal because many times the passenger that’s riding with you may be a smaller child. The Intex Explorer K2 kayak does have some nice safety features built into the kayak. One of the best features of this kayak that I really wanted to mention in this Intex Explorer K2 kayak review is that it’s really stable in the water. Even when 2 people are on the craft it remains stable and doesn’t  flex like many inflatable kayaks do.

When It Flips

When a kayak flips over getting it back righted can sometimes be a challenge. Since this kayak is so lightweight it makes it much easier to back right side up. With the stability of the kayak it is very difficult to flip however.

Rough Water Kayak

One thing you can’t control is the weather and sometimes you’ll be in a position where the water gets rough. The hull on the Intex Explorer K2 kayak is deep and can withstand some pretty serious rough waters. However, this is not a kayak for white water rafting.

Bright Yellow is Easy to See

The exterior of the kayak is bright yellow which makes it much easier for other boaters to see. Combine this bright yellow with safety orange life vests and you greatly increase your chances of other seeing you.

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A camping trip that lasts for a few days means that you’ll need reliable equipment. The Intex Explorer K2 kayak is a very reliable kayak that features some important features to help you. Don’t be caught miles away from civilization just to find out your kayak isn’t reliable.

Keeping a patch kit with you that is provided is a must, especially if you plan on fishing out of this kayak. The exterior of this kayak is very tough and ‘puncture resistant’ but we’ve all had mishaps when things go wrong. Having the ability to patch the kayak and get it back to safety can be achieved in most situations with the included patch kit.

Since this kayak is more rated for calmer waters it does provide an extremely reliable kayak for anyone who uses it.

The Bottom Line

The Intex Explorer K2 kayak is one of the best kayaks available today for beginners. Seasoned kayakers may find the kayak a bit bulky but it’s a perfect fit for more beginners to the sport. Since the kayak is usually priced below $150 it’s also very inexpensive. Getting on the water is easy with this kayak which includes oars, kayak, and high volume pump. Simply add people and some personal flotation devices and you’re ready to go kayaking! Get more pricing info by clicking below:

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review and Details


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