The right way to clean your Sceptre TV

The right way to clean your Sceptre TV

Cleaning your TV, or even just the screen, seems like a pretty straight forward task. And if you’re doing it the right way – it is. However, cleaning your TV the wrong way can cause permanent damage to the screen or other components.

Different TVs can also require slightly different cleaning methods, so knowing the right way to clean your Sceptre TV can extend its life significantly.

First things first. Before you start cleaning your Sceptre TV, unplug the power cord from the socket to ensure your safety until the job is done.

When you wipe the screen, don’t just grab a tissue or paper-towel or any old thing you have laying around. The screen of your TV is somewhat delicate and using the wrong material to clean it can cause scratches and other types of damages. You’ll want to use a soft cotton cloth or a micro-fiber cloth to clean the screen of your Sceptre TV. Try to wipe gently with smooth movements, rather than scrubbing or pressing down on the screen with too much pressure while you clean.

If you need to clean an area and dry-wiping isn’t working, your best bet is to use clean water and wring out your cotton or micro-fiber cloth well so there is no chance of water dripping or running down the screen. Even a small drop of water getting in the wrong place can permanently damage your TV. This type of damage will probably not be covered by your warranty, so it’s better to play it safe and wring out your cloth well.

Avoid using solvents like alcohol to clean your Sceptre TV, as these types of chemicals have been known to cause damage to the screen and housing.

You will also need to be careful while cleaning the remote for your TV. In the same way your TV can be damaged by a very small amount of water, so can your remote. Take extra care to get all excess water out of the cloth before cleaning any part of your Sceptre TV or remote. In most cases, dry-wiping will do a better job and is much safer, so save the damp cloth for times when dry-wiping isn’t cutting it.