Sceptre TV: What are The Best Products In Their TV Line

Like you read on Sceptre TV Buyer’s Guide and Reviews, Sceptre is one of the leading electronics company that offers a wide-range of product. Their TV line is particularly promising. Every user gets the chance to choose among the different options. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the option and be actually confident about the choices you’re going to make.

What are The Best Products In Their TV Line

Here are the several options you’ll be able to expect.


UHD or Ultra-High Definition television is the current trend these days. If you’re going to purchase and you’re in need of really high definition resolution. Sceptre offers a variety of options for UHD TVs. It’s best to get to know the different options first. The focus is the well-recognized U550CV-UMR. Out of all the units they’ve introduced for the UHD line, this is one of the most famous.


The reason why this has become the most famous option is because of the almost-realistic quality that the device can provide. With over 8 million pixels, you’ll be able to have the best viewing experience. Dimensions: 55” inch screen and Viewable in Diagonal angles 54.6”.

Key Features:

  • Superior 4K Picture – The experience is different with a screen that offers you more than the common 1080P Full resolution. You have the unrivaled 3840 x 2160 resolution that boasts 8 million pixels.
  • UHD Upscaling – upscaling is available with the advanced chipset for video being used. These are applicable for the SD, HD, and FHD videos. And with the new chipset, the whole imagery is enhanced.
  • HDMI 2.0 – Use this as a multi-function monitor. Connect devices for wider range of entertainment. Game consoles and blu-ray devices can easily be used. You can also choose to connect laptops and smaller devices for a bigger screen.

Curve TV

Compared to the traditional structure of TVs, the curve allows for a more realistic viewing. The depth of viewing is actually be enhanced because of this. And many people prefer to make use of the curve to improve the viewing.


This 55” curved TV also boasts of the UHD feature and a 3840 x 2160 resolution. You get the most realistic view at the most focused angle.


  • Curved TV – The focus is guaranteed with the curved edges. The reason why this became a hit for many individuals is because you’ll be able to appreciate the depth of the viewing experience.
  • MEMC 120 – Notice how action sequences are often blurred and it doesn’t have a smooth flow at all. This auto-enhanced feature allows you to clearly see every movement no matter how fast it is.
  • Energy Star V7.0 – These products are labeled this way since they’re created to make sure that there are no greenhouse gas emissions. With this, there is energy efficiency as well.


There are numerous options especially for this specific type of television. In fact, Sceptre has the biggest collection of LED TVs.


  • 1080P high resolution for the best viewing
  • VPA feature- this allows you to utilize a variety of devices and easily use it as an entire system to help you
  • Mobile High Definition Linking – you can connect mobile phones and devices to the television in order to have a bigger screen. And the best thing is it’s the fact that it can easily be connected.
  • Energy star qualified – devices with these types of signs are energy efficient and it’s something that won’t contribute to greenhouse effects.