TP-Link Archer C1200 Review (AC1200 Dual Band Router)

The TP-Link AC12000 is definitely a good value for the money router, and for the results that get from it you will probably be satisfied. Thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet ports you can easily connect your devices, and the speed that the router shows has been upgraded up to 1200 Mbps.

TP-Link Archer C1200
  • Dual band router upgrades to 1200 Mbps high speed internet(300Mbps for 2.4 Gigahertz + 900Mbps for 5 Gigahertz),...
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports, ideal for any internet plan and allow you to directly connect your wired devices
  • USB Access Share your USB drive content wirelessly; Operating Temperature: Operating Temperature: 0℃~40 ℃ (32...
The Good
  • Fast connection for its Price range
  • Good coverage
  • Small size
  • Easy to setup
  • TP-Link Available dynamic DNS for registered users
  • Updated efficient firmware
Not So Good
  • The storage capability is not fast enough

It is definitely a good value for the money router, and for the results that get from it you will probably be satisfied. Thanks to its Gigabit Ethernet ports you can easily connect your devices, and the speed that the router shows has been upgraded up to 1200 Mbps.

Also the router make possible to be managed and  setup remotely using the TP- Link Tether app which is great when you are away from home.

The 4k streaming performance is more than enough and buffering is reduced substantially.

Our team has concluded that in this range of prices the Archer C1200 is one of the best products that you can find.It won second place on the list that best wifi routers under $100.

Another fact that we like is that the company has 24/7 technical support, and in case that the machine have any issues , they give a 2 years warranty.

TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router(Archer C1200) Review

Despite that these days many people have opted for routers of higher performance, our Tp-Link AC1200 review show us that the product presents a great alternative for people that need to use the device in reduced areas and their network is not utilized by numerous machines. The budget advantage that these kinds of routers represent when compared with multiple streams routers is ostensible, and if you think that a great number of mobile phones present  a radio of 2×2 802.11ac x, the decision to buy an TP-Link AC1200 make perfect sense for a budget conscious person.

The Archer C1200 was in its moment the upgraded version of the Archer C7, and to be honest the newer version is a better device in all aspects. We would say that it is still a device that is intended to be used at a beginner level, showing a very easy setup that without be complicated is still have all the feature that a regular user needs.

The possibility to manage you network remotely is evidently a great feature that TP-Link router give you with the use of their Tether app, which gives to this particular AC1200 an special attraction for the potential buyers.

Video-TP Link AC1200 Router Archer C1200 Unboxing

Specifications And Features

Archer C1200 Specs.

  • Dimensions: 9.6×6.4×1.3 inches ( W x D x H )
  • Power supply: 12VDC / 2.0A
  • Antennas: 3 (external)
  • Bands: 2(5GHz and 2.4GHz)
  • Port forwarding: Port Triggering, UPnP, DMZ, Virtual Server
  • 5GHz guest network ×1  and 2.4GHz 1 guest network × 1

AC1200 Features

  • Easy Firmware  and Tether Updates
  • Beamforming technology
  • Wireless AC
  • Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 MAC OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux

How To Video-TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router Setup

Beamforming And Antennas Of The Archer C1200

The TP Link AC1200 comes with beamforming technology incorporated, which combine with the 3 antennas that the device include, allows a more efficient coverage of the area where the network is working. This technology send the signal to the machines that the device has detected, prioritizing the devices that needs more bandwidth for its proper functioning. No matter if you are moving around your place, both dual bands will perform adequately due that the beamforming feature allow the connection to focus in each individual device. The directional antennas will help the beamforming to spread the connection more efficiently and when utilized in the proper position will enhance the reach of the router.

TP Link AC1200 Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 Ports

Wired connections are supported by the router 4 Gigabits ports, allowing these connections to develop  high performances at similar speeds. When using the TP-Link AC1200 you and your family will be able to watch TV or movies without buffering  for a reasonable amount of devices using the network.

The router comes with only 1 USB port which these day look a little slim if you think about more sophisticated devices.Anyways, we think that 1 port is good enough for a small network that is used by not many person, considering the price in which normally are offered these products.

Archer C1200 Rear View

Processor Of The AC1200 from TP-Link

Something that we like of the AC1200 is that that the processor of the machine is quite efficient regarding the allocation of the bandwidth, doing it in an intelligent manner that allow all the machines that are connected to your network receive a reliable and fast signal. No matter if you download files, watch movies or share media, the machine’s processor is the feature that manage the bands adequately.

The router presents a BCM47189 processor which is produced by Broadcom that is a broadband and wireless parts manufacturer recognized by its leadership in the components industry. Beyond TP-Link the company provides several  other routers producers of great prestige, like NETGEAR or Asus, which is a great reference when evaluating the purchasement of a new device. It is also important to consider that the leading position of Broadcom in the market make that DD-WRT used their technology for many of its projects.

Video-Archer C1200’802.11ac Benefits

Extra Tools

Parental Control: The access of your children to the internet can be managed with the feature. Despite of its limited functions you still can govern which devices can use your connection, and also you can use keywords to deny access to some websites for the machines that are using the router signal.

QoS:  The distribution of the bandwidth between the machines that are using your network is managed by a simple Quality of Service tool which will deliver the signal to them.

Guess Network: The device allow up to 2 guest networks per band to use your connection.

VPN server: With the use of VPN, PPTP protocols and open VPN, the AC1200 can be set to function resembling a VPN server, allowing the crossing for users that want to use an external VPN.

Dynamic DNS: DynDNS and IP providers can be used, and a dynamic IP address can be got with a domain name and a fixed host.

IPv6: The router support IPv6 internet connections and addresses.

Dual Band: The use of the 5GHz band make possible the entertainment of your family and friends  by making available streaming of HD movies and also gaming for  the members of your family and guests. These band is specially intended to be used to avoid the annoying buffering when watching videos, or the lagging that makes gaming so frustrating.

The 2.4GHz band capability is  more adequate for the daily browsing of the web, email checking and other tasks that doesn’t require a great deal of bandwidth. The speed that the TP-Link AC1200 can release for the different bands are: 867Mbps for the 5GHz band, and 300Mbps for the 2.4GHz .

With these speeds a small network in an apartment or small house with a  reasonable amount of users should perform in a more than a satisfactory way, meaning thatthe use of this device makes sense in these kinds of environments.

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Video-Archer C1200 Speedtest

TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router(Archer C1200) Manual

PDF Manual Document

Buyers Opinion

The opinions that we have researched for our TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router(Archer C1200) Review are far to be unanimous, on the contrary the perfect rate that is assigned to the router reach only 60% of the clients that bought the Machine. To be fair we think that the amount of negative comments is due that the fact that several buyers expect more features from a routers that by default is limited according to the budget price in which is offered.

The positive comments shows happy customers that highlight the range and speed of the connection that the TP-Link AC1200 gives to the devices connected at their place. Also they like the fact that the device is really easy to setup,and with the use of the wizard, the task can be completed without majors hassles.

Summarizing the positives opinion conclude that the router shows a good balance between features and simplicity, making easily manageable with enough tools to get a good outcome from it.

In our opinion negative ratings seems diverse and not consistent, which for us means that these opinions are based on individual problems that could not be attributed to the product as a whole.