Using the Sceptre TV recycling program

Using the Sceptre TV recycling program

One of the great things about choosing Sceptre is their excellent recycling program. Whether this is your first Sceptre TV or you already own one and want to upgrade, the Sceptre recycling program will have you covered when your TV reaches the end of the road.

At no cost to you, Sceptre will send you a free shipping label so you can send your old Sceptre TV back to them. Then your old TV will be recycled at Sceptre’s facility and everybody wins – the planet is happy and you get rid of your old TV for free. Perfect.

It’s very important to understand why we need recycling programs like this. Without them, thousands upon thousands of old, unwanted TVs would end up in the garbage. Then they end up in a landfill where hundreds of different synthetic components and materials can pollute the water for a very long time.

There are also many other environmental factors to consider. A very important consideration is the prevention of wasting useful, re-usable materials. This effect acts as a double-edged sword as well, since preventing the waste of these materials subsequently minimizes our use of new, raw materials that can now be preserved.

Recycling your Sceptre TV will also minimize energy expenditures and lower greenhouse gas emissions from a production standpoint. Furthermore, the reduction in the amount of material being incinerated will reduce the air pollution being inflicted on our planet.

It’s very simple to take part in the Sceptre TV recycling program. Just reach out to Sceptre and they’ll tell you what information they need from you in order to send you your free shipping label. Once you receive the shipping label, just send your TV back to Sceptre and they will handle the rest.

Now you can feel good about recycling your old TV and about buying a new one! If you’re in the market for a new TV, check out our TV reviews to get an in-depth look at all of Sceptre’s best selling models. Now you can feel good about recycling your old TV and about buying a new one!