How to Cut the Cost of A Space Heater Use and Save Your Bill?

When facing the badly chill, we need to consider two factors: one thing is to resist the cold, for the other is to keep the warmth. In this case, a space heater is the best choice for your need.

However, space heaters belong to the electric appliance class. As its name implies, space heaters need electricity to work. The power is 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W per hour for most space heaters. Unfortunately, when trying to use a space heater for keeping our room warm and comfortable, it can be pretty the biggest challenge for us. The main reasons are the high power consumption and high living cost. So what can we do for cutting the cost of space heaters’ use, saving money, and keeping warm? In the following content, we will have a deep discussion about this question and give you some advice for your reference.

How does a space heater work?

Space heaters are usually run by electricity and transfer heat to an enclosed room to keep you warm and comfortable. However, a space heater mainly heats a small and single room. Among so many space heaters are electric models that make them easier to operate for us. As there are many types of space heaters, each of which has its own way of heating. For example, the heating elements are various, including PTC heating, ceramic heating, infrared heating, and so on. The cheapest heating element is infrared heating. So how does a space heater work depends on its inner heating element. It mainly determines the cost of a space heater use.

How much electricity does a space heater use per hour?

How much electricity does a space heater use depends on the watt rating of the space heater you are using.

There are two options for every item with one heating setting and with several heat settings.

  1. Individual setting space heaters are usually 1500W. Also, you can find some smaller ones from 200W to 1000W.
  2. When these models have multiple settings, the most prevalent are:
  • 750W & 1500W
  • 1000W & 1500W
  • 500W, 1000W & 1500W

Please noted that those settings are electricity power consumption per hour. All these numbers are needed to count into cost later.

How much does it cost to run a space heater?

The below sheet offers specific information on the cost of a space heater works per hour.

200W2 cents3 cents4 cents6 cents
500W5 cents7.5 cents10 cents15 cents
750W7.5 cents11.25 cents15 cents22.5 cents
1000W10 cents15 cents20 cents30 cents
1500W15 cents22.5 cents30 cents45 cents

How to calculate a space heater’s cost?

Just to give you an example about we need to calculate the true cost of using a 1500 W space heater 24 hours per day for a month(30 days).

Here is the calculating formula to get the main cost for your space heater:

Watts x hours of operation ÷ 1000 x kilowatt-hour (kWh) electric rate

Specifically refer to the example as below:


How to cut down the cost of a space heater use effectively?

In other words how to save money when using our space heaters. So this problem has different kinds of solution as your choices. It is common knowledge that we can come up with various ways to keep ourselves warm during the frosty winter without using a space heater. Like dressing a thick layer of coats, opening the electric blanket when going to bed, and so on. Although these solutions with quick results, we may not feel pleasing and commodious. A space heater can fully meet your heating need by using in cost-effective ways. That means using the item wisely and properly will help save your money.

  1. Control the room size for using the space heater as a general rule is the 10W per square. Using your space heater in an improper way such as in a big garage or factory that can easily waste the heat and improve the cost.
  2. Be careful when buying a space heater. Choose the ones which with the power frugal performance. For example,
    1. Timer: Make sure the item will turn off if you forget to.
    2. Digital thermostat: after setting the heat to a temperature that warms you up without overheating or wasting energy.
  3. Smart mode: When the thermostat setpoint reached can move by itself to the lower setting as the selected item with two heat settings. While the room temperature cools down, it can move back to the higher setting.
  4. Wearing warmer clothes is the most basic way to keep warm with the heater on a lower setting to cost lower energy.
  5. Turn off immediately when leaving the room or going to bed. Remember not to turn the heater on and off too often.

What temperature suit for keeping warm and saving energy?

The first important thing is not to set the temperature too high. When using electric space heaters, we should keep the temperature at a suitable temperature for our bodies. In winter, adjusting the room temperature to 18-20℃/64-68℉ is advisable. Nowadays, many electric heaters with the two functions — timer and temperature settings. When the indoor temperature reaches the setting temperature, it will automatically stop heating. This function can effectively avoid the excessive consumption of electricity.

The risks of space heater use

Another vital point to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t rely on a space heater all the time.

Preferably, you should only run it for a few hours per day as it could even be dangerous to keep them running for a long time. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t leave them alone and make sure that nothing is leaning on them. Because space heaters can be a fire risk, as it is reported that the fire has caused around 300 deaths annually, plus thousands of injuries. If you decide to use a space heater, you should be extremely careful when you use it. Turn it off when leaving the room or going to bed in case something unexpected will happen.

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