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[Cover] Best Concert Ear Plugs

Best Concert Ear Plugs Reviewed & Tested

The protection of your hearing is important when you watch live music. To keep your lugs safe, you need the best concert...
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Best Capo in 2020 – Awesome Capos for your Guitar

Talking about a versatile guitar player, the best capo like other tools can be helpful. Experts say...
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Best Piano VST 2020 – Expert Picks for Piano Lovers

Virtual Studio Technology or VST continues to evolve – especially in recent years, it has developed beyond...
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5 Best Guitar Cables in 2020

If you are a guitar player and starting your career, you are likely to encounter guitar cables...
[Cover] Best Tremolo Pedals

5 Best Tremolo Pedals in 2020

Guitar effects are unique and alluring. Today, we find a large number of guitar effects. Previously, such effects would...
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5 Best Karaoke Machines You Didn’t Know

To have a good time, just put on some music. But what if, in addition to listening...
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8 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Possibly one of the guitarist’s most common dilemmas is how to choose his acoustic guitar strings. In...
[Cover] 88 Key Weighted Midi Controller

88 Key Weighted Midi Controller

Now, these things are a beast. Also known as a full-sized MIDI keyboard, the typical 88 key...
[Cover] Best Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set in 2020

There are two main reasons why someone would get electric drums.First...
[Cover] Best DIY Acoustic Guitar Kit

Best DIY Acoustic Guitar Kit

Now surprisingly, we haven’t seen that many acoustic guitar kits (Unlike electric or bass).
Best DIY Bass Guitar Kit

Best DIY Bass Guitar Kit

Bass and acoustic are the second most popular guitar types after electric.After the popularity of electric diy guitar kits, bass and acoustic build kits...
Best Under Seat Subwoofer

Best Under Seat Subwoofer

If you don't want to spend too much for your car audio needs but still want an awesome car stereo system, try...