Best DIY Bass Guitar Kit

Best DIY Bass Guitar KitBass and acoustic are the second most popular guitar types after electric.

After the popularity of electric diy guitar kits, bass and acoustic build kits are now slowing entering the industry.

Although this is a win for all us DIY guitar enthusiasts, the issue is there aren’t many quality bass guitar kits that are entering the marketplace.

Things seem a little limited at this time but the future does look bright.

Until then, we hope you enjoy our reviews of diy bass guitar kits that we found on Amazon.

Let’s dive in . . .

TheFretWire DIY Bass Guitar Kit – (Our Pick)

The FretWire DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit - DIY Build Your Own Guitar, Guitar Setup Kit, DIY guitar Kit for Beginners and Professionals (P Bass)
  • ✔ALDER & MAPLE - This P Bass custom DIY electric bass guitar kit features an Alder body and Maple neck. Highly...
  • ✔PRE-DRILLED BODY - This Guitar development kit comes pre-drilled for all the necessary components to be assembled. No...
  • ✔SNUG-FIT NECK JOINT - The neck and body joint is precisely cut and custom fitted to ensure a snug fit when putting it...

This is the first diy bass guitar kit that we have featured here and rightfully so. It’s also one of the most liked bass guitar diy kits out there.

The Fretwire DIY guitar kit is made from three different types of wood, Alder (Body), Maple (Neck) and Rosewood (Fingerboard). It’s this unique combination that gives it a nice sound and an overall rich tone.

This guitar kit also comes pre-drilled so you can get started right away. If fact, the guitar holes are so finely cut that it may not give you too much room to make a mistake or two.

So please follow the included instructions and you should be fine.

Speaking of accuracy, theFretwire bass guitar model is one of the most precise ones on the market today. No wonder most really enjoy assembling this kit. The bolt-on guitar neck part makes things even better.

As far as the details go, this guitar kit includes a switch control plate, metal knobs, wires, pots and more. When theFretwire team says their kit includes everything, they mean it.

The Fretboard has twenty-one frets, and the four strings are made of nickel alloy. This helps to create that nice clean sound which is especially great for bass guitars.

The body of this guitar kit is great for painting due to the smoothness of the surface. So get that brush or can and paint away. I would still keep some sandpaper around just to edge out any details.

The guitar’s bass pickup is the classic JB style humbucker (Most popular pickup of all time), and the tuner pegs gives it a nice vintage look. The whole kit weighs almost twelve pounds and if you are looking for your very first and pretty much complete diy bass guitar kit, this one seems to be the most popular choice.

Like 90% of any DIY kits, it does require some soldering.

Oh well, guess it’s part of the whole fun but I hope in the near future, the process gets even more easier.

Seismic Audio DIY Bass Guitar Kit

Seismic Audio - SADIYG-19 - Vintage J-Bass Style DIY Electric Guitar Kit - Unfinished Luthier Project Kit
  • Model # SADIYG-19
  • Contents: One DIY Vintage J Bass Style Electric Guitar Kit
  • Body: Solid Basswood

Another decent bass guitar kit by Seismic Audio (Especially for the first timer). The SADIGY 19 has been very well received by the diy guitar community. Seismic Audio actually has a pretty good name in the music making industry anyways since they make a lot of other equipment like xlr cables, speakers and accessories.

It’s always nice to see someone who has previous experience in this industry to get into diy guitar making. I think that’s just good for everybody in general.

As far as the SADIYG 19 kit goes, it has a very nice overall construction. The body is made of Basswood (Fairly standard material), it comes with a bolt on Maple wood neck and the Fretboard is made of Rosswood.

Diving deeper, it comes with 4 tuners (Since a bass guitar only has 4 strings), nickel allow strings, power cable and pretty much everything else. It even comes with the required wrenches. The only thing you would need is to provide soldering and a few other things.

Just like any DIY bass guitar kit, it does come with a few challenges but nothing that can’t be overcome.

That’s part of the fun ain’t it?

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