Best Acoustic Panels For Ceiling in 2021

Best Acoustic Panels For Ceiling

Acoustic panels for soundproofing are an essential part of having your own quality home studio, home theatre or just blasting away video games in your apartment or basement.

By the way, these ceiling panels can be placed on your walls as well.

Let’s have a look at the best acoustic panels for your ceiling and more.

byNRG Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Great product if you reside in an apartment. These can help you cut down sound dramatically. Especially if you use a lot of 808s and kicks. These guys are fire safe and look pretty slick in pretty much any room. I really like the blue color combo. Makes it look different than the regular black. Most prefer black but nothing wrong with having some color choices right?

YWSHUF Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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These guys have been making acoustic panels since 2001. So you know you’re in good hands. The YWSHUF group makes acoustic panels for your walls and your ceilings. These foam panels are quite good at cutting down the high frequencies and can easily get rid of any unwanted and silly reflections. Oh and don’t forget, these are very easy to install as well.

Fstop Labs Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Say goodbye to background noise but these bad boys. These acoustic panels will dramatically reduce noise no matter where you put them. If you’re playing a lot of music, you can forget about any complaints not just from your neighbors even your parents in the same house. At least that’s what most people report. So these acoustic panels are definitely worth a shot.

XIN&LOG 48 Pack Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Do you rehearse music or have a music production studio in your basement? Well, this 48 pack of acoustic panels is for you. You just might cover your entire room with these 48 acoustic panels.

You can put them on your wall, or plaster them on your ceiling. They will truly help you reduce a whole bunch of noise in a short period of time.

By the way, by noise, we don’t mean your music.

Mybecca Acoustic Panels for ceiling

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Now these are not professional grade acoustic panels that you find in most professional music studios, but they do a very good job for most.

Especially if you place them on your door. That could really decrease the sound from going out. We just don’t recommend to put them near any actual music equipment. Why not?

Well, they are actually not fire retardant.

HPKL9999 Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Another 48 pack of acoustic panels on our list. This one is made by HPKL9999 and comes in various styles and colors.

I’m a creative person so I always appreciate variety. If you’re looking for quality acoustic panels that you can place on your walls, door, and your ceiling, these guys are killing the game right now.

The only downside is it wouldn’t hurt to have more clear instructions.

NEW LEVEL Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Now this one is a 12-pack, and comes in two colors. Black and blue. That’s a nice combination and if you’re just looking to isolate certain spots in your room or your ceiling, this package might be the right one for you.

Just like the package we mentioned earlier, this one comes in perfume different colors as well. By the way, if you play a lot of video games at a fairly high volume, these can come in very handy.

There’s a good number of people that use these acoustic panels, for just that reason alone.

Fstop Labs Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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If you really want to shut down any sound, or most of it, you need to get these 2” acoustic panels. They will not let any sound leak through your ceiling. No way Jose . . . a 12-pack, that is super quality which does the job and then some.

If echoing is an issue in your room, these acoustic panels are considered to be one of the best solutions out there right now. Hopefully you won’t receive a damaged set like some have received. If you do please return immediately.

YWSHUF 12 Pack Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

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Another set of 12 pack by the YWSHUF team, These guys took it to the next level by putting on adhesive tape already on their phone panels. Isn’t that amazing? Now when you think like that, the only way is up. No wonder there’s a large group of people that really love this brand. As I always say, it’s the little things that matter.

Burdurry Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

Another 12 pack, which happens to be black and blue as well. They have a slightly different pattern than most acoustic foams in the market. That’s the thing about all these acoustic panel companies guys, they all do their own testing which makes the foam design slightly different than the other. The Burdurry team has created another good 12 pack of acoustic foam panels that you can place on the ceiling, the wall or wherever sounds needs to be zapped.

How to install Acoustic Panels for Ceiling

This is how you install acoustic panels for your ceiling.

First get the proper equipment.

  • 3m adhesive spray or stick.
  • Command strips with velcro backing.
  • Cardboard (You can use the one the acoustic panels came in).

Step 1: Take some of the cardboard that came from the cardboard box, cut them up into smaller squares.

Step 2: Spray the cardboard with the adhesive stick it on the back. Then use one of these velcro strips or maybe two of the velcro strips on the cardboard and then secure it to the ceiling that way.

You should be able to remove the foam panel if need be as well. If you ever need to move locations you can simply rip it out (Just do it slowly) and you should be good to go.

That’s it.


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