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Possibly one of the guitarist’s most common dilemmas is how to choose his acoustic guitar strings. In the market, we have several options in terms of materials and many more in terms of sizes.

All these options directly affect our sound, so depending on the sound, we are looking for we will have to choose our most appropriate option.

In this article, we will tell you about the best acoustic guitar strings. Make sure you read this article thoroughly so that you choose the best product. Read on!

Top 8 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings Picks Quick View

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings Top Picks

1. D’Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic

D’Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT, PRECISION WOUND – D’Addario Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings are precision wound with...
  • WARM, BALANCED TONE - Phosphor Bronze wrap wire provides tried-and-true D’Addario acoustic tone, with beautiful...
  • MOST POPULAR ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRING - Now the standard in acoustic guitar strings, Phosphor Bronze strings were...
The Good
  • Very versatile, they work perfectly for any genre.
  • Recommended choice.
  • They generate original and excellent sounds. Everything you could want from a set of strings.
Not So Good
  • None

Created since 1947 by the prestigious brand D’Addario, they stand out for providing the guitarist with warm, bright, and completely balanced sounds.

They have become very popular in several countries and are highly recommended by outstanding guitarists as they offer everything any musician is looking for: good performance, professionalism, strength, durability and excellent sound.

Made from highly corrosion resistant phosphor bronze in a hexagonal-shaped carbon steel core, these acoustic guitar strings stand out for their materials of manufacture.

Its design incorporates minimal, almost imperceptible round grooves that result in a better playing feel, which many guitarists love.

They are very versatile because with them it is possible to play pieces of different genres: jazz, blues, classic rock, and pop, etc.

Made in the United States, these acoustic guitar strings are of very good quality, great performance under any circumstances, and also have everything to generate bright, rich, and pleasant sounds for the general public.

2. Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Strings

Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Strings
  • LEADING GUITAR STRINGS: Made with 80/20 bronze wrap wire and our proprietary featherweight NANOWEB Coating. For a...
  • BRILLIANT TONE: Elixir Strings are often rated the best acoustic guitar strings, you can trust in our consistently...
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: The NANOWEB Coating protects from tone-deadening sweat, corrosion, humidity and rust. Elixir...
The Good
  • NANOWEB technology provides unique protection features.
  • Strings coated internally and externally.
  • Great durability, what many seek.
Not So Good
  • Its winding style may not appeal to those looking for smooth strings.

They stand out mainly for their durability. They can be attached to the acoustic guitar and not change strings for several years.

It also stands out for the technology it adopts to avoid dirt and thus protect itself, since these elements, in addition to providing it with an unpleasant appearance, contribute to its rapid deterioration.

To meet the requirements of those musicians who prefer a more traditional and conservative sound, these strings implement a nanoweb coating that allows for a brighter, sharper sound and simultaneously promises a fairly classic traditional tonal feel.

These strings are covered both on the outside and inside, to protect the gaps between the windings that make them up, as enough minute-sized debris accumulates in them, creating an unpleasant sound experience.

Also, the coating works as an anti-corrosive. This contributes to its proven durability feature.

3. Ernie Ball 2146 Earthwood

Ernie Ball 2146 Earthwood
  • Warm, rich tone with excellent projection and clarity
  • Medium Light, the most popular gauge, consists of plain steel strings (.012, .016.) and phosphor bronze wound strings...
  • Phosphor bronze wound on a hex-shaped, high-carbon steel core wire
The Good
  • Materials and proportions are suitable for better performance.
  • The plating serves as a shield to ensure longer service life.
  • Widely recommended by veteran guitarists.
Not So Good
  • Its color may not be what many are looking for.

It implements state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge materials and also provides a better experience and interface before the guitar for the professional or beginner musician.

Its composition consists of 92% copper, 7.7% tin and 0.3% phosphorous mixture. Wrapped around tinned hexagonal-shaped steel core wire to produce the magnificent and powerful characteristic Ernie Ball sound.

Looking at the same time a professional but conservative appearance. They have a light orange and gold color.

The sound of these strings is truly fascinating: rich in resonance, delicate and very clear, as well as having a timbre characteristic, i.e. a pungent tone. All this due to the fine and fresh materials used in its manufacture.

The hexagonal shape of the brass clad carbon steel core of this string set allows for better playing performance. It consists of a locking system that prevents involuntary sliding of the fingers on the strings.

4. DR Strings VTA-10 Veritas Phosphor Bronze

DR Strings VTA-10 Veritas Phosphor Bronze
  • Lasts up to 4 times longer with no surface coating or treatment
  • Robust and resonant tone, excellent sustain
  • Loud and bright, notes ‘jump off the pick’
The Good
  • Exceptional durability, up to 4 times greater compared to machine-made strings.
  • They produce robust and very stable sounds.
  • They implement Accurate Core technology.
Not So Good
  • They do not have a special coating to combat dirt.

DR Strings acoustic guitar strings are primarily characterized by their handcrafted craftsmanship. They say that hand-made strings offer advantages that machine-made strings can never provide. They use more advanced materials and methods for their construction.

Its durability is up to four times greater than any other string set on the market (even more). Many professional musicians in their reviews point out that these strings can be used to play concert after concert without observing noticeable changes in the quality of their sound.

It is a new concept of phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings, they are aimed at a wide audience, as they are ideal for both experienced musicians and beginning guitarists.

The accurate Core technology is used to reinforce the core cable and fill in the imperfections along with the core – resulting in greater and superior stability as well as better tone retention. The secret behind precise, enduring sounds is the center wire.

5. CF Martin & Co. Acoustic Guitar Strings

CF Martin & Co. Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Treated with Martin's Clear tone proprietary technology for a longer lifespan than regular strings
  • Designed to repel the oils and dirt that can deaden strings
  • 80/20 bronze provides a bright and vibrant tone
The Good
  • Exceptional technology to repel dirt.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • Recommended by great professionals of the acoustic guitar.
Not So Good
  • Low level in the treble

This company has taken the concept of acoustic guitar strings to another level. Its rich, long-lasting tone is one characteristic in particular that makes this string ensemble one of the most desired by beginners and acoustic guitar professionals.

These strings repel dirt, dust, and dirt, providing a better response to these environmental elements that ruin them and impair both their sound and durability. The envelope that repels such dirt elements is so thin that it is almost imperceptible to the touch.

Great popular musicians have made it clear that these strings offer a unique and unmatched experience. Their bright and resonant tones are the main elements that distinguish them from the others, allowing them to stand out and also the possibility of innovating more and more.

They are designed to last a long time, an important factor since it is not feasible to constantly change the guitar strings both for economic reasons and because of instrument wear on the pegs, gears and more.

6. Vibe Acoustic Guitar String Set

Vibe Acoustic Guitar String Set
  • Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Highest quality and performance with VIBE Strings durable, long-lasting light acoustic guitar strings; balanced and...
  • Hexagonally shaped, high-carbon steel core with corrosion-resistant phosphor bronze wire wrap
The Good
  • Easy handling on the fret.
  • Brilliant, warm and excellent sound.
  • They bring confidence and security to the beginning guitarist.
Not So Good
  • Lack of depth in the bass

The prestigious company Vibe Strings uses the best American steel to manufacture its string packages, thus providing greater confidence and quality to the guitarist. Not to mention, they are among the top undefeated manufacturers of the best acoustic guitar strings.

When strings of this excellent brand are incorporated into an acoustic guitar, it becomes an instrument capable of generating balanced and powerful tones. All this due to the use of phosphor bronze on a steel core in its composition. Even the plated stainless steel head backs it up from environmental elements.

As if that were not enough, this package of strings is vacuum packed to reach its destination with fresh quality, preserving its factory characteristics. Likewise, when attaching these strings to the acoustic guitar, they feel very comfortable and allow you to get acquainted with a complete, incomparable and very clear sound.

This set of vibrating strings tunes quickly with just a few minor adjustments. Obtaining clear, warm tones that everyone can like. These strings are ideal for beginners who want to take their music career seriously.

7. Martin M140 80/20 Bronze Light

Martin M140 80/20 Bronze Light
  • BRIGHT TONES: Made for players who love deep, rich bass tones and clear, bright trebles, this string set provides...
  • MARTIN GUITAR STRINGS: These heavy-duty strings are engineered to stand up to rigorous practice and performance...
  • VERSATILE STRING SOUNDS: Designed to bring out a consistent and true tone from your guitar, these bronze strings can be...
The Good
  • Widely known and recommended.
  • Exceptional, brilliant and quality sound.
  • Its sound quality improves over time due to its materials.
Not So Good
  • It does not have a steel core

They are characterized by being made of very good quality and especially for their affordable price. They incorporate cutting edge and lightweight gauge string technology. It is the ideal string package for guitarists looking for bright, dynamic and long sounds. Its 80/20 composition allows creating pleasant harmonies.

This group of strings is not made with a steel core as is very common to see in most strings. For their part, they are made of a bronze alloy that provides deep bass, and exquisite highs that are crisp and bright. To all this is added its incredible durability.

Impressively, the constant use of these strings regardless of the pressure exerted on them makes them produce increasingly better and more resonant sounds over time. This is due to the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.

They offer exemplary performance, quality and within a price range that make these strings a top choice when it comes to buying new strings for acoustic guitar.

8. Martin SP – MSP4100 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin SP – MSP4100 Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Gauges: .012 - .054
  • Bronze alloy for brilliance and long life
The Good
  • Affordable price.
  • They have an attractive shine as well as being very durable.
  • Warm, sweet and clear sounds
Not So Good
  • Its brilliance may not appeal to those looking for more opaque strings.

They allow maximum sound performance, ease of playing and excellent sounds no matter what the guitarist’s style is, because they adapt easily to any musical genre, making them quite practical strings.

They are strings that have great durability even under conditions of frequent use. They maintain the quality of your tone for a long period. They consist of a high tensile strength core cable as well as a premium quality wrap-around cable to produce a fairly consistent and original tone.

Its price is quite affordable, exceptional performance. They are ideal strings for integration into a professional stage acoustic guitar. If you are looking for strings and want the best quality, these are one of the first options to consider.

They are made of bronze alloy, their sound is exquisite and balanced as a piece is executed regardless of its genre. These acoustic guitar strings are worth every penny spent.

How to choose acoustic guitar strings?

There are a few factors to consider while choosing the best acoustic guitar strings. So, before we tell you about the best product, let us highlight some of the most important points – which you can use as purchase criteria. Read on!


Although each time we find more innovative materials, the truth is that the same two options continue to dominate the market for decades: bronze and phosphor bronze.

Originally, until the early 70s, the strings were made of bronze and the numbering that usually appears on the packaging is the proportion of copper and zinc with which they are made.

When we see the 80/20 indication, which is the most common, on the packaging, they are indicating that the bronze with which these strings are made contains 80% copper and 20% zinc. This would be your option if you are looking for a more classic sound. They have a brilliant sound and age quickly.

In the early 1970s, a variation of the bronze strings began to be manufactured incorporating 1% phosphorus. The composition of these strings is approximately 92% copper, 7% zinc and 1% phosphorous.

Today it is the most popular acoustic guitar string. As for its sound, it is less bright than that of the brass strings, somewhat more “medium” and its durability is also greater. If you are looking for a warm sound, not very bright and durable, this would be your option.

Coated Strings

In recent years, we have seen how many brands have introduced coated strings to the market to extend their useful life. In this case, you can find strings of the two materials that we have discussed before.

Some manufacturers completely cover the string and others only the outer part of the string, the part that is in contact with our fingers. Each manufacturer ensures that their system is the best and that it does not affect the sound.

We think that you should take into account if you are interested in sacrificing some tone in exchange for greater durability since some sound is lost. Indeed, each time they have perfected more and in some brands, the sound is frankly good.


If you are starting, you will appreciate a low, fine caliber, never less than 0.10, but you have to be clear that for an acoustic guitar such a low caliber is not the best option in terms of sound.

The higher the caliber the better the guitar will sound, the more the wood will vibrate. We understand that a 0.13 caliber can be tough but you should try playing with the highest caliber your hands can afford.

The most common are 0.11 and 0.12 and are a very good choice. The guitar will respond well and you will not leave your fingers with the tension.

We present a very well-analyzed list of the top 8 best acoustic guitar strings. Here the most relevant characteristics of them are highlighted as well as the main advantages and disadvantages.

Different factors such as price, quality, technology and good recommendations can be observed. Continue reading!


Acoustic guitar strings are the most important elements of this instrument, they are thin strips of wire and nylon (for many cases) were for the former, and there is a winding spiral along with a core from which sound waves are created once said element is tensioned.

They are generally made of nickel and steel, although currently the trend is based on the use of phosphor bronze with a hexagonal carbon steel core, which generates a clearer, brighter and more balanced sound.

We have given you a list of 8 best acoustic strings. Each has unique features, pros, and cons. It depends on your personal preference for how you choose any of these products. Good Luck!

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