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[Cover] Best DIY Acoustic Guitar Kit

Now surprisingly, we haven’t seen that many acoustic guitar kits (Unlike electric or bass).

I think it’s mainly due to the fewer parts that are required to assemble an acoustic guitar.

However, that’s not necessarily the case with this specific kit.

Also since we only like to feature products that most consider of quality, once we do find more acoustic guitar kits, we will naturally feature them here.

StewMac DIY Acoustic Guitar Kit (Dreadnought Torrefied)

StewMac Build Your Own Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit with Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
  • You don't need a big shop to build your own guitar when you buy our kit
  • We've taken care of the critical machining so that parts fit well right from the start
  • Kit includes precisely machined, pre-cut, AAA-grade tonewoods (carved neck; accurately bent-sides; bookmatched back,...

Introducing the first DIY acoustic guitar kit by StewMac. This is actually a pretty innovative kit. The top of the guitar (Body) is made from something called Torrefied wood. Which basically means it’s artificial wood that’s made from organic material.

Now I know what you are thinking . . . what about the sound?

Will this is where the innovative part goes to the next level.

The sound generated by torrefied wood actually enhances the tones created and due to aging, the sound only gets better.

Pretty neat eh?

In fact, according to reverb magazine, it just might be how most guitars will be made in the near future.

I’m up for it because it’s incredibly eco-friendly and that’s always a plus in my books.

Anyways, the rest is made from rosewood, excluding the neck which is mahogany) and the best part, these parts are “machine cut”.

Why is that important?

It means building the parts will fit well which makes the whole DIY process fun.

Going past the build, this acoustic guitar kit comes with its very own DVD which is packed with instructions.

Included is a 36-page booklet too so if you don’t have a DVD player (I don’t know if anyone who owns it), you can still assemble this kit.

So as you may have guessed, it comes with everything you need to assemble your own acoustic guitar.

I only have one bone to pick (Sorry we have to give you an honest opinion), the tuning machines could be better.

They are made of wood and that’s just fine but for a guitar of this quality, that would have completed this kit.

At least for us

So we do recommend you upgrade the tuners if it bothers you too much.

That said, very impressed and happy to see where the DIY acoustic guitar market is headed.

Things are only getting better.

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