Chord Progression Generator

If you’re making modern music like trap, dance, future bass or anything along those lines, you need to start playing around with chords.

Using chords will add extra “richness” to your current sound and make your music sound more professional.

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Do you need to use them?

Of course not.

Your music is 100% yours and you make it any way you like.

However, almost all professional music producers use them at one level or another.

Especially for synthspiano soundsguitars and your leads. It just ‘beefs’ up everything.

They just give your music that extra level of ‘juiciness’ that all the big producers use.

The purpose of a chord generator is not only help you find the best chords for your own specific track but also help you come up with new ideas.

You can just play around with this one for fun and end up coming up with new music ideas.

It happens all the time.

Music making is about fun and expressing yourself and using chords will just take your game to another level (sound quality wise).

Frequently Asked Questions about Chord Progression Generator

Check out these common questions we get every once in a while:

What is a chord progression generator?

It’s something that’s designed to help you create your own chords. You can even generate random chords and come up with new ideas.

How to generate chord progressions?

The best way to generate chord progression is by playing around with the instrument in question or use a generator like this one.

What is a chord?

A chord is basically any three notes or more played together. This creates a nice rich sound that you hear in most professional songs.

What is the best chord progression?

This really depends on the track. If the chord progression sounds good with the overall track, then you got something special.


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