Best Kids Electric Guitar in 2021

Best Kids Electric Guitar

Getting your kids into music is one of the best things you can do for their personal development and creativity.

So how do get started?

Well, the popular choices are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, digital pianos or synths.

Here we’ll help you find the best electric guitar for kids that are out in the market right now.

Who knows, your kid just might be the next rockstar in the music world, we know in your life they sure are.

By the way, all the kids guitars here come with guitar amps 🙂 – We know it can be annoying to look for both separately.

Winz Kids Electric Guitar

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A sub-branch of Aileen Music, the Winzz brand is specifically designed for kids. These electric guitars for kids are quickly gaining some solid traction, especially their complete kids guitar packages.


Well, they usually include everything your child could need to get going like a guitar strap, amp (Yes even an amplifier), a gig bag and other stuff.

Basically, anything a kid would need to get started with playing and learning an electric guitar.

This is a great guitar but the amp can definitely be improved on. Love the fact they include the amp though.

Our goal is to showcase electric guitar for kids with the amps here. If it’s not included, we’ll let you know.

Stedman Pro Kids Electric Guitar

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Another great choice. If you’re looking for the whole enchilada. This package includes everything like the Winz electric guitar set. The guitar itself is built solid, comes with extra strings (Trust me, you’ll need them) and great for 6 to 12-year-olds.

Nice “black on black” finish which will really help bring out the inner rockstar in your child.

Bottom line, this is a great beginner kit and the amp does what it’s supposed to. As long as there are no mishaps during shipping like some have experienced, you should be good.

Loog Pro Electric Guitar For Kids

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If you’re looking for a guitar that looks good, is liked by most kids and is long-lasting, Loog electric guitars can be a great choice. Not sure if you know this but these guys only make guitars or musical instruments for kids.

So that shows you these guys go deep with their research and development. In fact, the Loog brand has made a decent name for themselves in the kid’s guitar market.

If there is one thing they can improve on is their app. I know kids are way more technologically advanced today than ever so your app better be on point. Most kids don’t care about it but just a friendly suggestion from our side.

Raptor Kids Child Mini ST EP5 Starter Electric Guitar

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This guitar for kids has that classic red on white look, comes with 5 watt amp (Which is pretty decent actually) and a whole bunch of other stuff. Basically, everything a kid needs in a starter electric guitar for kids package. If this is your kids’ first time on an electric guitar, this package is recommended by almost everyone who has got it. Now that’s some serious support.

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