Best Portable Turntable for Beginners in 2021

Best Portable Turntable for Beginners in 2019

Why would a music producer need a portable turntable?

Thanks to the miracle of technology, you can still buy vinyl records and as a producer (Especially a rap music producer), you can use a portable turntable to listen to these vinyls and eventually sample what you like.

Isn’t that amazing?

Some of these portable turntables even have built in functions like turning a vinyl record into an .mp3 so you can start picking out those samples as soon as possible.

Musitrend Bluetooth Portable Turntable

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Open the suitcase and everything you need to enjoy retro style music with today’s technology is right there – Bluetooth, SD card, 3 speeds, built-in speakers. Speaker quality is nice with a good volume range.

It can be operated wirelessly or with a power cord. This Musitrend is easy to use and the battery lasts a long time and is rechargeable.

On the downside, a loud pre-recorded voice says “Bluetooth mode” whenever a record starts playing and then again when it stops. The compact turntable includes a combination of features that aren’t offered with other types of portable players which makes it popular with users.

Produtrend Portable Turntable

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This compact turntable is popular with those who want to recapture the experience of listening to records on a record player. It has a durable, lightweight case, is portable, and has built-in speakers. The tone arm is gentle with records.

It includes a headphone jack and an RCA jack that allows you to hook up the portable player to your home stereo system; it also lets you record whatever is playing. Most say the sound quality is good, but some find it poor.

Some are drawn to its baby blue color. It appears to be a hit at parties, indoors or outside in the backyard.

Crosley Portable Turntable

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This turntable seems to inspire mixed feelings. It appears that approximately half like it. Most like that it’s compact and can fit into small spaces, and they are attracted to features like the built-in Bluetooth receiver and the turntable’s ability to be connected to a computer for a variety of applications including converting at record into a digital file or CD format. Great for sampling.

Speakers can sound tinny. People say that sound is improved by listening with earphones. Some report that after using it for several months records start to skip.

There is a lot to genuinely like about the Crosley Executive Turntable – it looks good with a satisfactory volume range.

Feir Portable Turntable

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Suitcase means travel and the suitcase design appears to be the most admired feature of this portable turntable. The USB port at the back of the unit lets you hook if up to your phone. It plays 33s, 45s, and 78s.

Some users noted that the turntable stylus comes with a protective plastic cover that slides easily on when not in not it use, and for added security, the arm hooks into place.

For some users, records skipped consistently and others claim the sound is bad. Most who bought is as a gift for someone else or received it as a gift weren’t disappointed.

Numark Portable Turntable

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Features users like include the machine’s portability, adequate sound quality, and the ability to easily convert vinyl records into MP3s. The Numark turntable has the flexibility to play 33s, 45s, and 78s.

If you do plan to play 78s, make sure you buy the recommended type of stylus. It operates on batteries or AC power. Some things to watch for are periodic problems with the belt; even with headphones, the volume remains audible; and the computer program for Macs was not included with the product.

Whether you’re a DJ, audiophile, or collector, you’ll appreciate the Numark Portable Turntable’s sleek appearance and versatility.

Wockoder Portable Turntable

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The Wockoder Suitcase Turntable has a solid vintage sound and appearance. Most like that it’s lightweight, easy to transport from one place to another, and has quality built-in speakers.

Functionality of the unit is enhanced by an AUX in jack to connect to a Smartphone, computer, or another digital audio player, an RCA jack to connect to external speakers, and an SD slot, and a headphone jack.

People seem to find the product easy to set up and the instructions self-explanatory. Flipside, the material seems flimsy, unclear labeling, and turntable not spinning at the right speed. Overall a decent turntable with Bluetooth capability.

Crosley Portable Turntable

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The Crosley Sterling Portable Turntable’s wrapped-vinyl exterior gives it a nostalgic retro appearance that sets the mood for listening to some serious rock n roll tunes with the volume way up.

The action is all manual just like in the old days – put the record on the platter, move the arm on to the record, and then return the arm when the album or 45 is done.

Common flaws mentioned are the tonearm’s balance and inconsistent speed. It plays 7”, 10” and 12” records, has two speeds, and an auxiliary input. Remove the stand and the turntable is ready to go whenever you are.

Audio Technica Portable Turntable

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Technica AT-LP60 has a sleek streamlined appearance heighten by great sound quality. The turntable is automated with manual controls. Records can be played at 33 1/3 or 45 with the see-through dust cover up or down or it can be removed.

LP60 has the ability to be connected to a stereo receiver or powered speakers and is battery powered. Some like the aluminum platter designed to minimize vibration and reduce resonance; others find it doesn’t make much difference to the listening experience but does make the unit heavier.

The one drawback is a record can skip if people are walking around. Vinyl enthusiasts are drawn to the LP60/s HiFi-grade sound.

1byone Portable Turntable

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The 1byone Turquoise Portable Stereo seems to be a popular choice as a gift to yourself, a friend or the teen in your life.

The vintage style record player has three speeds – 33, 45, and 78. It can be connected to a sound system but does have built-in speakers, and includes a headphone jack, RCA output, and 3.5mm line in port.

People remark on its volume range at parties, and the fact that records don’t skip no matter what is going on. Some users experienced poor sound quality, sound distortion, and wobbling when playing a record. Overall music lovers like its retro style combined with functionality.

Numark PT01 Portable Turntable

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The Nummark PT01 Touring is suitcase style with a sturdy case intended for maximum portability. It’s compact, easy to use, can be plugged in or battery operated, and RCA outputs for connection to audio equipment.

People appreciate that the battery lasts 4 hours fully charged and is rechargeable. Some users felt that the charger should be included, the sound quality was poor, records skipped, and speed was either slow or inconsistent.

The PT01 plays the standard three speeds – 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, and includes a 45 RPM adapter. Most like this portable player because it’s a fun way to play vintage vinyl.

Anatomy of a Portable Turntable

These days, portable turntables are super easy to use.

You simply plug in the power chord (AC Adapter), turn it on, place your Vinyl record on it (Platter) along with the metal thingy on the right side (Tone arm / Needle), and off you go.

Anatomy of a Portable Turntable

Dust Cover

Pretty self explanatory. Helps prevent any dust from gathering on the turntable and provides general protection in case your turntable accidentally flips over or what not.


This disc shaped object is what you place your vinyl records on.

Power Button

To use your portable turntable, press the button and that will turn it on. Press it again and your turntable player will turn off (When the button slides out longer than usual).

Tone Arm

Attaches to the needle part of the portable turntable that helps to bring out the sound in your vinyl record. An essential part of a turntable.


Placed on the vinyl record and once it finds it’s groove within the vinyl record, the programmed sound is produced.

Best Portable Turntable Brands

Since the current millennial generation started listening to music from the 80s and 90s again, vinyl and even audio cassettes having been making somewhat of a comeback. That’s what inspired a few companies to create a portable or even digital turntable / vinyl player. Here are some of the current players in the portable turntable game:


Musitrend Portable Turntables Logo

One of the sole creators of portable turntables, Musitrend is quickly getting popular. They make entry level and intermediate portable turntables that seem to have taken off, especially with the new beginner buyers.


Produtrend Portable Turntable Logo

A manufacturer of various electronics and household items, Produtrend have recently started making portable turntables as well. What makes them different though is they make “vintage” style vinyl players which makes them stand right out. I personally love the look of their vinyl players. Brings back that classic touch.


Crosley Portable Turntable Logo

The team at Crosley has taken upon themselves to bring the joy of vinyl music to the masses. Think of them as the “millennial” of portable record player universe. They are young and innovative and have some very well received products out there. That said, there are some “haters” who downright despise Crosley products.


Feir Portable Turntable Player Logo

In the same ball park as Crosley but not yet established as them. The Feir brand is also hell bent on bringing back so called “vintage” players such as vinyls and even cassettes. They have a few portable turntables in the market and are slowly making a name for themselves.

Numark Portable Turntable

Numark Portable Turntable Player Logo

A well respected giant in the audio, DJ and music production industry, Numark is now making it’s own portable turntables. I’m personally very excited to see them do this because who else can do a better job in this genre than these guys. First they killed it with their own DJ controllers and now this. Naturally, Numark portable turntables are creating a wave of their own as well.

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