How to Sweeten Coffee without Sugar: 10 Healthy Ways

Are you looking for ways on how to sweeten coffee without sugar? Or are you looking for the healthiest way to sweeten your coffee? If yes, then you are on the right page. In this article, you will know what to use to sweeten coffee instead of sugar.

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Apart from keeping your mind fresh all day long and your body rejuvenated, drinking coffee has plenty of other health benefits. The antioxidants found in this common beverage are proven by science to be effective when it comes to combating diabetes and preventing weight gain.

What’s more, coffee is believed to reduce the risk of liver diseases and other types of cancer.

Nevertheless, you cannot enjoy the health benefits associated with drinking coffee if you are adding too much sugar.

This article shares 10 healthy ways to sweeten coffee without sugar.

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What’s The Best Coffee for Your Health?

The best coffee for your health is one without too much sugar. Black coffee is a healthier type of coffee that has plenty of benefits. It can boost memory, keep you active, and aid in weight loss. Black coffee is also healthy for your liver and as we have mentioned above, it helps to reduce diabetes.

That  being said, let’s find out the healthy ways on how to sweeten coffee on keto.

Effects of Refined Sugar in Your Body

Some people may ask “how can I sweeten coffee without sugar”? That’s a valid question, especially if you have never experimented with any other method. After all, sugar tastes sweet and that’s what you want in your coffee.

We can’t disagree with you in any way, but did you know refined sugar is detrimental to your health? Yes, in fact, white sugar can be addictive.

Consumption of refined sugar has been thought to lead to weight gain. It is also said to be detrimental to the heart and liver.

Coffee is a drink you take every day and if you want to cut back on sugar, then you should start reducing sugar consumption in your cup of coffee. Let’s see how you can avoid sugar but still enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.

1.   Make Coffee Sweet with Maple Syrup

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If you are looking for what to use to sweeten coffee on keto diet then natural sweeteners would make the best option for you.

…And one of the most trusted ways to sweeten coffee without sugar is by use of maple syrup.

Similar to natural honey, researchers have found that maple syrup contains healthy components such as manganese, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

These components help to combat certain health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and bacteria. If you are looking for maple syrup, you’d want to choose Grade B maple syrup (This is maple syrup that hasn’t been diluted with high fructose corn syrup) since it has plenty of healthy antioxidants you cannot get on lighter maple syrup.

2.   Use Honey to Sweeten Coffee

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Can you sweeten coffee with honey? Yes, it’s possible! After all, honey is a natural sweetener. Therefore, if you are wondering how to sweeten coffee naturally, then start using honey in your coffee right now.

Most likely, you’ve been adding honey to sweeten tea and sugar to sweeten coffee. You can be forgiven for thinking that only sugar can sweeten coffee since that’s what most of us have been made to understand since we were born.

However, if you want to sweeten coffee the healthy way, then mix honey in your coffee.

Natural honey has plenty of healthy nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, plus B. It also contains antioxidants, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium all which are helpful to fight bacteria and other diseases. Besides, honey has a strong flavor so you just use a little bit of it and you enjoy tasty coffee.

3.   How to Sweeten Coffee without Sugar- Use Cinnamon

You must have used cinnamon in golden milk and lattes. You can also sweeten coffee with cinnamon. Just add one teaspoon of fresh cinnamon powder on your coffee, to enjoy the strong and amazing flavor.

Besides, cinnamon is a natural sweetener and it can help you shave off a few calories as well. Moreover, researches suggest that cinnamon can boost metabolism and reduce inflammation and this can help your immune system to fight disease and infection.

Some coffee drinkers say that storing coffee beans with cinnamon sticks can help to infuse the flavor. Let us know if you are aware of this in the comment section.

4.   Make Coffee Sweet with Stevia

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Stevia is a natural sweetener found in the stevia rebaudiana, a plant found in Brazil and Paraguay. Sometimes people use it instead of sugar but this one comes in the form of powder.

The stevia plant contains zero calories and is sweeter than sugar. However, it is safer and doesn’t trigger blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you are diabetic, you should not worry about using stevia to sweeten coffee.

Researchers found that using stevia regularly may help to combat diastolic and systolic blood pressure, particularly if you have high blood pressure.

Besides, stevia contains antioxidants properties that are thought to be antimicrobial and can fight inflammation.

Just mix one teaspoon of stevia with coffee and enjoy a tasty and healthy drink.

5.   Use Coconut Sugar

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Coconut has plenty of benefits than you can imagine. On other studies, coconut juice is said to keep people hydrated. Coconut oil is also a good replacement for oil and coconut milk is helpful for people who are not tolerant to lactose.

These days, coconut sugar has become a popular natural coffee sweetener. The good thing about coconut sugar is that it has a low glycemic index.

6.   Sweeten Coffee the Healthy Way with Dates

Dates contain healthy properties such as vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fibre. These are essential nutrients your body cannot afford to miss.

 If you are looking for ways on how to sweeten coffee naturally, then you can use dates.

Dates are incredible sweeteners and the good thing is that you can either make date paste at home or buy from stores.

7.   Use Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

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Spice up and sweeten your coffee with cocoa powder. But choose cocoa powder wisely.  In fact, unsweetened cocoa powder is suitable for people who love mochas.

Many people are struggling to cut sugar out of their diet and you can do it on your coffee as well. Just add one teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to your coffee to convert it into a delicious chocolatey mocha. Besides, cocoa has numerous health benefits. It can do away with cancer and can combat various heart diseases. But do not overuse it.

8.   Use Vanilla or Almond Extract to Sweeten Coffee

If you are unable to get all the natural sweeteners we have listed above, you can also use vanilla or almond extract to sweeten your coffee. In fact, if you love coffee that has a vanilla flavor, then this would make the best sweetener for your coffee. But don’t use too much of it because a few nips of vanilla extract can give you an incredible flavor and taste you may not get with any other natural sweetener we have described in this article.

9.   Molasses

Molasses are remains of processed sugar. They are also said to contain antioxidant properties which are useful for your wellbeing. Well, molasses don’t have the taste you love, but you can get used to them as you go along. Besides, molasses have a strong flavor that’s also spicy. That means your coffee will not only taste sweet but will have a rich flavor. Just add a few molasses until you get the flavor and taste you want.

10.  Sweeten Coffee with Almond Milk

Some studies suggest that Almond milk is richer in calcium more than cow’s milk that has insufficient dietary fat.

There are various types of Almond milk including honey-sweetened almond milk and vanilla almond milk that have a rich flavor you can’t find in your ordinary cow’s milk. You can also experiment with pea milk, banana milk or Peanut milk if you are not into almond milk.

Final Words

Every coffee lover wants to drink coffee that’s tasty and with awesome flavor. But sugar isn’t good for your health.

We hope you’ve got the answer on how to sweeten coffee without sugar.

Now, if you want to cut back on sugar but still drink a delicious cup of joe, try these healthy ways to sweeten coffee. Specifically, in our research, we found honey to be the best natural sweetener of all the methods in this list.

Well, all these ways don’t contain refined sugar in them. For that reason, your health is taken care of.

Let’s us hear what method you intend (or you have used) to use and your experience in the comment section.

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