Best Guitar Humidifier in 2021

Best Guitar Humidifier

Today we’re going to be talking about one of the most serious issues when it comes to maintaining your guitar . . . humidity.

So for those who may not know what is humidity, it’s basically the amount of water vapor in the air.

If there is not enough vapor, you will feel dry and if there is enough, you’ll feel good.

Just like your skin cracks in dry humid weather, so do other things. Especially if they are made out of natural materials like wood.

Since your guitars are made out of wood, you need to make sure you protect them using a guitar humidifier. If you have one of those rare or collectible wooden guitars, you should definitely think about

So what are the causes and effects of humidity when it comes to your acoustic or your electric guitar?

The causes are pretty much the same as for anything but make sure you store or use your guitar in areas where the relative humidity is between 40 to 60.

These days, you can find thermometers that are linked with your smartphones so when the temperature changes in your guitar case, you can get a push notification about it.

Pretty sweet eh?

That’s why if you can’t get a guitar humidifier, at the very least, at least get a guitar case.

The Music Nomad MN305 HumiReader

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Here we have the Music Nomad MN300 guitar humidifier. It’s one of the most simple guitar humidifiers out there. Kind of a genius little device if you ask us. It’s super easy to install and use right away. This little wonder will provide enough support (Moisture) to make sure your guitar stays well preserved for a long time. The Nomad is very easy to refill again as well.

Oasis OH-5 Plus+ Guitar Humidifier

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This is a great humidifier if you live in somewhat extreme conditions. Like Minnesota for example 🙂 – No offense to the good folks of Minnesota.

These little humidifiers are so good that most end up buying a back-up as well just for travel reasons.
Just make sure you keep this humidifier full of water (At least as much as you need to) or the effects could be reversed.

It could actually be bad for your guitar. As most people have reported, the Oasis OH-5 can die out fairly quickly if you don’t take care of it properly.

Overall though, this guitar humidifier has more than proven itself over the years.

Boveda Two Way Guitar Humidifer

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This Boveda starter kit is it great way to make sure your guitar maintains its proper humidity level.

Some consider these little packets to be one of the best way to control the humidity level of your guitar. No wonder a lot of professionals use them as well.

Just make sure you know how to use them properly or you will be disappointed. We highly recommend that you follow through on the instructions or contact these guys directly.

SciEdu Guitar Humidifier with Hygrometer

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This guitar humidifier also comes with its own hygrometer. We love the fact that it has its own sensor so you can see the humidity level and then make the proper adjustments. Again, since most people are so used to traditional ways of humidifying, they seem to not look into the details when they get these new kinds of humidifiers.

That’s why, we highly encourage you to make sure you read the instructions as the readings that you get may not be fully accurate.

If they continue to be inaccurate or a little bit off, simply contact the proper channels and get the problem resolved immediately.

Overall though, most people enjoy this guitar humidifier by ScienceEdu and think it’s actually quite easy to use. At least that’s what the majority consensus seems to be.

Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

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Another great humidifier by the D’Addario team, this Planet Waves model comes with its own digital accessories. If you’re in the process of moving a lot, perhaps you do a lot of gigs or just moving across the country, this humidifier may be a lifesaver.

You do need to get some batteries though as it’s a digital humidifier.

Soarun Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

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If you live in a dry climate, this guitar humidifier is a god-sent. The Soarun team has done a great job with creating a humidifier that really take things to the next level.

Unlike with most humidifiers, the sponge in this one is actually permanently attached. Which makes the whole process more accurate and more precise than before.

Although it would have been nice if it had instructions, it’s pretty self-explanatory especially if you’ve used guitar humidifier before.

If you have any issues, just watch some videos on YouTube and you’ll be good to go. So next time you plan to play your guitar on a warm sunny day, just make sure you store it with a Soarun acoustic guitar humidifier and things will most likely turn out just fine.

Arion In-Case Humidifier

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The Arion guitar humidifier is one of the most liked guitar humidifiers out there. The funny thing is that it doesn’t even look like a real guitar humidifier.

However, it’s that shape and overall construction which makes it unique. This guitar humidifier also produces great results for most people who use it.

A lot of beginner, intermediate and professional guitar players consider this to be the best guitar humidifier ever made.

Now we don’t know about you, but when someone says that, it naturally gives that product a lot of credibility.

Some people say it takes too long to work properly but again, please make sure you read the instructions. Every guitar humidifier is unique in its own way so we can’t recommend that enough.

Grover-Trophy GP760 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

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One of the best guitar humidifiers when traveling and believe it or not, proper humidification is essential in maintaining the sound / tone quality your guitar as well.

If you think about it, the sound is usually generated from the wood on an acoustic guitar. So if you take care of the wood, the sound will automatically come out right. Makes sense eh?

Now although most people like this guitar humidifier, some have complained that it might stink (Plastic that is used in the construction).

From our knowledge, it seems like they just got a faulty product.

Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier

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This one is meant for classical guitars. Perhaps that’s why it’s so good at maintaining the humidity, especially inside of the guitar. Don’t worry though, you can use it for acoustic guitars as well.

Most humidifiers, mostly work from the outside, but this Lifeguard humidifier by Kyser, works from the inside out.

Some just drop this guitar humidifier in the sound hole of their guitar for even better results and they take it out when necessary.

In some cases, it may actually improve the condition of the wood on your guitar. Kind of like when you put damaged Cuban cigars in a humidifier. Sometimes, they can actually recover after proper humidification. 100 true.

This humidifier seem to have the same effect on guitars which is quite a relief for you guitar collectors out there.

As always, they’re always going to be haters and there are some for this specific humidifier as well. However, most people really like this humidifier and have achieved some great results.

Highly recommended by a lot of people, especially if you live in Nevada or anywhere where it’s pretty darn hot.

D’Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

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If you are Looking for a humidifier that releases the moisture quite slowly yet consistently then the D’Addario acoustic guitar humidifier might fit the bill quite nicely.

What you have to understand is buying a guitar, especially a quality acoustic guitar, is an investment as well. Last thing you need is to get in the habit of buying more guitars which will not only hurt your bank, but may force you to quit playing a guitar.

After all, who likes being frustrated right?

Good news is most people really like this humidifier. Plus if your house is air-conditioned, this humidifier works even better. Since now you don’t have to adjust it too much.

So if you’re looking for a good humidifier that works this is definitely up there but since we live in a wonderful but sad world . . . some people still complain about the price.

Yes believe it or not, some people still think this humidifier should be a lot less expensive.

Go figure . . .


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