Best DIY Ukulele Kit in 2021

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We all love that beautiful sound of a soothing ukulele.

I mean who doesn’t want to be transported instantly to Hawaii whether it’s physically (The ideal choice) or even just mentally. However, these kits and ukuleles have now transcended.

Rumor has it some people are bringing their own DIY ukuleles to the Olympics (Including the Tokyo 2021) to show support for their team.

That’s pretty awesome.

Anyways, a ukulele is one of the most beloved musical instruments around the world and here is your chance to make yours.

The question is which build your own ukulele kit will you choose?.

Top Picks for Best DIY Ukulele Kits

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Top 7 DIY Ukulele Kits Product Reviews

Considering the specs and features of options out there, we list the top models that you might be interested. Compare these whenever shopping for the right one. Let’s have a look.

#1 – Zimo Hawaii DIY Ukulele Kit (21 inch)

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One of the best ukulele do-it-yourself kits out there right now. Great for kids and adults alike. The best thing about this kit is that it’s easy to assemble.

However, there is a catch…

There are no instructions. which is a little bit of a downer especially if you passed these diy ukulele kits by Zimo to your kids off as gifts.

It could be quite challenging for some to assembly.

#2 – JYFY DJ Electron Tenor Ukulele Kit

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Well, we got lots of ukuleles here but this one is a little bit extra special.


It’s all because of the nice green box it comes in.

What that means is this soprano ukulele kit by JYFY DJ Electron (Yes that’s the name) is literally designed to give away as a gift.

I mean you are more than welcome to use it yourself but I think they definitely covered both angles here.

Overall, it’s a great kit but we don’t recommend this one for first-timers. You should have some woodworking experience under your belt before trying to take on this kit.

#3 – OriGlam DIY Ukulele Kit

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Decent kit but it can be a hit and miss. Looks like the OriGlam team are having some quality control issues.

That said, a good chunk of people that did receive this OriGlam DIY Ukulele kit seem to be quite satisfied. The body is pretty much unfinished so you can make it look like whatever you want.

The sound quality is good too (Once assembled of course).

Overall, it wouldn’t hurt to improve on their shipping habits and perhaps make the product more friendly with clearer instructions.

Still a good kit for someone who has woodworking experience.

#4 – Caiyuangg DIY Ukulele Kit

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A wonderful DIY ukulele kit that can be assembled in just four steps. Once you get it built properly, the sound is quite decent and overall is just a fun instrument to play around with.

Regrettably, some people have had issues with receiving ukulele parts that weren’t being fitted together properly.

If that’s not an issue for you, most likely you’ll have a wonderful time assembling this diy ukulele kit by Caiyuangg and fun playing around with it as well.

Hopefully, the Caiyuanngg team will take care of the quality and shipping issues as well.

#5 – YiPaiSi 23 Inch Ukulele DIY Kit

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If you are blessed enough to have some kids in your family, this would be a great build for those little critters of yours, and yourself. DIY ukulele kits can be great to just spend time with your loved ones or even a great team-building exercise.

The bonus part is playing the ukulele after.

The body is made of basswood which is fairly durable and since it’s plain, you can paint anything you want on it.

#6 – Stewmac Tenor DIY Ukulele Kit

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First time builder? Well this diy ukulele kit by Stewmac might just be a good fit for you. It comes with pretty much everything you need which shows the Stewmac crew really put some thought in it. Highly appreciate that.

If you’re looking for your first build, this might do just fine but the sound isn’t something I’d go crazy for. It’s good but I’ve heard a lot better from other DIY ukulele kits.

Great for beginners (Casual players) but for pros, I would look at other models.

#7 – YiPaiSi 21 Inch Ukulele DIY Kit

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This diy ukulele kit is one of the most popular ones for kids. Especially if this is your first time. Good for adults as well but kids seem to just love building these.

All around basswood construction, decent sound (At least that’s what most people say) and instructions are fairly simple.

We personally really like the ukulele tuners it comes with.

Best DIY Ukulele Kit Buying Guide

As top products go on, now you have a better view of the considerable features. Though similar points are going there, you have some dynamic guidelines to catch when choosing the best DIY ukulele kit. Read on.

Who want for a ukulele kit?

As popular as it comes, most consumers buy ukulele for their kids and friends as a gift. While some others get it for musical class or activities.

It is amazing to present family or friends with this cute and creative ukulele kit.

Why a DIY ukulele kit?

Some get a DIY ukulele kit because of the interesting building. However it is more than that.

Making oneself a personalized ukulele is the meaning for those who love DIY or music enthusiasts.

Imagine a different case where parents and kids spend hours creating and decorating the handmade ukulele. Isn’t it awesome that a bit of wood glue, screwdriver and drill helps to make a full function ukulele?

Not just simple and fun to build, this handmade is perfect as a gift.

Of course that will save some cost on an equal quality purchase. And it is friendlier to environment.

If you want to further explore the playing of the music, try it.

How to select the best DIY ukulele kit?

Well, you can get lots of ukuleles there though some are extra special. Just like choosing the right DIY ukulele kit for your personal preference.

Consider the assembly ways when searching on the list. It is wise to get an easy-to-assemble one, especially if you are a beginner or do it for fun. Complicated processing not 100% surely brings better results. But it might stop you on the way for creation.

Various materials are there for a DIY ukulele kit. Likely you can find basswood body, plastic or metal and nylon strings. Other than the distinctive features, that bring different feel.

Though a lot of models are compact in size, you can also find some bigger one.

As a DIY handmade goes, it directs users with instructions and accessories. Check the package and instructions. An easy to learn and do pack help a lot especially for amateur or first time users.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How hard is it to build?

It is actually not so difficult. The process including drying up gluing parts only takes 3 hours or so in total. One thing to note is the neck sets pretty snugly into the body. So you might need some sanding or shaving to fit that properly.

What tools do I need to build it?

As addition to wood glue, a Phillips screwdriver and a drill help to drill pilot holes for bridge and body connections. Possibly you will need a clamp to fix the neck onto body when wood glue gets drying up.

Does it come with any songs?

You can find one song included in the instructions. A better option is to hit up YouTube for more sources. A lot of channels out there direct on how to play the ukulele, particularly for first time players.

Why don’t I just buy one that is already made?

Of course you can get a finished product. But no doubt building DIY stuff or something is pretty fun, isn’t it? Being devoted to personalizing the design of your ukulele and create a special model. It is particularly nice when you play a fantastic song with that.

Final Thoughts

The best DIY ukulele kit leads to pretty good results as preferred. However with so many products out there you can choose from, it is not so easy to get the best one. The tops picks review and buying guidelines are helpful in this way. Just take your time and have a nice shopping.


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