Best Under Seat Subwoofer

If you don’t want to spend too much for your car audio needs but still want an awesome car stereo system, try looking into an under-seat subwoofer.

The best part about these guys is they don’t require an amplifier.


Well they come with one built in right into them. Unlike your typical 6 x 9 car speakers.

The under-seat subwoofer is really a nifty invention that most don’t even know about. Like a diy bass guitar kit.

Well now you know about both.

Here are our best picks for the best under seat subwoofer.

Rockville SS8P 400w 8″ Slim Under-Seat Active

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Just under 3″ thick and that’s why this little wonder will just slide under your car.

With around 400 watts of power right under your seat, you will have a nice ride no matter where you go.

Just make sure you pay attention more to the road than your new music system. A lot of people like this so much they added another one of these under a different seat.

If you happen to be one of them well don’t feel bad. It seems like the thing to do anyways.

BOSS Audio Systems BAB10 Under Seat Subwoofer

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This black beauty is by Boss. One of our favorite sound brands of all time. This under-seat subwoofer packs 1200 watts of power. Mostly thanks to the built-in amplifier. It even comes with its own low pass (Sub bass) setting.

Now if it’s not a serious call for some strong body bass vibes that we don’t know what is. It’s about 14 inches wide which makes it an ideal size as well. Just make sure you get it installed by a professional so you can enjoy this under seat woofer thoroughly.

Pioneer TS-WX130DA Under Seat Subwoofer

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Pioneer and car audio go hand in hand like white on rice. A phenomenal brand that has done just as much for musical instruments as it has for car audio. Needless to stay, this one doesn’t disappoint either. Well . . . for most at least.

It is reported that this under seat subwoofer by Pioneer creates some awesome bass. There is a downside though, make sure you install it properly (Get a professional to do it) or it seems the sound is fairly loud. Not a real problem but over time, it could be quite annoying.

BassPro SL Under Seat Subwoofer

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Although we recommend you always get a professional to install your under-seat subwoofer, some people have installed this bad boy themselves in just 3 hours. Just like any sub, if you install it properly, you’ll get the right sound out of it. Location matters as well. Overall, most people seem to be satisfied with it. Especially Wrangler owners.


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Kenwood use to be our favorite brand but after their buzz kind of died down, we forgot about it as well.

However, they were still pretty active in the market and looks like they are making somewhat of a come back with this under seat subwoofer. If you can install it, most report this Kenwood KSC SW11 subwoofer as one of their best purchases. Now that’s saying a lot.

Rockford-Fosgate-P300 Under Seat Subwoofer

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If you don’t know Rockford Fosgate, well you don’t know much about car audio. Although an American company, every true car audio lover knows this brand.

Not because they have such a cool name, but because they’ve been making quality products for quite some time. Especially when there are car audio competitions and stuff.

As far as the bass goes, this little under seat subwoofer delivers for most. Just don’t turn it up too much. Great sound and some are shocked by how much sound you can actually get from an 8″ sub.

Thanks, Rockford Fosgate for not disappointing again. We love this brand.

Sound Strom LOPRO 10 Under Seat Subwoofer

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We don’t know much about this brand but the people seem to love it. At least that what seems to be the consensus of the majority. They have two under seat subwoofer models right now with one at 10″ and another one at 8″.

Some people have managed to even install this under seat woofer on their own but if you don’t have the chops, we don’t recommend it.

The reliability factor though is on a 50 / 50 side as some people have been using it for several years without any issues and for others, it lasted just about a year.

Perhaps something to consider before taking action on this?

BLAUPUNKT GTHS 131 Under Seat Subwoofer

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Man what a killer brand this is. Blaunpunkt is like the fighter jet of car audio equipment. Nobody can catch it.

The best part, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of users of the GTHS 131 under seat subwoofer feel the same way about it as well. Most report experiencing amazing “as expected” sound and the best way to describe what this little under seat subwoofer does is it brings your existing sound system alive.

If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is.

Another phenomenal brand in this industry that does it again.


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