Best Compressor Pedal For Beginners in 2021

Best Compressor Pedal For Beginners in 2019

There are few things that separate the beginners from the legends and a compressor pedal is one of them.

Once you play your electric guitar (Even if you’re using a wireless guitar system) or an acoustic-electric guitar with a compressor on (Like pretty much all professionals do), you wouldn’t dream of going back. It’s just as fun as an overdrive pedal.

What does a compressor pedal do?

For my fellow music producers out there, if you understand what compression is, you probably get the gist of it already.

If your guitar is too loud, a compressor pedal will even out the ‘peaks’. If the tones produced by your guitar are too “soft”, a compressor will raise the ‘super low’ peaks and bring it up.

Ultimate Comp by Donner

Donner Compressor Pedal, Ultimate Comp 2 Modes Compression Effect Pedal Pure Analog for Electric Guitar and Bass True Bypass
  • [Versatile Compressor Pedal] With switchable Normal/Treble compression modes, Ultimate Comp can cater to different types...
  • [Flexible Effect Pedal] Dial in your desired sound with Level, Comp, Tone knobs. Suitable for both vintage and modern...
  • [Inspired By Classics] Donner Ultimate Comp reproduce the iconic smooth, warm compression sound with high quality...

This Donner compressor pedal is simple and to the point. You plug it in, set it up (On your pedal board would be the ideal spot), use the compressor knob to adjust how you want things to sound and off you go.

Most guitar players really enjoy this as it will definitely give you that ‘clean’ professional sound. Some also report that it’s just the volume that goes up and it doesn’t really compress. I personally doubt that or it wouldn’t be in the market anyways but we like to take all opinions in consideration here.

Overall though, if this is your first time, the Ultimate Comp by Donner seems to be a good compressor pedal.

MXR M102 by Donner – Best Compressor Pedal

MXR Dyna Comp Guitar Effects Pedal (M102)
  • In-line compressor “evens out” the signal to your amplifier
  • Useful for increased sustain with stable dynamics
  • Nashville studio standard

If you get off on using the gear the professionals use, this compressor pedal is for you. The MXR is one of the most popular compressor pedals out there. Just like Yamaha is THE brand for acoustic guitars, Donner or to be more specific, the MXR M102 model is one of the most used guitar compressors ever made.

This little wonder will make your guitar sounds fuller, thicker and just cleaner than before. The MXR works great on most guitars but if you have a humbucker pickup, it might not be the best choice.

What is a Humbucker Pickup?

As discussed in our DIY guitar section, a humbucker is a type of guitar pickup. A guitar pickup is what helps produce the guitar’s sound. For someone reason or other, the MXR M102 doesn’t work that well with electric guitars that have the humbucker style of pickup. If you have one of those, then it’s best to avoid this one.


JOYO JF-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal - True Bypass, DC 9V and Battery Supported
  • Dynamic compressor features a re-creation of the classic ross compressor, with very low noise.
  • Adjustment knobs, sustain, attack and level. the attack adjustment is designed for bass or high-output active pickups to...
  • Even use it as a solo boost at the very end of your chain by setting the Sustain & Attack controls to taste and then...

Don’t let the small size fool you, the JF-10 packs quite a punch as a compressor pedal. Some say this Joyo compressor pedal might be a clone of the old school Ross compressor or a decent copy of the Crunchbox by MI Audio. Well call it what you want, a lot of people find the JF-10 compressor quite useful.

If you’re a bass guitarist, then you’ll appreciate this compressor even more.

Xotic SP by Xotic

Xotic SP Compressor
  • superb tone quality featuring a wide variety of compressor tones

Considered the best overall guitar compressor in the market, the Xotic SP can help you create that professional guitar sound on the lowest compressor setting.

Perfect for adding those extra harmonics and it really helps brighten up the sustain as well. This Xotic compressor pedal is highly recommended for beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. Some even consider it better than the more higher end Keely (Usually the professional players use this one).

Boss CS-3 Compressor / Sustainer Pedal by Boss Audio Systems

Another popular choice but it really depends on who you talk to. Some absolutely love the tone the Boss CS 3 guitar compressor pedal produces and some just plain dislike it (Especially if you are into metal). Background noise seems to be a common issue as well.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those guitar pedals that you don’t know unt