Best Studio Monitor Stands Buying Guide

Getting studio monitors is one thing but if you don’t have a proper desk, you definitely need to think about acquiring strong, sturdy and long-lasting, studio monitor stands.

In fact, the higher the quality of your music gets, the more attention you should pay to how your studio monitors are positioned.

A good set of studio monitor stands can help you achieve this.

After all, it’s all in the details.

On Stage SMS6600-P Hex-Base Studio Monitor Stands

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If you’re looking to hold your studio monitors on a bunch of stands instead of your own studio desk, these are the ones that most people recommend. I love the fact they are adjustable so you can place them properly.

These guys hold 90lbs each and that is more than enough for any set of studio monitors. Even if they are the Neuman KH120As like the ones that I’m used to.

If you’re looking for sturdy studio monitors that are most likely going to last you for a while (several years), the On Stage SMS6600-P just might be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Pyle Sonos Studio Monitor Stands

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These bad boys from Pyle adjust at 26” to 52”. Again, that’s a pretty good height for any kind of studio monitors especially like the JBL MK II etc.

If you are getting a rumble with your studio monitors on your desk, then stands are definitely the right way to go. Some even use these for their home entertainment system as they are quite solid.

The only complaints we’ve heard so far is damage occurring during shipping. Regrettably, there is always a chance of that occurring.

On Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands

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Similar to the SMS6600 that I shared earlier, this model is designed for both home recording or a home theatre. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have both, you guys? Anyways, these things are sturdy and stable as they come.

They might look lightweight or even a bit wobbly but once you place your studio monitors on them, they’ll be stuck to the ground like white on rice. Just don’t try to raise the neck up too much.

That’s why I recommend these for people who record music, not for your tv setup or whatnot. At the medium level, these monitor stands are pretty rock solid but any higher than that, and you might start to see some wobble. Although they say it’s good for your tv sound setup, I don’t recommend it.

Hola! HPS-600MS Studio Monitor Stands

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Now, this is what the pros use. If you are looking for some heavy-duty type studio monitors that won’t break the budget for most people, boy are you in for a splendid surprise. When it comes to the overall quality, these studio monitor stands by Hola music are pretty much unmatched. At least that’s what the consensus seems to be.

If you go to professional music studios to record, you might have seen these guys there. This might be a pretty big statement too make but the HPS 600MS is one of (If not the most) most quality studio monitors we have on our list.

The only issue some people have reported is the clamping collars in the middle of the poles for both studio monitor stands can be refined a tad bit more.

Ultimate Support JS-MS70 JamStands Studio Monitor Stands

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This specific studio monitor model is one of the most popular studio monitors that stands out there. Ultimate support really has done a phenomenal job with creating these speaker stands.

The triangle base on these stands and many others really serve an ergonomic purpose.

On Stage SMS4500 P Desktop Studio Monitor Stands

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These are the only desktop monitor stands. If you prefer to keep your monitors on your desktop, these studio monitor stands can help you out. A lot of at-home EDM producers use these.

It seems to work out great for them as it gives them a whole lot of space. Also if your speakers don’t rumble, these could be an ideal solution for you. Especially if you have a whole bunch of other gear on your desk like a multitrack recorder, a studio monitor controller and others.

Zeny Adjustable Studio Monitor Stands

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Whether you are doing a live DJ set, or recording / mixing at home, the Zeny adjustable studio monitor stands are being considered as something that are in a league of their own. Some are even calling them the best studio monitor stands around.

Which is a pretty darn good sign that you got a quality pair of studio monitor stands in front of you. WIth a total height of about 57”, these studio monitor stands are more than enough for any kind of standard music desk or studio that tis out there.

Just make sure you get it from the right manufacturer as some people are selling “fake” versions online. Which although a great compliment, is not so good for the consumer which is most likely you.

Rockville RVSM1 Studio Monitor Stands

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Sturdy as they come, nice to see a brand that is already respected in the music world such as Rockville to make some studio monitor stands. I like them but if you are not a big fan of over complicated instructions, you might want to just skip these. There are other better choices on this list. Great quality, awesome value but still . . . not necessarily the best for someone who just wants a pair of simple studio monitor stands. I hope they make their instructions more simple. They’ll probably end up saving paper as well.

Rockville RHT8C Desktop Studio Monitor Stands

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This is the second type of desktop monitors that I’ve featured here. These little guys are super solid, very stable and have a little bit of weight to it as well. Guess that really helps when you turn up the bass or mixing with some low frequencies. Rockville stole the show with these ones in my opinion.

Soundrise Desktop Studio Monitor Stands

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Finally, third desktop studio monitor stands by Soundrise and they got a pretty good following as well. Believe it or not, they have something rare to be proud of . . . These Soundrise studio monitor stands are made in the U.S.A. I absolutely love seeing music instruments or equipment made in the USA. Reminds me of my childhood in the 90s.

Anyways, these sleek little studio monitor stands are made of aluminium and come in a few colors other than black as well.

IsoAcoustics Studio Monitor Stands

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Now this a little twist or a modern take on traditional studio monitor stands. These are literally like DIY studio monitor stands or more like a hybrid of desktop studio monitor stands and the usual ones. It you are a beginner, these might be good for you as you can adjust the size accordingly. Pretty nifty idea which seems to be catching up fairly fast as well. Love to see more ‘smart’ music equipment accessories from these guys in the near future.

Technical Pro 8 Studio Monitor Stands

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Now these desktop studio monitor stands are similar to the Rockville we reviewed earlier but perhaps lack the ‘cool’ factor. Either way, a lot of people love these. My only gripe is these are kind of big to be desktop studio speaker stands.

They do the job though and at the end, if that’s what matters to you then feel free to check them out.


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