Best DIY Cigar Box Guitar Kit in 2021

If you enjoy making things and playing music, a DIY cigar box guitar kit may just be something that works for you.

It’s literally made like any other cigar box guitar (Neck, cigar box, strings, etc) but the only difference is you get to assemble it all yourself.

It actually seems to be quite fun for most people.

Let’s have a look at the best DIY cigar box guitar kits around:

C. B. Gitty 3 String Fretted Cigar Box Guitar

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Overall this is a great cigar box guitar. Easy to assemble, comes with a very solid neck and of course, a nice cigar box. The strings could be improved but if this is your first one or you’re just giving these out as gifts, than most people would really appreciate it.

Only downside is they don’t have any other models or colors so you’re kind of stuck with just one type of look. Kind of like a lot of unfinished diy ukulele kits.

C. B. Gitty 4 String DIY Cigar Box Guitar Kit

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This 3 string cigar box guitar is simple in build and with literally no design on it. Which means you can put whatever you like on it. C. B. Gitty did a great job with this one and size-wise it has about a 23 inch neck on it. The cool thing about most of these DIY cigar box guitars is you can easily turn them left-handed or right-handed depending on what you like.

C.B. Gitty Pure and Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit

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One of the easiest cigar box guitar kit and also a solid build, this C.B Gitty DIY cigar guitar really hits it out of the park.

Great sound, comes with all the stuff that you need to build this unlike some diy cigar box guitar kits, this one actually comes with instructions.

Well what do you know . . .

Seriously though, lots of people love it (Professionals and kids).

There have been a few complaints about damaged parts so hopefully, the C.B Gitty team will improve the shipping and handling side of things soon. Nothing can be more annoying than getting something in the mail that doesn’t work. Some people have a similar thing happened with diy guitar kits as well.

C. B. Gitty Mountain Tenor Cigar Box Guitar Kit

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The C. B. Gitty 4 string diy cigar box guitar kit is another gem by these guys. If you have basic tools, you’ll be able to set this up fairly quickly. Already comes tuned to GDGB and since there is nothing on the body, you can paint your heart out on this. It’s just like the other C.B. Gitty diy cigar box except this one has 4 strings.

C. B. Gitty Tin Pan Alley DIY Cigar Guitar Kit

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This just might be our favorite diy cigar box guitar kit. C. B. Gitty really did a great job in creating a quality product once again. The sound of this cigar box guitar (Once assembled) gives you a little ‘cleetus’ flavor. Cleetus from the Simpsons if you didn’t get the reference.

The body is pretty much ‘unfinished’ so you can add your own touch to it.

Overall, a fantastic diy cigar box guitar that comes with pretty much everything you need to set this little beauty up.


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