Best Cello Bow in 2021

Best Cello Bow

You can’t play cello without a cello bow.

The bow is the cellos partner.

Okay, to be honest, you can play the cello without the bow but you’ll look like a neanderthal. I’ve seen some people play electric cellos without a bow and it just doesn’t look right.

Here we showcase one of the most popular and well-liked cello bows in the market today.

Whether you are a beginner or even a seasoned professional, we hope you find the best cello bow that is right for you.

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow – Best Cello Bow

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If you’re new to playing the cello, this cello bow is right for you. This is a very well-made bow. It glides quite easily on the strings and at the same time, you feel a little bit of that grip. Which shows you are pulling on the right strings.

I’m very durable go, that most have been using for well over a year.

VingoBow Cello Bow

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Well guess what material the string on this bow is made of? Mongolian horse. No kidding. The VingoBow Is actually pretty high-tech and one of the most quality bows that are out there. The whole body is made up of carbon fiber.

I mean you can’t get any better than that. That’s it, there are a few people who were disappointed with this boat. For some it broke and for some it just didn’t perform as good as they were hoping it would. I guess it’s one of those either you love it or hate it kind of cello bow.

Vio Music Cellow Bow

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The construction on this cello bow is Mostly brazilwood. Another quality material that a lot of bow manufacturers prefer.

You don’t recommend this for really young students because it may be a little bit too heavy for them. Some even use this bow as their backup which is not a bad idea at all. However, once you do get used to it, it will be really hard to find an alternative. So hopefully you don’t have any attachment issues.

ADM Brailwood Cello Bow

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If you’re looking for a very well-balanced cello bow, then it would be really hard to go wrong with this one. The string is made of horsehair, and the stick is brazilwood.

It feels really good and sturdy when you’re playing around with it thanks to the thumb grip ( made of leather by the way) and just the overall aerodynamic construction. This bow is definitely a favorite among many cello enthusiasts.

Oh and one more thing, it’s easy to adjust as well. The only downside is some have broken it within just a month of using. To be honest, some people just don’t know how to use a cello bow properly and they end up damaging it almost right away.

D Z Strad 205 Cello Bow

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If you prefer lightweight cello bows, you might want to give this one a shot. This one is so light that even kids can use it. Nothing is more fun than watching your little one learn the cello or a piano. Pernambuco Wood StickFeels fairly sturdy mahan’s and seems to be quite long lasting as well. This is another well-balanced cello bow.

Ammoon Octagonal Cello Bow

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Ammoon does it again. I’m so excited to see these guys Branch out into different musical instruments. there’s now started making cello bows, and you know what they’re actually doing a pretty good job with it. This one also has horsehair string andaz made up Brazil for. Nothing fancy here, just a good ol cello bow that works and is quite reliable. What can set this one apart is the control it gives you. A lot of cello players really enjoy it.

VingoBow Black Cello Bow

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If the Terminator ever picked up the cello bow, this would be it. A nice sleep design, made up black carbon fiber. This one is very similar to the but we reviewed earlier but just some subtle differences. You get the same technology, the same performance and might we add . . . it is one good-looking bow.

Vio Music Cello Bow

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If you’re looking for a boat that works and looks like it’s way more expensive than it actually yes, well this vio music bow is here to satisfy that craving of yours. You know a cello bow is good, when it actually makes her old cello sound good. This is one of them cello bows. If you’re looking for a cello bow that plays well, looks great and is easy for even kids to operate with then don’t need to look much further. At least that what the opinion of the majority seems to be.

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cellow Bar

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Now when a company that calls itself fiddlerman makes a bow, you better believe that they know what they’re doing. Another bread that uses carbon fiber, Mongolian hair and a few other quality parts to create a very well-balanced and strong cello bow. Not only with this specific model outperform most of the cello bows that you ever use but it just might become your go-to cello bow for good.

Strad Cello Bow

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This D Z Strad cello bow is what we would call a premium cello bow. After all, it’s made of durable braided Carbon fiber and comes with a pretty cool looking ebony frog. With a solid hand grip, and the quality string this cello bow it’s truly in a league of its own. Whether you’re a student or an advanced player this cello boat it’s highly recommended by the majority of cello players out there.

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