Best Drum Set Lights in 2021

Best Drum Set Lights in 2019

Drum set lights are used when you are playing at night. Which seems to be the obvious reason right?

Actually, drum set lights are also used to create a more stunning visual effect, especially when you’re playing live.

Imagine watching your favorite band, playing at a nightclub with an amazing visual DJ, and a freaking completely decked out drum kit.

How do you think you will feel remember that night

Exactly. It would be unforgettable.

Now you don’t have to be a rockstar to have drum lights as you can install it on your very own kit and imagine I mean . . . visualize you are already in the middle of Madison Square Guarden about to rip the bejesus out of your drums.

Yeah can you see it? Well you need to check out these drum lights.

Drumlite Drum Set Lights

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Now when it comes to the drum lights genre, it seems like there is one brand that is currently dominating it. That brand goes by the name drumlite. The best part about these lights is they are super easy to set up. Thanks to good’ol plug and play feature.

You don’t need any special tools, hammers, nails absolutely nothing. Just use the shock mounts the lights come with and you’ll be up and running in no time.

If you’re a professional touring drummer reading this, this kit comes with XLR outputs as well.

Need I say more? These are some pretty sweet drum led lights.

Best part, it comes with it’s own presets so you be focused on tearing up your set while the lights do their own thing.

This is really a pretty cool invention I must say.

Now making a product is one thing but these guys take it to the next level by providing awesome support as well.

These kits come in various sizes as well so make sure you get the one that fits well on your drum kit.

Here is another model:

Drumlite DLK20 Drum Set Lights

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This one includes a complete lighting kit for 20 inch bass drums (Also known as kick drums). 20 inch seems to be a standard size for most drum kits out there so you’ll find this drum light kit to fit just fine.

Full Drum Set Lights

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These are drum lights for your entire drum kit.

This kit contains lighting for everything. Not just your bass drum. Now you can put some fancy lights on your snares, toms and the rest of the gang.

If you are looking to light up your entire drum set and not just your kick drum, these drum lights may be for you.

Drumlite DLK1S Single LED Band Lighting Kit for Drums

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If you really want to make a statement with your drumming, you can’t go wrong with this version of these drum lights. Lots of people have used them live and have nothing but awesome things to say about it. I mean the impression it leaves it’s just can’t be expressed in words. Quality product but if you find any lights not working properly, make sure you get a replacement right away. These guys have a strong rep in the industry so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Drumlite DLK3D Drum Lights

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This one comes with some really cool built in presets so your lights can dance around like crazy.

Some really cool effects are built in to this one.

Which is just great for anyone viewing them especially your own fans / crowd.

Drumlite DLK2S Single LED Band Lighting Kit

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Another variation of the same full drum lights kit.

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