Best Concert Ear Plugs Reviewed & Tested

The protection of your hearing is important when you watch live music. To keep your lugs safe, you need the best concert earplugs. Many people prefer to listen to records, which is great. However, live music can move people, especially when it is pumped out at loud stage volume.

You must know that when you are exposed to loud volumes repeatedly, it can damage your hearing. This is the reason experts recommend protection of hearing and for this, it is important that you the best concert earplugs.

There are many devices, which can protect your hearing. You can find a wide range of earplugs products on the market. This includes ear defenders and earmuffs. Each product has its unique features to protect your hearing at different levels. This is why each product has its price.

Concert earplugs work effectively because they are small and comfy. On the other hand, we have ear defenders, which also work well. However, they are large and might not be effective for concerts when it comes to comfort.

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Top Concert Ear Earplugs Product Reviews

Since there are many products, it is not easy to choose the right concert earplug. Therefore, we have chosen the best concert earplugs, which are effective in protecting your hearing. Read on!

#1 – Etymotic Music Pro Earplugs – Premium Hearing Protection

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The importance of hearing protection cannot be denied. It is an important organ in the body and you can’t simply compromise it from listening to live music, which has high and loud volume.

Etymotic Music Pro Earplugs provides two levels of protection. It comes with a good case, a cleaning kit, and a neck cord. The auto-adjust hearing protection mechanism is awesome. We have personally tested these earplugs – and liked every feature about it. This is why the product is on top of our list.

Etymotic Music Pro Earplugs have an electronic circuit that adjusts to the levels of sound automatically. The interesting feature is that the noise below a specific level passes through freely. However, if these earplugs detect a high volume, they protect your hearing and balances the volume so that you can hear the music without any distortion.

Although the price of this product is a bit high, the level of smartness and technology make them the best concert earplugs. They fit easily in all shapes of ear canals.  


  • Auto-adjust hearing protection
  • Two-level protection


  • A bit pricey

#2 – Mpow 055A Ear Plugs 60 Pairs – Top earplugs for fair-weather gig-goers

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Mpow 055A is one of the best concert earplugs available on the market. For an affordable price, you get 60 pairs that are both hygienic and disposable.

Mpow 055A earplugs offer a good protection level for your hearing. They are handy, which means you can keep in the car and can be used in an emergency.

It is a pack that contains 60 pairs. So, the product offers 32dB hearing protection from external noise. Many users say that these earplugs are good for use on a long-term basis.

These earplugs are made of high-quality material and can be adjusted easily in the ear canal. Thus, they allow protecting your hearing from loud noises at the concert where you hear loud music.

Mpow 055A also protects your ears from excessive wind and intrusion of water. Also, these earplugs can decrease the volume of the sound and prevent the loss of hearing and tinnitus – i.e. ringing ears.


  • 60 pairs for an affordable price
  • Disposable and hygienic
  • High-level hearing protection


  • None

#3 – Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs – Top-notch Design concert earplugs

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Eargasm offers a versatile fit and offers a 21dB reduction of sound. They have a more subtle profile and offer side tab design, which allows you to place and remove them from your ears easily – unlike the central rod design.

Also, Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs have a tiny attenuation filter, which fits different sizes of tapered rubber. They have a full body design, which according to many users is the most interesting feature.

Also, these earplugs come in a wide range of colors and are themed charmingly around summer music concerts and fests. It has an aluminum case, which protects the earplugs from environmental pollutants.

Also, these earplugs are a bit expensive but considering the design and protection, nothing is wrong in saying they are the best concert earplugs.


  • 21dB sound reduction
  • Small attenuation filter
  • A wide array of colors


  • Expensive

#4 – Eargrace High Fidelity Earplugs – Top Music Enjoyment Concert Earplugs

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There are a wide range of earplug product you can find on any online retailer but the Eargrace High Fidelity, as the name indicates, stand out for different reasons. The most interesting thing that everyone notices about these earplugs is their incredible design.

They have a combination of high-quality attenuation filters, which makes sure you hear the quality of audio at a live concert without causing damage to your ears.

So, the full audio frequency spectrum is something awesome but at a decreased volume as well as many handy accessories like connecting cord, cleaning brush, and case – make them the best concert earplugs.

Moreover, you can easily fit them in your ears. They do not irritate your hearing. Not only will you enjoy live music but at the same time, you can filter out the external noise coming from the surrounding.


  • Great value
  • Blocks out noises
  • Sturdy carrying case


  • Not suitable for longer use

#5 – Flare Audio Hearing Protection Earplugs – Top earplugs for festivals and gigs

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Although the world of earplugs does not have reached the level of innovation in technology, the Flare Audio Hearing is one of a kind hearing protection earplug product designed specifically for concerts, festivals, and gigs.

Not only does it offer to block out external noise but it also allows you to hear the music only at adequate levels. So, it keeps your hearing protected. It has a tiny aluminum block housed within the foam that allows you to decrease the levels of noise.

Likewise, thanks to the bone conduction, you can hear musical details. We have personally used this product many times – in concerts, festivals, and crowded areas. It filters out noise and keeps the ears protected from moisture, noise, and other intruders.

So, if you want something stylish, unique, and innovative to protect your hearing, enjoy the music, cancel or block external noise and price affordability, this is your go-to product. The design is awesome.


  • Versatile
  • Durable build
  • Noise reduction


  • None

#6 – Alpine Music Ear Plugs – High-quality party earplugs

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Talking about small earplugs, it is not easy to decide high-quality earplugs, which are portable enough. However, with Alpine Music Earplugs, you don’t need to look everywhere else.

They are optimally sized small earplugs that don’t feel in your ear – yet provide extra protection to your ears while blocking external sound and noise. This product, in particular, is made of high-quality material and designed specifically for parties where there is loud music.

Unlike other earplugs that are too bulky and thick, experts recommend Alpine concert earplugs because of their slim design, which allows you to fit them properly in your ear canals.

Alpine concert earplugs are made of proprietary rubber material, which makes them malleable and soft. Thus, they fit all sizes of ears adequately.

Alpine Music Earplugs do not have any specific reduction of decibel – however, with personal testing and usage for quite some time, we believe they are best for louder applications.

When it comes to versatility and price, we recommend this product to everyone who often goes to parties and concerts.


  • Malleable and Soft
  • Alpine Rubber Material
  • Noise Cancelation
  • Hearing Protection


  • None

#7 – V-MODA Faders Tuned Metal Earplugs – Versatile concert earplugs

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V-MODA is a popular brand and the Faders Tuned Metal Earplugs are versatile that not only block out noise but also allows the user to listen to the music adequately. It one of the flashiest products on this list. These earplugs are virtually invisible in your ear, which means you will feel comfortable as well as cancel out noise from the outside.

The earplugs have a layered and multi-stage filter on the inside similar to the headphone earbuds. They are best for audiophiles who don’t want to be interrupted by outside noise and still enjoy the loud concert music without damaging their hearings. 

V-MODA earplugs are made from high-quality aircraft-grade metal – which means the housing lasts through many concerts. The company has included 4 different sizes of silicone tips, which allows for bettering fitting in the ear. Again, the tips are similar to that of the earbuds sets.

It has a string system, which attaches the buds smartly. Most earplug products employ a pressure-based design. However, V-MODA allows the user to screw in or unscrew the cord and let you choose whether or not you connect them. The design and mechanism do not harm your ears.  


  • Versatile earplugs
  • Noise Blocking
  • Allows adequate music levels
  • Cancel Distortion
  • Designed for audiophiles
  • Silicone Tips


  • None

Concert Ear Plugs Buying Guide

There are many concert earplugs available on the market. However, it is not always easy to choose the right product since each has its unique design, build-quality, and features. To choose the best concert earplugs, it is important to consider a few factors. Next, we will talk about them. Continue reading!

The best earplug for the concert will block noise and be comfortable. Concert lovers and audiophiles prefer earplugs, which do not put pressure on the ears. We all know that everyone’s ears are differently shaped. Therefore, it is important to try out different types to find the right kind of concert earplugs for your ears.


Noise reduction rating is what determines the effectiveness of the earplugs for concerts. The noise reduction rating means the number of sound decibels, which are blocked out. In general, the highest noise reduction rating you will see on concert earplugs is 34 DB. The higher this number is, the better job the concert earplugs will do while blocking out noise.


Make sure you look for materials, which do not cause any type of allergic reaction. It is essential to choose a product that does not irritate your ears. Many users do not foam earplug correctly in their ears, which leads to frustration and thus they think the earplug does not fit the ears.


Size is another important factor. Do choose too big or too small earplugs – so that you avoid falling or tight-fitting. Concert earplugs, which are smaller enough will not do a perfect job of canceling or blocking out sound.

Earplugs come in different sizes ranging from small, large, wide, short, deep, and narrow – for the ear canals. Choose the one that best fits your ears. Foam material, in this regard, is recommended by experts. Also, silicone and wax earplugs allow for molding to specific sizes and shapes.  


The most common material is foam. Earplugs made of foam material is meant for single-use. These earplugs cost less. Foam earplugs are soft and cylindrical with one end narrower. When inserted in the ear, it can expand to fill the space in your ear. Memory foam and high-density foam are types of foam earplugs.

On the other hand, there are silicone earplugs, which come in 2 shapes. You can mold soft silicone earplugs according to your ear canal. Generally, they do not block out much of the noise compared to foam earplugs. However, still, they are good to be used in the concerts. You can also use them for sleeping and swimming.

Another type of material is the wax, which can be molded to the ear canals of all sizes and shapes. This makes it impossible to have pressure points. Wax earplugs are not cheap. They are more expensive than silicone and foam earplugs. Made of natural or synthetic wax, they are waterproof, which means they don’t sweat your ears. Wax earplugs are excellent for blocking external noise.

So, these are the factors you need to consider before choosing the best concert earplugs. We haven’t mentioned the budget factor – because it does not count significantly – especially for this kind of product.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Are earplugs convenient?

Yes, earplugs are convenient for a wide range of situations. Not only they are good for blocking out external noise in concerts and listening to music adequately but they are useful for sleeping. Earplugs are the most affordable and easiest ways to protect against noise and avoiding damage that can be caused to your ears.

Q: Why do audiophiles use earplugs?

A lot of external noise and distortion prevents the audiophile from listening to quality music in live concerts. If the audiophile wants to listen to the singing voice and avoid surrounding noise, he or she uses earplugs. They are also known as in-ears, which serve as hearing protection since they can absorb the ambient noises.

Q: Why should I use foam earplugs?

Foam earplugs are extremely affordable. Not only is this a soft material but it is also porous – allowing the music to come in the ear adequately – while at the same time blocking out noise. Remember, it is a good option but it can also accumulate environmental allergens such as bacteria. Alternatively, you have silicone and wax options.

Q: Are silicone earplugs better than foam?

Foam earplugs are best for single use. On the other hand, you can reuse earplugs made of hard silicone material. Both help lower the surrounding sound volume but silicone material is less effective than foam. So, it depends on your choice. Silicone earplugs will still do a good job in live concerts.

Q: What is the highest DB for earplugs?

The highest noise DB offered by quality earplugs is 34 Db. The high levels of decibels to the earplugs noise reduction rating means blocking out more noise. So much so, the ideal choice is something between 20-30 Db.

Q: Can earplugs cause damage?

In general, they are safe. However, if you choose low-quality earplugs, they can cause ear infections. This is primarily due to the accumulation of earwax and the bacteria growing on them can lead to infections, which sometimes can also be painful. Loss of hearing is rare.


Earplugs are important for the protection of your hearing and blocking out noise. Not only you can wear them to block out noise during a live concert but you can also use them while sleeping and swimming or avoiding any noise coming from a loud noise-making machine.

In today’s article, we have reviewed the best concert earplugs and highlighted their features, pros, and cons. If you are having a hard time choosing the best product, we have also given a detailed buying guide with essential factors to consider.

This way, you can choose the right kind of product for your ears and avoid noise during a live concert with high volume and loud music. Lastly, we recommend you to choose a product among the list that best fits your specific needs. Good Luck!


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