Best Baitcasting Reels Tested and Reviewed for 2023

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If you’ve ever used some of the best baitcasting reels then you’ll understand why so many professionals like to use this type of reels. There are many different models of baitcasting reels on the market and one of the biggest problems people have with them is they don’t perform well. This is usually because the baitcasting reel they try to use is low quality.  If you want to get the most from a baitcasting reel then be sure to check out our list of the top 10 baitcasting reels below.

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Piscifun Torrent Baitcaster Fishing Reel, 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag, Magnetic Braking System Baitcasting Reel, 7.1:1 Gear Ratio Innovative Low...
Shimano Inc. TRANX 400AHG B/C Reel Box
Ardent AA65RBA Apex Elite 6.5:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel - Right Handed
Piscifun Torrent Baitcaster Fishing Reel, 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag, Magnetic Braking System Baitcasting Reel, 7.1:1 Gear Ratio Innovative Low...
Shimano Inc. TRANX 400AHG B/C Reel Box
Ardent AA65RBA Apex Elite 6.5:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel - Right Handed

10 Best Baitcasting Reels – Reviews

#1 – Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Piscifun Torrent Baitcaster Fishing Reel, 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag, Magnetic Braking System Baitcasting Reel, 7.1:1 Gear Ratio Innovative Low...
  • Unbeatable Value and Performance: This baitcaster reel that is affordable yet delivers exceptional performance and...
  • High-Performance: This product features innovative double-bearing supported pinion gear technology, providing...
  • Adaptable to Your Needs: The 5.3:1 gear ratio model is perfect for crankbaits or slower presentations, while the 7.1:1...

The bait-casting reel is fixed on the fishing rod and the line is mounted on the spool of the reel. It is designed so that the cast has to spin the spool and also propel the lure that is used, so a heavier lure may be required. One of the most highly rated fishing reels available online is the Piscifun baitcasting reel , which is designed to help the angler catch large fish quickly and comfortably, without a backlash, even if they put up a fight. Though small in size, the reel has a 18 lb drag, helping the person fishing to easily catch larger fish.

Design features

The Piscifun torrent reel is using high quality Japanese brass gears, type Hami with cut 3604, industrial grade, suitable for use in all weather conditions for greater durability .The brass gear are made using CNC machines and use stainless steel springs and screws. The caster has a line gear retrieve ratio of 7.1:1 and does not make much noise for a better fishing experience. The drag washers are made from carbon fiber, and stainless steel shielded bearings make the reel more durable. The magnetic settings with five magnets help reduce backlash and tangling of the line, when used with the knob for controlling reel tension. The reel has two winding shafts for greater reliability, strength, more precise control of the line. The body of the reel is made from composite graphite material. It will retrieve 30 inches of the line per turn. The handle is made from EVA material, and has knobs which increase the power and allow greater control. Separate reels are available for right handed and left handed anglers


For cleaning the bait-casting reel periodically and other maintenance related activities, a side plate is provided for the fishing reel which can be easily removed using the lever type mechanism. The port for adding oil required for lubrication, is located at the plate on the side, so that even an inexperienced person can carry out the maintenance tasks required to prolong the life of the bait-caster reel. This allows the maintenance tasks to be completed in less than one minute.


  • High quality materials like stainless steel are used for greater durability
  • The reel has many design features which are available only in more expensive reels, for greater power and control, making it good value for money.


  • Designed for use with heavier lure
  • Some users may take some time to get used to the baitcasting reel, to make it function as desired.

#2 – SHIMANO Metanium MGL

Shimano’s casting reels have long been hailed by the North American bass fishing market as the king of light weight and high performance. This year, the fishing reel manufacturer has even taken things a little much further with the introduction of the impressive Shimano metanium MGL. Being one of their newest reels in the market, this is one reel that comes with the new Shimano technology and other several high end features. It is ultra light, impressively, and has a very powerful bait casting reel that makes operation so smooth. It is constructed using a combination of aluminium, carbon, and magnesium to improve its quality. Follow through for some of the features that make it a favourite among many professional anglers and avid fishermen.

Lightweight Spool design

The shimano MGL comes with the new magnumlite spool design which makes it very light weight. This helps create very low inertia when working thus improving its casting distance by up to 20 percent. In addition, its hagane body and impact resistance eliminates resistance making turning the handle very smooth and easy. This allows anglers to experience great accuracy and efficiency regardless of the lures used.

SVS Infinity Technology

One of the best things about this reel is that it features Shimano’s new brake system technology. With the SVS infinity technology, the precision of the spool speed is further enhanced making it effective even when using lighter lures. This makes it easy-to-manage and provides it with a consistent spool control

Micro Module Gear system

With the micro module gear system, the Shimano MGL achieves seamless power transmission and engagement. The gear teeth are super refined thus reducing noise while enhancing sensitivity. All that when combined with its rigid body gives the reel a very smooth feeling. The reel is also available in three gear ratios ranging from 6.2 to 8.5:1 thus making it suitable for different styles of fishing.

X-Ship system

This reel also features the X-ship system which enables it to achieve very smooth reeling. It’s unique and strong gear engagement employs an enlarged drive gear, perfect pinion and rive gear positioning, and a two-point support of the pinion gear thus enabling greater power inputs. This makes it very powerful when under very heavy loads.


  • This reel extremely light weight
  • Has a smooth feel
  • Very durable
  • Feels comfortable in the hand


  • It is a bit sensitive to scratches
  • Quite expensive

Final verdict

Overall, this reel from Shimano is arguably among the few most comfortable, smooth, and versatile reels in the market today. It comes with the new shimano technology and features the all new SVS Infinity that gives it precision. The casting distance and effort are also very impressive. With its extremely low inertia, the casting distance is improved by up to 20 percent. With all these features, I would say that it is absolutely worth the retail price which is $419.99. Whether you are a newbie, an avid angler, or a professional tournament angler, this reel will open your fishing world to a whole new world of new techniques.    

#3 – Ardent Apex Elite Fishing Reel with 6.5:1 Gear Ratio

Ardent AA65RBA Apex Elite 6.5:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel - Right Handed
  • Quality 12+1 ball bearing system produces smooth retrieval and long casting distance
  • Includes an externally adjustable 270 degree magnetic brake and swept-back forged aluminum star drag
  • High strength, lightweight aluminum frame and a deep V 6061 T6 machined aluminum spool ensure long-lasting performance

The success of an angler depends to a large extent on the design and quality of his fishing gear, especially the fish rod and fishing reel which is being used. The line is wound on the fishing reel, and when the fish bites the lure, it should be easy for the angler to retrieve the the fishing line and remove the fish, as the fish will usually put up a fight.

There are a number of fishing reels available, which vary in their design, ratings depending on whether they are used in freshwater or salt water, and the kind of fish they are used for catching. The Ardent Apex Elite Fishing Reel is a popular reel designed for use for fresh water fishing.

Design features

The Ardent elite fishing reel is a bait-caster type fishing reel which is designed in the United States, and manufactured in china. For smoother operation, while casting the lure, the reel has a 12+1 bearing system. The bearings also allows the lure to be cast over longer distances, up to a mile in some cases. The 6.5:1 gear ratio ensures that the line can be easily and smoothly cranked after a fish is caught, or after fishing is over. It is also available with 7.3:1 gear ratio. Most of the anglers are not facing any backlash related problems The reel has a brake system which is magnetic and adjustable over an angle of 270 degrees. The design of the rod for a left handed or right handed retrieve is different, so the angler should place the order for the reel accordingly with the price of right handed retrieve being slightly higher. The drag system is well designed.

Materials used and quality

The spool of the fishing reel is made from V6061 T6 grade aluminum for great durability, strength, as aluminum is corrosion resistant. The spool is made by machining and is lightweight so that the angler can fish for hours without feeling fatigued. The The frame of the reel is made from aluminum and machined precisely for greater accuracy. The back handle of the reel is made from carbon fiber material, and has grips made from EVA for comfortable handling. These materials have a low density, the reel is very light allowing the angler to fish for hours. The reel has a black matt finish, so that it does not look dirty quickly.

As high quality materials are used,a three year warranty is offered on the fishing reel by Arden , which is more than most other fishing reels. Many of the buyers of this bait casting reel have used it for many years, without facing any problem.

Pros of elite arden fishing reel

  • smooth casting action, can be used to cast the lure for long distances
  • lightweight and compact, so easy to carry and use, can be used for fishing for long periods of time throughout the day
  • durable, and high quality, remains in good conditions even after being used for several years
  • designed for operation in all weather conditions including windy weather and for catching different kinds of fish
  • handle is well designed, making it easy to retrieve the line and lure


  • some anglers may have to make some adjustments in the reel settings before using the reel
  • some parts are made from plastic

#4 – Entsport Classic Casting Reel

The Entsport Classic Casting Reel is the amazing reel that you have to get today. It has all you need to get what you want, and we will talk about it right here, right now. This will allow you to get the right stuff out of this device as soon as possible.

Amazing Reel

The Entsport Classic Casting Reel is a great device. With the Entsport Classic Casting Reel, almost anything is possible. I presumed this is just one I would place in my own toolbox to get many minutes once I had an opportunity to turn into or round a few bridges while still traveling FL to get shook across.

Outstanding Performance

I am pleased and certainly will invest in another as this is one of the best baitcasting reels for the money. The solid device when still landing a 3-5 in. redfish plus also a 42 our also it seems fantastic. I’ve purchased a reel that is awesome. This really is actually a huge purchase for the cost. I’ve been casting reels which I’ve spent 3 times the maximum amount of cash for plus they are not as excellent as this device.

Great Purchase

Fantastic reel for the purchase price! Completely awesome plus it’s really an amazing thing. But after two months of usage fishing at times, every week might not be good. The casting button arrived however, it had been nothing but glue. The device might work very well as fresh today. As soon as I opened the box the design impressed me. This lure casting reel is beautiful, it has a quality that is top.


  • It’s what a reel needs to be.
  • The finish and fit are all not perfect. It had been simple to get and fix the brake that is centrifugal.
  • This really has a device plus it is just simple reeling straight inside.
  • The reel has been created nicely using most of the parts very well.


  • It happens to be that the lineup becomes wrapped in a frame and the spool.
  • I have needed to utilize a heavier lineup which then left me to utilize exactly nothing.

This reel is just awesome, and you have to get it right away too.Remember that this product is here to stay for a long time because it has been made with all the love in the world. Therefore, you will be mre than willing to receive the benefits of this machine right away too.

#5 – Zebco Kinetic 6.3:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel review

Zebco Kinetic 6.3:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel, 100, Right hand
  • Ceramic drag system, Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings, Easy-access lubrication port
  • ACS external adjustable centrifugal braking, Continuous Anti-Reverse, Titanium-coated line guide
  • One-piece aluminum frame, MaxCast skeletal spool, Quick-release side cover

Fishing is a popular and relaxing hobby, and both professional and amateur anglers are looking for quality and affordable fish gear, including fishing reels so that they can catch a large number of fish, quickly and easily. Some of the factors to be considered for selecting the best baitcasting reels include the gear ratio, capacity of the reel, maintenance required and the price. Though fewer customers have used the Zebco Kinetic 6.3:1 Baitcasting Fishing Reel and left feedback compared to other fishing reels at Amazon, all the customers appear to be very satisfied with the price and quality of the fishing reel.

Design features

One of the main advantage of the Kinetic fishing reel, is that it can be used for both freshwater and salt water applications, so the buyer does not have to purchase separate reels. The reel designed for bait casting has a gear ratio of 6.3: 1 and a skeletal spool from Maxcast. The drag system is made from ceramic for greater durability. The ACS centrifugal system for braking can be adjusted externally as required while casting the lure. The reel has a mechanism to prevent reversing. The cost of the reel is kept low by using the high quality performance tuned (PT) bearings from Kinetic only in the most critical areas of the reel. The reel has a capacity of 150 yards of 12 lb braided line, and the capacity will reduce if heavier line is used. The bait-casting reel ensures that the lure is cast at the place which the angler desires. The reel is designed for right handed retrieve.

Materials and maintenance

For greater durability, the Kinetic reel has a aluminum frame which is light weight, will not corrode easily and is strong. The line guide in the reel is coated with titanium for a longer life. The PT bearings are made from a hybrid material combining stainless steel with a polymer. For maintenance, lubrication oil should be added to the reel, and the port for adding the oil can be easily accessed. The port for adding oil is located on the side cover which has a quick release mechanism. Free shipping is offered on the fishing reel, and the reel is quickly delivered in the original clam shell packaging after it is ordered online.

Pros of the Zebco Kinetic fishing reel

  • smooth casting action and easy to retrieve
  • fairly light in weight, reliable operation, can be used for fishing in rivers, lakes , oceans and sea.
  • inexpensive compared to other baitcaster reels, good value for money


  • inexperienced anglers will have to practice for some time to prevent birds nest
  • fewer bearings used

#6 – Piscifun Saex Elite Dual Brake System Baitcast Reel

No products found.

The Piscifun Saex Elite Dual Brake System Baitcast Reel is a fishing reel for people who are passionate about their fishing and are not messing around on fishing trips. It costs about a 102-110 dollars on amazon depending on what deal you get and according to the 4.6/5 user rating it is worth every penny according quite a lot of satisfied customers.

The Extremely Evident Pros:

The Piscifun Saex Elite Dual Brake System Baitcast Reel comes equipped with a 7:3:1 gear ratio. A 12+1 high precision stainless steel ball bearing accompanied by a double anodized aluminum spool and a drive system armed with the finest of Japanese double shielded, stainless steel ball bearings which ensure the smoothest and most effortless casting that you have ever experienced! The Piscifun Saex is not only ultra durable because of the high strength aluminum alloy frame and deep V6061 T6 machine aluminum spool but is also extremely light-weighted, weighing about 170 grams or 5.9 oz and surprisingly is yet able to provide 11.4 lbs of stopping power which makes it a perfect choice for the best baitcasting reels. If that isn’t enough to convince anyone to buy the reel the Piscifun Saex is also very easy to use because of the internally adjustable centrifugal and the externally adjustable 270 degree Mag break system dual brake system. The dual break system and the extended swept-back handle enables the user to fish in almost all sorts of weather, so come hail or storm nothing will be able to stop you from going fishing! All this accompanied with a 1 year warranty and great customer service the Piscifun Saex Elite Dual Brake System Baitcast Reel sounds like a great value for money.

The Hidden Cons

Even though the Piscifun Saex boasts a heavy armory of pros it does has it’s areas of lacking. According to a few unsatisfied customers Piscifun aim to make the product ultra light has costed them in making the premium product look cheap with some parts being made of plastic. Now even though it is essential for the reel to be light-weighted so you don’t get sore wrists after a day of fishing after paying more than a 100 dollar you’d expect better finishing than plastic. Maybe in their next model they could use carbon fiber or something similar to give off a classy look along with a light-weight. Apart from that some users had other minor issues like the paint on the thumb trigger wore off too quickly and the sound made by the reel while casting seemed to be lacking of good lubrication but nothing ,major enough to stop you from selecting Piscifun Saex Elite as your preferred reel.

So should you go for it?

Weighing out the pros and cons of the reel if you love fishing and can afford the reel you should definitely opt for the Piscifun Saex Elite Dual Brake System Baitcast Reel.

#7 – Shimano Tranx 400A HG Baitcast Fishing Reel Righthand With Powerhandle

Shimano Inc. TRANX 400AHG B/C Reel Box

The Shimano Bait casting Reel is designed with the angler in mind, it is ergonomically designed to have as smooth an action as possible. Available to suit left or right handed anglers as well as being equally
well suited to both salt and fresh water fishing this reel is a must have for any angler looking to chase after the biggest fish.

Technical specification

The body of this reel is made of high quality Japanese steel, with precision engineered brass gearing and a rather generous number of ball bearings to give the smoothest possible performance. The Shimano has a technical specification that reads would make even the most seasoned anglers green with envy, a single crank on the butter smooth action pulls in between thirty and forty inches of line, depending on the model of handle, this coupled with the impressive capacity to comfortably work with line weights between 20 and 50 pounds and the capacity to hold around 150 yards of it make this a very versatile reel.

Maintenance and reliability of this reel are both exceptional with the core elements of the gear box being housed in the latest waterproof housing development’s from the Shimano Research and Development team, meaning that it will stand up to more adverse conditions with almost impunity, the steel body is very sturdy yet light weight combined with corrosion resistant brass gears to ensure a strong, light weight and reliable reel. The reel its self comprises of a really sturdy outer casting made of steel, with the seat for fitting to the anglers favorite rod, being beautifully machined from the same casting as the housing, eliminating a potential weak spot and further increasing the resilience of the reel to wear and even breakage.

The Ergonomics have not been overlooked either, the Shimano’s crank handles have a really nice rubberised coating to help maintain grip and angler comfort. With the gear radios used on the Shimano even the weight of a substantial Yellow fin Tuna becomes very manageable. Even at the end of a long day on the water, this reel mounted on a favorite rod is going to feel just as good as when the angler started the day.


Extremely well built, reliable and very ergonomically pleasing. This reel feels full of purpose and feels well made in use.

The Shimano needs very little maintenance when in use. Also cleaning and actually maintaining the reel are both really simple and quick tasks, meaning there is more time to be had on the water.


For a reel with such a wide range of possible applications, I feel the spools relatively limited capacity of 150 yards of line restricts it slightly from deeper water fishing.

The price point may put new anglers off the idea of expanding there equipment, and buy a Shimano spool.

In conclusion the Shimano Tranx is a very well thought out and executed piece of tackle and will be a very useful addition to the experienced angler or novice moving into deep water fishing.

#8 – Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel

Daiwa CLTW200HS Coastal TWS Reel, 7.3: 1 Gear Ratio, 7CRBB, 1RB, 15.40 lb Max Drag, Right Hand
  • A7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum deep spool
  • 8 Bearing System 7 CRBB + 1RB
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag UTD with up to 15.4 lbs. max

Daiwa out do themselves once again with the introduction of their new Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel. Built with both purpose and beauty in mind, as one of the best baitcasting reels this baitcasting reel is sure to handle your average legal halibut and bay bass. In addition, its T-Wing System or TWS technology offers a casting distance to reach those sometimes annoying honey holes. The T-Wing System technology happens to also give the reel power to tackle bigger fish which is largely due to the Ultimate Tournament Drag System that is incorporated into it. This bait-casting reel is sort of a lightweight model with a respectable weight of about 8.1 0unces. The spool capacity it has ranges from about 165 yards of fourteen pound mono lines up to almost 100 yards of twenty pound mono lines. The reel’s drag capacity and casting distance are some of its most prominent features.


  • 1. T-WING SYSTEM (TWS)– Daiwa reels got this system introduced to it back in 2011. Its main function is to reduce line friction which in turn offers longer distance casting as well as better line control.  
  • 2. ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT DRAG– High density woven fibers is what make up the drag washers. They are also coated with some special oils which are there to help reduce heat from friction. A maximum of about fifteen pounds of drag should be enough to take down most of the larger fish. Better drag features makes it one of the best baitcasting reels as even the tournament models support.  
  • 3. AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM SPOOL– This is a special grade aluminum that is lauded for its durability even though it’s relatively lightweight. Using this type of aluminum has allowed Daiwa to create a deeper spool that rotates easier and longer on its bearings.  
  • 4. 8-BEARING SYSTEM– The Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing reel makes great use of seven Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB) and one Roller Bearing (RB). The Corrosive Resistant Ball Bearing is believed to last twelve times longer than a normal bearing.  
  • 5. 100MM SWEPT HANDLE– The handle has a practical length of one hundred millimeters and consists of strong steel cut outs in the middle area to reduce its weight. The grips are manageable, comfortable and fit perfectly in the hands when reeling.


  • The reel’s casting distance enhancements
  • The availability of a drag that has the capability of taking on heavy inshore fish
  • The durable aluminum material used in its manufacture that is relatively lightweight but still extremely strong


There’s not much to say in this category. Most fishermen have their own specific preferences when it comes to picking the perfect reel. Some may want other features besides lightweight properties and long casting. However, the fact that it misses some extra drag capacity with all the new tech that it has can be seen as a disadvantage.  


All in all, the Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel would definitely make a splendid addition to most inshore saltwater collections. Its package of durability and state of the art technology offered at such a reasonable price is simply unbeatable. This is one bait-casting reel you will not regret acquiring.

#9 – Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel

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The pro angler is sure to enjoy fishing with the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel. It is a lightweight and effective model that has been used by professionals in the past. It can stand up to the test and catch fish of almost any size. Stay confident in a fishing approach when using the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel. Learn a little about the specifics of the model design that people are using with the reel. That should keep people updated about the effectiveness of the design in time. Take advantage of superior design features that everyone will want to try for themselves.Size Of The Reel: The Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel is listed as a medium light reel. That means it can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike. There is a corrosion resistant clutch mechanism inside of the design. That makes the model resistant against salt water damage and other issues. Expect the reel to stand up to the test whenever it is utilized. Hold the rod by the hand or place it in a holster as needed. Fishermen have their own style of fishing that is more suited to their style. Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel has maintained its popularity in good time as well.  

Special Features

Take a look at the Magforce Z cast control function on the design. That makes it more popular than ever before to try the reel. Use the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel with confidence when hitting a strike zone. Fishermen know how to cast in to specific areas whenever they can. The Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel also features a 90mm swept power handle for superior grip. Fisherman want to get a good handle on the rod that they are using. If they land a fish, they can grip the rod with a lot more confidence.

Aesthetic Features

The I Shaped knob handle is certainly an eye catching feature. The Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel has a matte black finish and custom red inserts. That will appeal to anyone who wants a special design to the reel being used. They want to show off their latest purchase for their friends. The Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel is well worth the upfront investment that people tend to make. Buyers are pleased with the options that they find from the manufacturer. They have left some good feedback based on the initial reviews people may read in time.

Cost Of The Reel

Buying the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel helps people find the perfect choice. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about fishing. Fish along the surf line or even on deep sea trips too. That makes the Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel the perfect gift for a loved one too and is one of the best baitcasting reels to boot. Buyers are impressed by the sheer selection waiting for them from the manufacturer. Prices are set for the avid fisherman who wants to use something new too. The rigid aluminum frame will make the purchase worthwhile for those who use it. Shipping and handling fees will apply to the order itself.

#10 – Abu Garcia Revo S Low Profile

Abu Garcia Revo S Low Profile Baitcast Reel, Size LP (1430432), Carbon Fiber Star Drag, Max of 20lb | 9.0kg, Made with a X2-Craftic Alloy Frame,...
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The Abu Garcia Revo S Baitcast Reel is made from an X2-Craftic alloy frame, providing exceptional...
  • RECOVERY RATE: Recover 27” | 69cm of line for every turn of the crank. Gear ratio of 6.6:1. Made with a D2 Gear Design...
  • 9 TOTAL BEARINGS: 8 stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 DuraClutch instant anti-reverse bearing provides smooth casting...

The ABU GARCIA REVO S LOW PROFILE by Abu Garcia™ is a quality and durable fishing reel with improvements from earlier models, boosting of features that make the fishing experience enjoyable.


  1. It has a compact design, an improvement from earlier models which makes it comfortable to handle especially when fishing over a long period. It’s light but strong, giving a more ergonomic feel.
  2. 8 stainless steel ball reelings + 1 roller bearing. These provide smoothness and durability, easing effort when fishing in demanding and strenuous conditions.
  3. It has a compact bent handle and star that pulls your hand closer to the reel and makes the overall reel much more ergonomic to fish with.
  4. It features a Carbon Matrix Drag System which gives a high maximum smooth drag performance through the drag range.
  5. It has a MagTrax™ brake system which allows anglers to quickly fine tune to any bait. The pitch centrifugal breaking system allows maximum adjustibility with 6 break locks, 3 which are spring loaded and 3 which are not. The 3 non-spring loaded break locks give maximum control in the cast by giving a braking force through the entire range of the cast. The spring loaded break locks allow maximum distance.
  6. D2 Gear design. This design has more efficient cranking power in comparison to earlier models. It aids the steel bearings, making bait retrieval easier even when fishing in heavy cover.
  7. DuraClutch™ design which allows smooth casting and engagement.
  8. X2-Craftic alloy frame for overall strength and performance.


  • The graphite side plates allow for a lightweight design. This together with its compact design provides comfort when fishing for long periods.
  • The handles are close to the frame making the reel extra comfortable to use.
  • The bended handle andstar allows a more ergonomic grip, cutting down on fatigue.
  • The frame is made of aluminium alloy which offers increased corrosion resistance and therefore lasts longer. This makes it ideal for use in salty water.
  • The brake system is easy to adjust, allowing anglers to quickly fine tune to any bait.
  • The gear design provides more efficient power and makes pulling fish out a lot easier.
  • The ball androller bearings allow smooth operation and great casting distance.
  • Comes with an instruction manual and is easy to use.


  • The reel is more expensive to use than earlier models due to its high maintenance cost.

Information on Choosing the Best Baitcasting Reels

Finding the best baitcasting reels is very important for any angler. A baitcasting reel provides you with many benefits such as giving you more control of your casts. You also have more control over the motion of your lures. A good fishing reel is among the things you will need to make your fishing experience pleasant and rewarding. The reels also come with reduced backlash and spool overrun. There are so many brands in the market and before buying there is need to know what matters most so you are able to get the perfect baitcasting reel.

Gear ratio for the Baitcasting Reel

This is also known as the speed of the reel and most baitcasting reels are standardized to 4:1 ratio. Some, of course, have a higher gear ratio that sacrifices power to offer quicker retrieval. In essences, gear ration can be defined as the number of times spool turns over when the handle is rotated just once. Most of the reels have this ratio listed on the body and hence it should not be as hard to choose the most suitable for you. The standard 4:1 ratio is generally considered slow, whereas 5:1 is considered average and 6:1 ration considered very fast. Before choosing the gear ratio, consider types or lures you intend to use. For instance, large spinnerbaits and diving crankbaits are best suited by slower retrieve. It also helps to find out whether the ratio can be tailored to suit the fish type being lured.

Spool tension and size and Why it Matters

Magnetic or centrifugal brake is usually used to adjust the spool tension. Pins are used in centrifugal systems, whereas magnetic systems rely on metal like aluminum to react to magnet sets. When the tension is adjusted, fishermen are able to reduce overrun. The reels usually have knobs you can use to make the adjustment and you should ensure that it is tight enough to make reel disengagement smooth. The heavier your lure the tighter the tension should be. The spool size should also matter with stronger and larger fish requiring heavier lines. The larger the fish the larger the spool ought to be.

Are Round Baitcasting Reels Better?

Round baitcasting reels are popular for their line capacity and unmatched cranking power. Obviously, things like the size of the reel and the quality of the components further dictate strength, but generally, round baitcasters are more powerful and sturdy than their low-profile cousins even when those are some of the best baitcasting reels available. Let’s look at some factors that can be considered either pros or cons – depending on the situation.

For most anglers, the thought of big fish means it’s time to get out the big gear. That’s when these reels shine. The round best baitcasting reels are indeed strong but added strength often means added weight. This may concern some anglers and should be considered when reel shopping. Because of their shape, round baitcasters can accommodate larger spools and thus, more line – great when long-line trolling behind your boat, or when fishing for line-stripping monsters. However, if casting distance is your goal, the added weight of the larger spool and extra line may hinder it.

If you’re a small-game fisherman, but like the concept of the round reel, there are plenty of reels on the market to accommodate your situation. You may even want to check out the best spinning reels review article we recently posted. This might be the case when you’re tired of replacing worn out reels and don’t care about a little extra weight or shorter casts.

Length and Type of Line Used on the Reel

There is a huge variety of lines for baitcasting reels and they are made of materials like nylon monofilaments, multifilaments, and fluorocarbon. A heavier line is best for beginners because they make casting simpler and the backlash is picked more simply. However, your reel should not be overfilled with the line; at least 0.125 inches of the spool should be empty on the best baitcasting reels setup.

Frame Materials and Composition

Most baitcasting reels come in aluminum or graphite frames with graphite making a less expensive and lighter option but it makes not be a material that withstands abuse compared to aluminum. High-end reels are made using one-piece aluminum frames because of its durability and sturdiness.

How Ball Bearings Affect Performance of a Baitcasting Reel

The number of bearings does not matter as much as the quality of the bearings used on your reel. When buying, what you should be looking for are sealed bearings, shielded and double shielded bearings because they are the best.

Handles on Baitcasting Reels

The best baitcasting reels should feel comfortable in your hands. Soft rubber knobs or those that are over-sized in design will give you a better fishing experience. The rod and reel should also be well-combined for a more comfortable grip and cast. Test reeling handles, tensioners, thumb latches, and drag settings before you buy.

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