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The extension cord is one of the most commonly used items. The ultimate accessory to gain length, it is useful for us both indoors and outdoors. There are electric extension cords from 1 to 40 ft. Of course, the indoor and outdoor models are distinguished by their waterproofness, but also by their technical characteristics. And to help you make the right choice, depending on the use to which the product is dedicated, we have prepared a small selection of our best and most reliable outdoor extensions.

Extension cords are not only intended for indoor use. Discover our selection of the 10 best outdoor electric extenders right away.

How to choose an outdoor extension cord?

Mowing a garden, vacuuming the attic, connecting the computer are simple tasks in theory. But they become more complex when the power outlet is too far from the activity area. It is especially when faced with these situations that we most often decide to buy an extension cord. An invention that has become very practical on a daily basis, it is used to route electric current to a place further from the main power outlet.

Also known as an extender, it exists in different measures ranging from one to forty meters. However, this is not the only point that differentiates the extensions. Indeed, they are also distinguished by their technical characteristics. The latter also influence the price of the object. This is why we have developed a small buying guide that should help you choose the device that suits your needs. This section brings together all the criteria to take into account before buying a 10 gauge extension cord.

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#1 – AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl an excellent outdoor extension

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The AmazonBasics is the ideal model for anyone looking for a reliable outdoor extension cable. Sold for less than 50 dollars, it is affordable for all budgets while being of excellent quality. The sheath covering the conductors has a reasonable thickness. There is no risk of it being damaged due to frequent outdoor use.

It seems fragile. Indeed, its wire is only 0.75 mm² in section while most of its competitors make double. But do not trust this thickness, because this tool supports very well a voltage 250 V and an intensity of 2.5 A. With its 50 ft extension cord, this model is suitable for several uses. Many people use it especially to connect their vacuum cleaners. You can also use it outdoors. With its affordable price, this product is a good investment even if you do not have many electrical devices at home. That said, this inexpensive 12 gauge extension cord will be very useful in the small cabin at the bottom of the garden.

What We Like

  • Good quality extension
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Excellent value
  • 50ft length

#2 – UltraPro GE 40 ft Heavy Duty Extension Cord a must for DIY enthusiasts

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UltraPro Extension Cord is one of the best extenders sold on the market today. This model owes its success to its ingenious design. It is not a simple extension cord. Indeed, it is provided with 4 electric plug sockets. These elements are arranged on a box which is itself surmounted by a hook. So you can hang it anywhere you want.

This welder extension cord has all the features of an outdoor extension cord. This model is IP44 certified. In other words, it resists splashing water and you can even place it next to a water point. The cord is 40ft long, which gives it a certain versatility.

What We Like

  • 40 ft long
  • Equipped with 04 valve sockets
  • IP44 certified
  • Provided with a flexible and robust cord

#3 – Woods 277563 Outdoor Extension Power Block, Weatherproof with Reinforced Blades a particularly reliable 8-Foot extension

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The Woods 277563 is for DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable extension cable. This extension cable can power devices whose power does not exceed 2300 W. This allows you to connect many types of devices ranging from household robots to electrical tools. However, this product has been designed for outdoor use. Indeed, it is waterproof while being provided with various systems to avoid the risk of electric shock.

With its length of 2 m, this retractable 220v extension cord will be of service to you on a daily basis. The wiring has been designed to make it safe to use. In addition to benefiting from the child protection standard, the wire is flexible and robust. The cord should offer many years of use to the happy purchasers of this product. The sheath is made of flexible, but solid rubber. No matter how much you manhandle this extension, there is no risk of it showing any sign of wear.

What We Like

  • 8 foot length
  • IP44 certified
  • Safe
  • Maximum power supported: 2300 W

#4 – Coleman Cable 02409 14/3 SJTW Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord for those looking for an extension of 100 foot

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Certainly, Coleman Cable 02409 has many extensions to offer us. The 02409 model is quite similar to the previous model except that it is 100 ft extension cord. It is perfect for outdoor use and can be used to connect your electric lawnmower. With its length, it should give you maximum freedom of movement.

It is also very resistant. This 50 amp extension cord was manufactured with a 5 mm² thick cable. But with frequent winding, its lifespan can be up to 5 years. Its red color will not go unnoticed. Thus, you and your guests do not risk tripping over it when you use it outside. This extender is resistant to splashing water. In addition, the socket has a PVC cover.

What We Like

  • 100-foot length
  • Good quality cord
  • Equipped with an angled plug
  • Complies with CE standard
  • Correct value for money

#5 – Southwire 25890002 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord-12/3 American Made SJTW Heavy Duty

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This Southwire 25890002 heavy duty extension cord was released quite recently. It meets the latest standards in force and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With its black color, you can easily use it in your living room without damaging the decoration of this room. The cable is also thick enough for you to use it in your garden.

As the name suggests, this extension is 15 ft long. The 20 amp extension cord resists scratches and the connectors have been designed to be protected from splashing water. The only downside is that this model has no earth connection. Thus, it is much more vulnerable to overvoltages. You should simply avoid using it during a thunderstorm to alleviate this.

What We Like

  • 15 ft cable
  • IP44 certified
  • Easy to roll up and unroll
  • A good price-performance ratio

#6 – GE Designer Extension Cord with Surge Protection, Braided Power Cord for inexpensive construction

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Many professionals are looking for a flat extension cord for construction sites. They will surely find their happiness by buying this extension for the construction site. Moreover, this model is among the most affordable on the market. In doing so, he will be able to ensure the safety of workers. This GE Designer cable has outstanding mechanical resistance. You can walk on it with your work boots without risking damaging it.

This product also enjoys an excellent reputation with professionals. You just have to read the notices which concern it to confirm our statements. Buyers particularly appreciate it for its reliability. It supports non-standard conditions of use.

What We Like

  • Excellent quality extension
  • 15 ft in length
  • IP44 certified
  • Affordable price
  • Resists temperature changes

#7 – 50 FT 14/3 Outdoor Extension Cord – Rubber, Flexible, Triple Outlet, Black Wire with Live Power Light Indicator

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This retractable extension cord is essential for all people who own a motorhome. Indeed, these vehicles need to be regularly recharged. This 30 amp extension cord will be used to carry out this operation. With its 50 feet, you will not encounter any difficulty in using it at home or in a rest area. This product is also very safe. Indeed, it has a child protection system. So your toddler won’t get burned by touching the cord.

Finally, the main advantage of this extension lies in the maximum power that it can support. The manufacturers seem to have studied the design of this article well. Its color was not chosen at random. With its flashy orange color, other motorists will recognize it quite easily. Thus, your traveling companions are not likely to trip over it inadvertently. Regarding its manufacturing quality, those who bought this product are quite happy with their purchases. To find out, you can consult the reviews left on Amazon.

What We Like

  • Simple to use
  • Supports up to 3,500 W
  • Robust and good quality
  • Excellent value for money

#8 – AmazonBasics 12/3 Heavy Duty SJTW Lighted Extension Cord for the garden

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If you are looking for an extension to use in your garden, this should interest you. It has been designed for this kind of use and will allow you to enjoy maximum security. Indeed, the female socket has a valve and you can leave it in your garden without any fear. You will only have to remove it when the weather reports a downpour. However, the sprinkler system should not be a problem.

Its design also constitutes one of the major advantages of this product. It is one of the few extensions that dress in deep black. Which gives it a certain elegance. In addition, it allows to camouflage any dirt that will come to rest on the cable. With its 8-foot, this extension allows you to more easily use many types of gardening tools to name an electric mower or a brushcutter. With the thickness of this cord, there is no risk of it being damaged by scratches.

What We Like

  • Its 100 f00t in length
  • Supports up to 3680 W
  • Provided with a protective valve
  • Good manufacturing quality

#9 – Yard Master 9940010 Outdoor Garden 120-Foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord, the safest outdoor extension cable

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It is important to choose the safest model when you want to acquire an outdoor extension. The Yard Master 9940010 is by far the most reliable if you want to avoid any risk of electric shock. With its thick rubber cord, it does not risk being damaged after a few weeks of use. The cable also remains flexible and easy to handle.

Since it is IP 44 certified, this model will be perfect for use in the garden. In doing so, it has an earth connection and is suitable for professional use. The Legrand brand is also synonymous with quality and reliability. In short, it is an excellent product despite its relatively high price.

What We Like

  • 120ft length
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Suitable for home or professional use
  • Valve plug
  • With earth connection
  • IP 44 certified

#10 – Southwire 01687 25-Foot 12/3 made in America Insulated Outdoor Extension Cord with Lighted End

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Southwire 01687 is for many the best brand of electrical equipment and the 01687 extension cable will not tarnish the reputation of the manufacturer. Apart from its manufacturing quality, it stands out from other models in its category by offering two female sockets at one of its ends. You can, therefore, use it to connect two devices simultaneously.

The diameter of the conductors allows it to withstand a fairly large electrical power. This extension is, therefore, a reliable product that will meet all your needs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What We Like

  • 25ft in length
  • Equipped with a double female outlet
  • IP 44 certified
  • Light indicator


The choice of the outdoor extension will depend on your needs. These will allow you to define the appropriate footage, as well as the protection index to be favored according to the use to which the object is dedicated. Of course, it will also be necessary to determine in advance the type of device you wish to grant to the extender. Indeed, to avoid overvoltage or overheating, you must choose a model that can support the power of equipment.


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