Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System Review

Finding a tackle box that can neatly organize your tackle while making everything easy to retrieve is something that not many tackle boxes pull off. The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle system pulls this off nicely however. With compartments that are designed for small to large tackle it can certainly store even the most outfitted angler’s tackle in a very organized manner. In this PLano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System review I will try to provide you with all the details that I believe you should know about this tackle box before you decide to buy it or not.

Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System Review And Deals

Premium Tackle Box Fishing Plano Fish Organizer Boxes with 4 Tray Drawer Large 7771 Big Design

The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System is especially designed to offer lots of storage space and protection for all your camping tools.

This big, solid tackle box offers 5 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes (four 2-3701 and one 2-3500 StowAway utility boxes) and 3 removable bait racks on the top section with separate access for a more efficient organization of your things. The top-access has a DuraView cover.

The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System has solid construction that also includes a comfortable over-molded handle for effortless carrying, 4 utility system and nameplate order form.

And if you think that it is only great for storing your reels, bait and line, think again. You can use it to virtually store anything you want, like all your cooking tools.

The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System is also armed with a limited lifetime warranty. Be advised that this doesn’t include lures and tackles.

Other Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 21.2 x 12.9 x 12.7 inches

Shipping Weight: 13.4 pounds

Average Score: 4.5/5

Percentage Of Positive Reviews: 94%

What Other Users Say About The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System?

Plano 7771 tacklebox

Great value for the money. I own several of these style boxes. They have always been of good quality and have plenty of room for whatever you need.

Nice tackle box

Purchased this for my Son for Christmas. He loves it and it has all the storage he needs. Was on sale at a great price also.

Plano’s Mega-Tackle Box (4 Box Version)

This is Plano’s latest version of its “mega-box”. Plano’s been around a long time and they make a good box…

The Pros & Cons Of The Plano 7771 Tackle Box

The Pros

  • The design is well thought and offers storage trays that are dividable and was carefully well laid out to fit your organizing needs.
  • It has lots of space to store almost all your camping tools, such as your line, baits and reels, among others.
  • It allows you to effortlessly and quickly pull each box without needing to remove another storage tray.
  • It offers two well-made front latches that keep your things organized and secured.
  • It has a solid construction that won’t flex when carrying lots of things.
  • This product is reasonably priced low.

The Cons

  • There was one consumer who claimed to be a “bait and switch”—no pun intended—victim. His Plano 7771 tackle box had a few missing storage trays.
  • It is quite big and can be weighty when loaded.
  • Few people received this product in poor condition.
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Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System Review And Deals

The Bottom Line

For organization freaks, the Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System would surely satisfy your inner OCD. It’s not a perfect product – just like other products out there – but it does offer many great qualities. Besides, you can’t really complain because of its relatively cheaper price tag.

We personally really like that it offers lots of space and containers and it also allows you to remove one tray without having to remove everything on top of it, which is great.

All in all, the heavy-duty Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System is a must-have item for anyone who’s looking to combine all their camping or fishing tools into one box without breaking the bank.


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