TP-Link Wireless N Router Reviews

Shipping only last year 80000000 devices around the world, TP-link has been for 7 consecutive years the biggest seller of Wi-Fi devices on the planet. The quality and innovation added to reasonable prices are the reasons why the impressive international presence of the firm continues to expand non-stop. Over about 20 years of existence the company has accumulated many awards and recognition that reflect the quality of its great value products.

What is The MU-MIMO Technology of TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers?

TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers | What is MU-MIMO Technology?

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi system Review

Deco Mesh Technology uses a system of units that together produce one combined entire-home network that have the same name, getting rid of fragile signals all over the house.

The Deco M9 plus two pack releases a WiFi signal to an area of 4500 square feet and with the addition of more units the coverage can be expanded even more. A fast and constant connection through the whole house is guaranteed by a backhaul that up to 1.5Gbps.

The product also works as a hub for all the wireless devices and smartphones in the area.

The Deco can provide reliable connection to more than 100 devices, no matter how busy can be the network.

The security is assured by a built in antivirus, QoS, and Parental Controls, and the setup is facilitated by a step by step walk through of the app.

How To: Setup a TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System

TP-Link Homecare Protection

Homecare protection by TP-Link is a security solution that the firm introduced trough some networking products. Consist of a built in antivirus designed to keep the clients devices secure and unharmed without affecting the speed of the network. Users also can customize the parent controls in a way that all the family can trust the safety of the grid.

The HomeCare protection averts the members of the network to access websites that can be harmful, and also safeguard the users from attacks of hackers and malware by scanning for threats regularly. Trend Micro is the tool that updates the system constantly being able to avoid possible damage to the devices connected to the network.

Another excellent feature of the system is the warning capability that releases an alert about any possible infected new device that join the network, isolating it until the necessary measures has been taken.

The velocity of the evolution of the internet technology has let many users vulnerable to threats and damaging malware, that’s why, is interesting to observe the big effort developed by TP-Link in order to supply an effective security wall against these potential dangers.

Introducing Homecare: Parental Controls, Antivirus, and QoS

With HomeCare from TP-Link you can assign profiles to the users of the network which allow you to control the content that is available to your kids and also apply filter even if you are not present in your house. Another advantage of this feature is the customization of the daily time that the children spend online.

QoS or quality of service also assign the required bandwidth to the places of the network where is needed.

TP-Link has made sure that all the information that is necessary to use the security suite is available and easy to access for the users of the networks,and this video is a good example of it.

How to Set Up and Use the New TP-LINK HomeCare Suite


TP-Link is a prestigious company that has presence all around the world; their products are recognized for its latest technology upgrades, which make the demand for them increase constantly. Also the amount of their products is huge, making their clients be able to have an ample variety of alternatives to choose from.

In summary the firm is considered a leader in the industry for a reason, and its routers are specifically considered one of the best value items available.

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