8 Most Popular Types of Coffee You Need to Know

Looking for the most popular types of coffee? This article is for you!

Coffee is a popular beverage consumed by people all over the world. It’s a drink most people enjoy in the morning before heading to their places of work. Bust some drink it in the evening. Some drink it so that they can stay alert at night when working on time-sensitive projects.

Coffee has a positive effect on peoples’ mentality and energy levels and is also known to provide plenty of health benefits to the body such as improved cardiovascular system, weight loss, and many others.

Since most coffee lovers are used to their usual coffee orders, only a few have taken their time to experiment on other types of coffee beverages. In fact, most coffee lovers know the common ones like espresso and cappuccino or those grown in their country.

In this article, you will learn the 8 most popular types of coffee you can try today.

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Ask a coffee lover the type of coffee they know and they will never fail to mention cappuccino. This type of coffee is similar to a latte and comes from Italy. In Italy, cappuccino means hood. To make a cappuccino, you mix steamed milk with the espresso.

Usually, a cappuccino has three layers. The first layer consists of a shot of espresso; the second one is a shot of steamed milk and the last layer can be a layer of fermented milk. In fact, that’s what separates a cappuccino from a latte. In addition, a cappuccino is prepared in a cup and not in a tumbler glass.

Usually, the 8th of November is set as the World Day of Cappuccino.

Surprisingly, when making this type of coffee, the foam is meant to insulate and keep the coffee warm.

To make this type of coffee, you need steamed milk, sugar, and espresso. Put a shot of espresso into a cup. Add ½ of steamed milk. Add a cover of ½ of milk froth. Serve your cappuccino.


Another type of coffee that was first made in Milan, Italy circa in 1900 is Espresso. This type of coffee is dark, thicker and bitter and the Italians pronounce it as expresso. Espresso means “pressed out” in Italian. This implies that it is made by forcing a cup of boiling water under high pressure through freshly finely-grounded coffee beans through a coffee machine. Espresso has crema at the top. It contains more caffeine than other types of coffee. It is consumed by people, usually in the morning to boost energy and often called a “shot”.

Flat White

Flat white is a popular type of coffee that originated in New Zealand and Australia. It is one of the two well-known Kiwi coffees. The other type of Kiwi coffee is long black. The process of making Flat white resembles that of making cappuccino but with a slight difference in that with a flat white, a barista does not add any cover or chocolate on top.

To make a flat white, you simply pour the steamed milk over a shot of espresso into a cup. No micro-foam.

The coffee is similar to a latte and is said to be the milkiest type of coffee you can drink.

If you are just starting out drinking coffee, flat white would be the best type of coffee for you. It contains less froth and milk than a latte. If you travel to New Zealand or Australia, don’t forget to enjoy this coffee.

Long Black

Pour hot water into a cup and add two shots of espresso into the hot water and you are good to enjoy your coffee drink. The long black is perhaps the stronger type of coffee and has more crema. Sometimes people fail to differentiate it with the traditional Americano.

This type of coffee is a combination of American and Italian traditions.

In Italy, most coffee lovers are used to espresso or cappuccinos. The American coffee lovers like a large cup of black coffee and that’s what made the Italian barista to come up with this type of coffee.

Irish Coffee

From the name, you can guess the country it originated from. But if you aren’t able to guess then the country is Ireland. It was first made in 1942 and is a mixture of a cocktail of Irish whiskey, hot grounded coffee beans, and sugar with heavy cream at the top.

This coffee gives you an extra boost you can’t get from a traditional cup of coffee. When it was first made at the Shannon Airport in Ireland, Irish coffee was purposely meant for calming passengers who were waiting to travel. You will find this type of coffee in restaurants though it contains alcohol content so if you are not a fan of alcohol, it might not be the best coffee for you.

The people of Ireland celebrate the National Irish Coffee Day on the 25th of January every year.


Frappe is a type of coffee that originated from Greece in the 19th century. In 1957, a Geek version of frappe was made after the accident by Dimitris Vakondios and was made the national drink of modern Greece in the 1970s.  When you travel to Greece, you can expect to drink this type of coffee in most cafes. This type of coffee got its name from a French word that means “to hit” although the drink is cold.

It is tasty and is made by mixing ice, grounded coffee, sugar, and water. In Greek, you can enjoy your frappe in degrees known as glykós, métrios, or skétos. But it depends on the amount of sweetness you want. In short, the degrees equal to the amount of sugar you want to add in your frappe. That means frappe with the sweetness of the highest degree has too much sugar.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee originates from Turkey and is also known as Bosnian coffee. This type of coffee is now consumed around the globe for various reasons. It is made traditionally, either in a cezve or small copper pot with an elongated handle.

Once you add one cup, you also add one cup of water and two teaspoons of coffee.  Remember, for sweet coffee, you will need to add the sugar to the cezve while you are preparing your cup of coffee and not after you have prepared it.

Wait for the coffee to boil until the foam rises to the top and then switch off the heat when it’s about to spill over. Turkish coffee is uniquely brewed and delicious and is used in wedding ceremonies and fortune telling.

In Turkey, Turkish coffee is sometimes used to foretell the future. Some families use it to test the character of a newly married groom’s character by adding salt instead of sugar.

To make Turkish coffee, you need sugar, water, coffee powder, and cardamom powder.

Just boil a cup of water until it reaches the boiling point, add a spoon of grounded coffee, an eighth teaspoon of cardamom when foam rises to the top and then switch off the heat and turn it on again to make it froth. That’s it.

Mazagran Coffee

Mazagran coffee is also known as original iced coffee and originates from Algeria, although it is now being enjoyed in Portugal. Well, this type of coffee is not for you if you love hot coffee.

It’s cold coffee and was first made during the war of 1840. It’s a unique type of coffee in that you can add a shot of rum into it. Pour black coffee over ice on glass, add sugar according to your taste and lemon juice and serve it.

Some studies have shown that mazagran can lower the risks of heart diseases. It is also said that this type of coffee has antioxidants that safeguard you against memory loss.

To make this type of coffee, you need ice cubes, black coffee, sugar, and lemon juice.

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee for You

There are tons of options of coffee in the market these days and choosing the perfect one for you can be a challenging task. Here are a few things to consider to make a perfect choice.

  • Get the Difference in The Types of Coffee Beans Available
Coffee beans  8 Most Popular Types of Coffee You Need to Know in 2019

Choosing the right coffee bean is the first thing to do if you want to choose the perfect coffee for you. To choose the right coffee bean, you must know the different types that exist.

Basically, there are two known kinds of coffee beans: Arabica bean and Robusta bean.

When it comes to price Arabic beans are not as costly as Robusta beans, are the best in terms of texture, and taste as well.

  • Pick Your Preferred Roast

Choose a roast you prefer in terms of taste. There are light, dark and medium roasts with a varied aroma, flavor, and acidity. Light roasts have subdued flavor but the medium and dark roasts have a great aroma and are sweet and with fuller texture.

  • Know It’s Origin

As seen above different coffee is grown in different parts of the world and the flavors differ as well. Coffee beans from South America are sweeter and have a sensible taste. African and Middle Eastern coffee beans are fruitier and spicer and have medium acidity. South Asian coffee beans tend to have an earthy taste.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen above, there are plenty of types of coffee you can try. Coffee is a drink consumed by people all over the world. Whether you are just starting out or you are a cover lover, you can’t miss your favorite type of coffee from our list above.

Didn’t see yours? Let us know it in the comment section.


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