8 Most Popular Types of Coffee You Need to Know

How many coffee beverages are there on the market? Well, quite a lot. Likely over fifty types would pop out when it comes to the word coffee.

So many different flavors and styles are there. Each offers something special. From the morning sip to afternoon vanilla drinks. It really takes time to have a view of all these.

However as a coffee lover, you would have to know the most popular coffee types. Here we have something interesting to share on theses coffees. Just have fun reading it on.

1.  Espresso

Espresso comes from Italy as probably the most popular coffee. It is known for great fragrance and concentration. For some a cup of morning espresso is really the one to get them awake.

How to make an espresso? Shoot boiling water at high pressure into the finely ground powder-like coffee beans.

Sounds easy but it is challenge to master. You would have to get some skills to achieve a desired quality. That does not mean you cannot get the purest coffee tastes.

If you have a coffee maker, that helps. Otherwise you can add hot water and sugar to a spoon of coffee powder at a ratio. And mix it to your taste.

It is fairly great once when you know how to make it.

Espresso can also be made of any type of roast or beans. That almost everyone can take a try to get the exact flavor they like most. It says 50 coffee beans could make one shot of espresso.

2. Café au lait

Popular Types of Coffee - Café au lait

Originating from France, it is quite popular for a lot of coffee drinkers. You can make it from steamed or scalded milk and one shot of coffee. Some always mistake this frothy type of coffee with the flat white. The latter is made with cold milk.

There you can find some other variations throughout Europe. That makes confusion especially with the espresso-based Italian caffè latte.

Café au lait can also be made with espresso sometimes. A lot of European countries do not make clear distinction between these two types and use them interchangeably.

Well, the French type is mostly made of brewed coffee and a traditional use of French press. Both are mixed of coffee and hot milk, the ratio differs. Café au lait are usually equal in both ingredients. Unlike caffè latte, it does not have foam on the top.

Want to make it at home? Take a cup. Add a half cup of dark coffee or espresso and another half of heated milk. Mix it enjoy the perfect cup.

3. Caffè Americano

Popular Types of Coffee - Caffè Americano

Americano is known as originating from Latin America in 1970’s. You can make it by adding hot water to one or double shot of brewed expresso.

The American soldiers made this type during the 2ND World War. That came to be a favorite when they wanted the strong French coffee. And it last longer.

To be specific you can take a quarter cup of espresso and a half cup of water for a serving. That is why some says it is mostly water.

Some mix up this type with the long black coffee. They have a lot in common though. The latter is made by adding two shots of espresso into the hot water. If you do it the other way you will get Americano.

4. Flat White

Popular Types of Coffee - Flat White

Flat white was invented in 1990’s. It comes to be as popular as other coffee types. You can actually find it everywhere. As research shows coffee helps to reduce stress levels.

Flat white is one of the milkiest coffees available. To make it, you need steamed or scalded milk again. And pour it into a shot of espresso. On this basis you can see the flat white is quite similar to café au lait and latte.

It is said long black and flat white are two most Kiwi coffees out there as both originate from New Zealand and Australia. Interestingly both countries claim this type of coffee originates form their continent.

There are differences between these two types. For the flat white, the steamed milk is usually not that frothy but pretty creamy. It is more and more popular with those who want to keep awake during work breaks.

5.  Frappe

Frappe is a popular coffee originating from Greece. Its name comes as a French word that means “to strike”. As a drink category that means chilled.

The word frappe appeared in the 19th century. Many years later in 1957, a Nestle employer invented this Greek coffee version by accident.

You can make it by instant coffee with water and ice. It is usually mixed with a shaker or hand mixer. So you will find it topped with frothy foam when finished.

Here are the specific steps to make a frappe: take a glass, add some sugar and one tablespoon coffee. Then pour half glass of water into it. Put ice cubes and enjoy a fruity drink.

6. Cappuccino


It is almost the most popular coffee around the world, cappuccino has three layers. The first is a shot of espresso, then the steamed milk and finally a layer of foamy milk. You can also top the last layer with chocolate powder or shaving. It tastes great anyway.

Originating from Italy as a meaning of hood, it increases in popularity since mid-1990. Most Italians prefer this type of coffee beverage at breakfast.

The classic way to make it is to pour steamed milk to a shot of espresso followed by a layer of milk foam. Ask the barista to add some chocolate sprinkles if you like.

How to make a cappuccino by yourself? Take a cup, and then add a half cup of espresso and another half of steamed milk. Finally top it with milk foam.

The temperature and texture of the milk are rather important. And the thick foam gives a velvety taste. The foam on top also serves as an insulation to keep the coffee hot.

7.  Macchiato

Popular Types of Coffee - Macchiato

Also known as a Piccolo Latte, macchiato is another Italian coffee along with the espresso and cappuccino. As the name Macchiato means “marked”, you can take it as a cross between espresso and cappuccino.

A macchiato consists of a shot of espresso and a small amount of foamed milk on the top. That sounds similar to cappuccino but it is much stronger. As you do not add steamed milk to it. And it is smaller usually in an espresso-sized cup.

While Italians take cappuccino as morning beverage, macchiato serves as a drink in the afternoon with little milk out there in the espresso.

You can find latte macchiato and espresso macchiato under this type of coffee. The former is a cup of steamed milk with a shot of espresso. No caramel-flavored syrup added. The latter has a small amount of formed milk on the top. Caramel macchiato is another type which marked twice by the espresso and then caramel sauce.

How to make a macchiato? It is to add steamed milk on top of espresso at a ratio of 4:1. If you want a larger serving for family or friends, a 4-cup coffee maker helps. That gets you perfect taste with less time.

8. Mocha

Popular Types of Coffee - Mocha

The origin of this type is also Italy. It is a drink made of espresso with steamed milk and added chocolate.

You can say it is a latte combined with chocolate syrup or powder. Some prefer whipped cream as an alternative.

This is known as the hot chocolate while some also use white chocolate or cocoa powder. If you want an experiment for your kids try, this is a good option.

You would not want to line up for a cup all the time. Then how to make mocha by yourself? Add 1/4 cup of espresso and 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup. Then pour 2/3 cup of hot milk onto it for a perfect serve.

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