A Guide to Chainsaws

[Cover] A Guide to Chainsaws

We live in a house that has a beautiful garden with many trees in it, so we try to take care of the garden as best we can. We got a professional to prune the trees and paid to get them chopped into little bundles.

Some of the trees were Christmas trees. Their wood makes really good firewood if you leave it out to dry for a year. The firewood burns smoothly and lasts long. Winters will see them put to good use.

We did all this using battery-powered chainsaws. For the best battery chainsaws, go to this site. You will find a wide range of chainsaws to pick from at affordable prices. Get a good one instead of saving a little extra money on a cheap one.

You don’t want to do all the work with a hand saw. It is incredibly tedious and is not worth it. A chainsaw has the job done with ease and saves a lot of time.

You might think that it might be too dangerous to have. Movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre make them look like tools of terror. But the truth is that you can learn to handle it. And with the proper safety equipment, it’s not that dangerous for an adult.

Whether You Should Get a Chainsaw

If you work with wood and are tired of using a handsaw, get a chainsaw. There are battery-powered chainsaws at affordable prices that can save you one-tenth of the time.

It depends on the amount of work you have on your plate. If you are sawing as a one-time thing, then maybe it is not worth the investment. However, if you are preparing for the winter of working on a big project, a chainsaw is important.

Other factors that might be bugging you include children in the house. For instance, if you have young kids and no safe place to keep a chainsaw, it could be really dangerous, but don’t back away from buying one. Simply get yourself a good locker or chest with a lock.

A chainsaw is an investment. People make a living out of using chainsaws, and the training is cheap. All you need is wood to work on.

You will become used to the extra weight and vibrating hands in no time. Plus, once you feel out the wood in practice sessions, you can become a true artist, and precision will come easy. Just make sure to use the proper safety equipment.

Safety Equipment

Safety is very important when it comes to chainsaws. You can do a lot of damage with it if you are not careful. It could be a killing machine and should not get into the wrong hands. If you do get a chainsaw, get a professional to explain safety to you.

There are a lot of things that you need, along with your chainsaw. You can’t just get it running and start sawing. That would be dangerous.

A helmet and goggles are mandatory. You need to protect your eyes while you are sawing through wood. Wood flies everywhere as you saw, and even the slightest slip of hands may guide your chainsaw to your head. A helmet can save your life.

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Next, you need gloves, the right boots, and chainsaw trousers. These will protect your body from high-speed sawdust. Sawdust that flies might have sharp pieces of wood in it. So, it’s best to dress for safe sawing.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for your safety (which you should), you grab some chainsaw chaps, which can be worn over your work pants as you’re cutting wood using a chainsaw.

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After that, you need a sawhorse. This is a tool that is the best in pairs to provide support to wood. Sawhorses are common in construction sites. Get a couple, as they will come in hand in future improvement projects. Light metal ones are cheap and do a great job holding wood.

What Chainsaw to Get

Petrol Powered Chainsaws

The starter cord pulling in chainsaws is iconic on the screens. You can still get one of those. For that, you need petrol. If you do decide to get this sort of chainsaw, make sure to feed the chainsaw healthy petrol. For that, petrol keeping is secure and away from water.

Water in fuel can lead to contamination, and contamination leads to internal damage to your chainsaw. So, the best idea would be to get yourself a small fuel tank. A double-layered one will keep the water out and prevent leakages.

The old fashion chainsaw is slightly cheaper to get but costs more to operate. There is a better alternative. And that would be the new generation chainsaws.

New Generation Chainsaws

You will love the new generation of chainsaws. They are much lighter than the older version. As a result, they are much easier to use. Also, the start-up is easy. All you have to do is press a button to get things running. They use battery-power and conserve energy well.

New generation chainsaws are cheap and save a lot of money. Furthermore, you will be able to do much more precise work. Out of the two generations, the old chainsaws can’t compete with the new generation chainsaws.

New generation chainsaws prevent accidents as they run smoothly. There is little shaking or unintended jumps during startup or sawing.

There are a lot of different sizes that you can choose from, and each chainsaw has detailed information on its label.

However, don’t get a second-hand one. Without a warranty, you never know when it could stop working.

Using a Chainsaw Safely

Make sure that your chainsaw does not go up and down while you are sawing. Also, stand to either side while operating it. It’s a really powerful tool and can do a lot of damage.

Next, get to know your machine. You don’t have to apply to much force while sawing with a chainsaw. Don’t put too much pressure on the wood that you are cutting. Instead, place it on the wood and let it slip in gently.

Finally, the most important thing that you have to remember is that cutting in lowering motion is the law, meaning don’t cut up.

Final Thoughts

A chainsaw is a tool that cuts through wood like no other. Get one for an upcoming project or if you are preparing for winter.

There are old petrol-power chainsaws and battery-powered ones. Battery-powered ones are much more efficient and easier to use.

When you are using a chainsaw, make sure that you are doing it according to the basic safety rules. Also, use proper safety equipment while sawing.

A chainsaw can warm winter and/or lead to a lot of profit. Get yourself a new generation chainsaw and act in an informed manner. The investment is worth it, so don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it right away. Practice will make you proficient.


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