Belkin N150 Wireless Router

The router is a great piece of technology for home users,it is fast enough and reach the main area of any regular dwelling size area.The installation simplicity is a huge plus, and the equipment can be installed very easily without any major headache.In case of something gets sour,the excellent technical support of the personal of this company is a great help for their clients.

The Belkin N150 Wireless Router is easy to set up  in a couple of minutes, and with the high speed that these router display is possible to comfortably surf the web, use social media and also send and receive emails. This router shows a really good performance when it is used at long range, and its producers claim that there is no another router faster than it between the alternative existent at the moment.

The speed that release is an more than respectable 150Mbps, that put together with its exclusive MultiBeam feature, that allows that the router connection is available in all the rooms of the house.The connection of the N150 is also available for desktop and laptop machines

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The Good
  • 2X faster than G,Ports: 1 x 10/100M WAN; 4 x 10/100M LAN
  • N technology for speeds up to 150Mbps*
  • MultiBeam technology for a high-powered signal throughout your home
  • Easy setup for getting your network up and running in 3 steps
  • Preset with a unique security code to get you up and running safely
Not So Good
  • Sometime small range
  • There is no discussion about the quality of the router and that work fine the first 1 or 2 years, but what ii not sure it is about the performance of them overtime.Some of the products seems to lose reliability after continuous use .

Features of the Belkin N150

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty.
  • MultiBeam Tech. guarantee the best signal in the entire home.
  • Double the G technology speed.
  • G Technology compatibility.
  • Three steps simple setup.
  • Ethernet LAN Ports: 4.
  • Can achieve 150Mbps.
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited.

Belkin N150  Router Set UP

Setup Belkin Wireless N Router
  • Attach the N150
  • Dissconnect the modem by cutting the power source.
  • If your modem has a battery reserve you should disconnect it too.
  • Link your Router to your modem with the supplied cable.
  • Reconnect your modem and its battery backup if any, and then hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

Connection :Belkin N150 Wireless

The default network ID and password information for your routercan be found on In the product label on the bottom of the Router are the default password and  ID required to connect it.

  • Enter the password when demanded .When your device (laptop,Smartphone or PC) has been connected to the Router, browse to http://router/. The router  Homepage, or If it doesn’t work, then try to visit the url: to see the router homepage.
  • After clicking the button “detect my connection”, the router will take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to discover the internet connection and then restart. If the connection doesn’t start, you have to restart it manually, or type your credentials in case that your modem needs it.You are also going to see on screen instructions to follow.
  • The next step is to watch if your router has detected the availability of an update, if is affirmative you will be asked to install it, and 5 minutes after the update will be completed.The setup is going to start immediately, in case that there are not updates to install.
  • Later in the screen you are going to get the option to change your network credentials. It is recommended, that to get an easier connection is better to keep the SSID and the password unchanged.In case that you want to change the credentials anyway, just enter the new information and  “save and continue”.
  • After, you are going to be offered to download a software that complements some functions of the router like for example the Belkin Wi-Fi application that facilitates the quick access to the homepage of the router. If you think that would be useful for you, you can proceed to click on the download button that correspond to your machine.

Video-Belkin N150  Unboxing

Belkin N150 Wireless Router Review - Unboxing Video

Belkin N150 Wireless Router Firmware Update

Getting the Firmware for the Belkin Router

Tests Of Speed And Range Of The Belkin N150

Routers have been tested putting devices in different locations and distances from it, in order to measure the medium throughput of several wireless routers in a home network. The Machine that had the higher medium throughput in distances bigger than 30 ft. was the Belkin. The routers that were used in the sample were the best sellers available at the moment.

Video:Range And Speed Test

Belkin N150 Wireless Router Review Speed Test & Range Test

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