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Before we start this Belkin Wireless N Router Review here is a little about Belkin. Belkin International creates products that help people enhance the power of technology and make their lives better, easier and more fulfilling. This has been Belkin’s mission since it started in 1983. Belkin was founded by Chief Executive Officer Chet Pipkin. His passion was driven by providing his customers with what they needed.

He manufactured computer cables in the evenings and on weekends and sold them to local computer manufacturers and dealers to meet the increasing demand in the personal computer market in the 1980s.

Belkin International currently has three brands, Belkin, Linksys and WeMo, to enhance the technology that connects them to the people, activities and internet experience. Belkin products are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use and the Linksys brand helped make wireless connectivity mainstream around the world. The latest brand, WeMo, is the leader in delivering customisable smart home technology. Its product platform empowers people to monitor, measure and manage their electronics, appliances and lighting at home and on-the-go.

Video – Belkin N Series Wireless Dual-Band N+ Routers Overview

Newegg TV: BELKIN N Series Wireless Dual-Band N+ Routers Overview

Routers are the backbone of the networked home. They need to do their job brilliantly and get out of the way which is why Belkin Routers are designed to get you up and running fast.

Dual-band speeds and MultiBeam antenna technology give Belkin routers the power and performance to optimize your network for streaming video from your favorite websites, online gaming and downloading.

It is now easier than ever to confirm when your wireless network range is ready to use. When you are set up, your network status appears on your computer screen where you can see it and then all you have to do is start surfing the net.

Enjoyable online experiences start with great performance and Belkin’s advanced technology and enhanced power give you all the n router speed and coverage you need for media intensive applications like streaming video, downloading content and online gaming.

The next generation Wi-Fi, AC Wi-Fi, takes home networking to the next level, handling the needs of even the busiest wireless household with ease. AC Wi-Fi creates a network operating up to 3x the speed of current ‘N’ technology.

Belkin’s exclusive MultiBeam antenna technology gives you powerful signal strength and maximum coverage so you can connect several desktops, laptops, Smartphones and tablets simultaneously. High-powered and consistent wireless signal and greater throughput means fewer dead spots in your home for optimized video streaming and gaming.

Video – Belkin N Wireless Gigabit Broadband Router Review

Belkin N Wireless Gigabit Broadband Router Review

QoS or Quality of Service technology gives higher priority to video and gaming for optimal performance. Videos stream uninterrupted and music downloads are faster.

Advanced Dual-Band routers double your performance and bandwidth. Simultaneous bands, the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, eliminate interference and optimise performance for media-intensive applications such as video streaming and gaming. Belkin routers have multiple wireless antennas to transmit and receive digital data in simultaneous radio streams for increased range and throughput. This gives you more power and more speed for your online activities.

The Norton powered Parental Control technology uses internet filters to effectively block content that is deemed unwanted and inappropriate for some family members. Media Mover software by myTwonky makes it easy to stream music, movies and photos from your USB drive to all your mobile devices and HD television.

Printing has never been easier. All you have to do is connect any USB compatible printer to your Belkin router and print wirelessly from any computer in the house. Mobile devices are altering how we watch movies, play games, surf the internet and send and receive email. With the advent of AC Wi-Fi, full HD movies stream effortlessly and the most sophisticated online games play seamlessly.

Belkin Wireless N Routers come preconfigured with wireless security encryption to get you up and running safely from the start.

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