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Cabinet table saws are known to be costly, bulky, and robust in a way that makes them last longer than their owner. So, it’s logical for you to look up a bunch of reviews to seize the best cabinet table saw available today.

To help you out with the purchase, we took the time to review the top-performing products in this machine category. We’ve also put together a comprehensive buying guide that shall make the final decision easier to make.

Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the title of the best cabinet table saw:

The Best Cabinet Table Saw – Our Picks

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#1 – Sawstop PCS31230TGP252 Cabinet Table Saw

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The reason why we chose the Sawstop model to be the best cabinet saw is mainly its extra features, which should make your projects easier to nail and complete.

The first feature that makes this saw special is its precision. The Sawstop does not only live up to the predictions you have for a costly cabinet saw but also exceeds them.

It also has several other impressive characteristics. First of them is its autostop protection feature that is based on the current that your body generates. In case the blade suspects that it’s operating on flesh, it stops right away, similar to how chainsaw chaps work. Though we haven’t tried it to make sure that it’s not just a marketing ploy, it does sound like considerable protection against serious harm, and the reviews on Amazon attest to the effectiveness of this feature.

For power, this model includes a 3hp motor, which is quite satisfactory for most projects, whether they be professional or DIY.

Now regarding dust elimination, a lot of corporations tend to make promises they cannot keep, which isn’t the case for the SawStop. It gets the job correctly done and keeps your workplace clean of remains, although that doesn’t come for free since this model is the priciest one on our list.

What we like about it

Several factors make the SawStop PCS31230TGP252 the best cabinet table saw. The key elements are the accuracy of its cuts, along with its astounding dust removal. Not to forget the autostop security feature that makes the unit stop as soon as the blade senses that it’s piercing flesh.

#2 – Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Cabinet Table-Saw

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The Powermatic PM1000’s accuracy got us merely tempted to put it on top of our list, as it’s the most precise saw we’ve ever lay hands on. It’s by far the most accurate saw among accurate saws. However, what impressed us most is the fact that it’s conceived to operate on basic wall current.

All of the Powermatic’s rivals necessitate 220V power to function. So, if your shop doesn’t have enough 220 plugs, wiring your workplace to adapt to this model’s voltage demand, but that’s not the case for the Powermatic PM1000. It’s also well-manufactured, meaning that it remains in place once it’s set up and will keep the blade from oscillating while in use.

But we eventually put it second on our list because its 1.75hp motor is a little frail in comparison to its rivals’ motors. While it has no difficulty cutting most wood, the SawStop has no trouble cutting any wood, which is why we’ve chosen it as the best cabinet table saw.

What we like about it

The best things that characterize the Powermatic PM1000 are its accuracy, as it’s more precise than any other saw we’ve tried. In addition to that, this model is very solidly built, which means that it’s unlikely to be a pain in the neck when it comes to stability. Not to forget that it doesn’t require 220V, as it runs on standard wall current.

#3 – Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

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Cabinet saws are not famous for being affordable when you’re on a budget, and the reason why we named the Grizzly G0690 is not that it’s some low budget model but because it’s a decent, robust saw that happens to cost less than its rivals. So for cabinet saws, which are usually costly, the Grizzly G0690 is an excellent ignition piece. Its 3hp motor is strong enough for it to cut any material.

However, it’s not free of flaws. Assembling this model is likely to be some hard work, especially for rookies. Some competing cabinet saws that we checked were more direct and came with straightforward instructions. This model seemed way too confusing for beginners.

There’s also another problem with the precision for this one, as it’s not as accurate as its price got us to expect. Now we’re not saying that it was as precise as a portable mini saw, but the amount you will be paying for it makes you think it might be more accurate. It also doesn’t have any leveling feet, so we had to resort to using a homemade chunk to keep it from moving. This means that it’s likely to give you a hard time when it comes to stability.

What we like about it                                                                                                                        

What we appreciated most about the Grizzly G0690 is its price, since this model is very easy on the pocket. You’d expect the low cost to be due to low performance as well, but that’s where you are mistaken because this is the best cabinet saw you could get for such a price, which makes it an excellent starter piece.

#4 – Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe Table Saw

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The reason that the Jet 708674PK is fourth on our list is what it’s not capable of doing, which is, in this case, amazing its users. It’s undeniably a good that comes with a robust motor, not to forget how precise it is. It’s also well designed and likely to live longer than whoever purchases it, which is a common trait among cabinet saws.

One thing that makes this model come through is its sturdy construction, but then again that’s the case for most cabinet saws, especially that this one is costly. Now we’re not saying that it’s not a relevant factor, but it still doesn’t justify the expense.

It also happens to be hard to put together, as you need both metric and SAE gadgets to accomplish that. This implies that it will give you a hard time just to get it assembled and get it to work.

Don’t expect this to be the best cabinet saw. You won’t be astonished by its work, nor by its features. Plus, it’s expensive, and putting it together can be a chore. The only positive thing about this model is that it will probably last longer than whoever buys it since it’s well constructed. 

What we like about it

Two good aspects make the Jet 708674PK worthy of our best cabinet table saw roundup. First is its sturdy, steady structure. It’s most likely to outlive its user, just like most cabinet saws. The second is its vigorous motor, which is a very significant feature that people usually look for in cabinet table saws.

#5 – Delta 36-l552 5 Hp Cabinet Table Saw

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One thing that stands out about the Delta 36-L552 is its motor. This model comes with a 5hp motor, which makes it the most robust cabinet saw we’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s strong enough to cut through any wood with ease.

Unfortunately, this model, too, is flawed like the ones preceding it. These flaws show when you find out that it doesn’t come with all of its parts, which leaves you to wait an extra few weeks for the missing pieces to arrive before you get to put it in use. This whole process is annoying, especially for a saw that costs as much as this one does.

That’s why this model has the lowest ranking. For something as expensive and space-occupying as cabinet saws, the customer service that Delta has to offer isn’t even close to being enough.

What we like about it

The only perk of owning a Delta 36-L552 is its mighty motor since it comes with a 5hp motor. There’s no wood in the world that a saw with such a motor cannot cut, which makes this model’s motor the most powerful one on our list.

Choosing the Best Cabinet Table Saw – Buying Guide

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The fact that you’re looking to purchase a cabinet saw indicates that your woodworking demands are not to be taken lightly. These saws are designed to be robust and steady, not just for someone who’s to use them for a short period.

That’s a good reason for you not to take such an investment lightly. These saws all have two things in common: they’re costly and designed to last. You could even be able to include your cabinet saw in your final wishes.

So it’s normal for someone who’s embarking on such a purchase to think their decision through and take more time to learn how to make the correct buying decision than which model you are to buy. That’s why we collected a few helpful tips to assist you through your quest for the perfect purchase. We organized these tips in a guide to give feedback on the products that we checked, hoping that they’ll be useful for you.


A cabinet saw’s main task is cutting hard, thick wood. This job requires two things, which are a sharp blade and a robust motor. Since you’ll be buying the blades separately, you’ll be doing your first thinking on the power of the cabinet saw you are to buy. Of course, that depends on the type of cutting you intend to do with it.

It’s commonly known that if you are to cut through wood that is two inches or less, a 1hp or 2hp motor will do the job. Anything more than 2hp will exhaust even a cabinet saw, and you’ll end up wanting something tougher.

All of the cabinet saws we included in our reviews, except one, came with motors of no less than 3hp in power. That’s sufficient for your saw to be able to cut through anything you want it to. However, if you are to cut through three-inch wood or more, that will require access to 240 volts of electricity. That means that if you are considering buying a powerful cabinet saw, you have to make sure to set a favorable workshop for it.


Cabinet saws sure take up space. They’re extremely heavy, and if you purchase them online, they won’t arrive all at once, so that’s something you should keep in mind. If you want something easy to move around, a cabinet saw will not be your best friend.

The weight’s useful to make sure the saw functions well since saws are built to stay in place to accomplish precise cuts without trouble. Although you don’t really need the most burdensome saw available, you’ll need a saw that arranges its weight properly. So a less weighty cabinet saw that comes with decent footings and equal weight throughout will be a smarter choice than a massive one that you set on the floor.


One perk of owning a weighty, balanced saw is its cutting accuracy. The fact that it comes with a robust motor that isn’t quickly exhausted by thick, dense wood means its cuts are most likely to be highly precise. On the other hand, if you go for a less burdensome, more portable saw, you’ll be giving up some precision. If you go for bigger and heavier, you’ll also be going for more accurate.

Once that’s settled, start seeking cabinet saws that have pulse-reducing features. The Powermatic PM1000 comes with a poly-v belt that prevents trembling. Vibrations can diminish precision and harm the tool itself. Plus, reducing vibrations grants you a more peaceful procedure, which is something you don’t often get when using saws.

Now that you’re willing to pay for the framework to support precise cuts, you might as well look for a saw that will make that come true. If it’s only a few more dollars, bear in mind that you are already going to invest no less than $1,000. So you may want to go the extra mile for the sake of precision.


Table saws are naturally dangerous since using them requires having your hands near sharp, spinning blades. That’s why users have developed techniques and additional tools to stay safe, and manufacturers made security their primary concern.

If anything in your workplace goes berserk, cutting power off will be your first reflex. That’s why you need a saw that has a reachable kill switch. The PM1000, for example, has a user-friendly hands-free kill switch.

The automatic turn-off option in case of injury in the SawStop is one of the reasons we gave it our top rank. Its price might be higher than other models’, but the insurance is worth it.

Five Minute Guide: How to Use a Tablesaw

Dust collection

Using cabinet saws sure creates a lot of waste. And since they are built to endure daily use, you’ll be getting significant amounts of waste, which are likely to make it hard for you to see what you’re working on. It’s also expected to cause health issues, especially in enclosed spaces. 

Most modern saws have dust elimination techniques. The problem here is that for some of these products, dust collection is just something that the manufacturers add for marketing’s sake. As a result, the dust collection systems aren’t that efficient.

Though it isn’t the main reason to choose one model over another, dust collection helps you tell the good from the perfect. One of the reasons we named the SawStop the best cabinet saw, along with the safety feature, is its dust collection. If you are to use your cabinet saw often, you’ll need a waste removal port no less than four inches in size. You might also consider buying an industrial shop vacuum since it’s the type of accessory that complements a saw.


Every saw includes a blade unless it’s cheap and bought from a suspicious manufacturer. Although most of them won’t be convenient for you, so you’ll have to get them separately relative to the type of work you’ll be using your saw for.

So when looking up cabinet saws, try to find one that is suitable for the blades you’ll be using. If you are to cut large wood pieces, you’ll need a saw that can hold the right blades for that, one that helps you switch blades easily.

Though this doesn’t directly affect your purchase, this might help you choose between two comparable products and make sure you’ll be supporting such a significant investment, just like the shop vacuum and the right power access.

How to Change a Table Saw Blade

Picking the Best Cabinet Saw Blade – Frequently Asked Questions

How Important Is the Table Saw’s Size?

Cabinet saws are a commitment, so you’ll have to keep in mind that the saw you get will occupy large space for a long time. Thus, you’ll have to make sure that the saw you purchase is convenient for your workplace and won’t be taking too much space.

What If the Saw I Want Is Too Costly?

There is no such thing as a low-cost cabinet saw. It’s all about how you invest out of your purchase. The reason we gave the Grizzly G0690 our best for the dollar rank is not that it’s a cut-rate model, but because of its performance that makes it worth the money.
That may be enough for you, or you could choose to go further and get extra features.


We hope our reviews helped you through choosing the best cabinet saw for your workplace. Cabinet saws sure require a lot of money and space, so you’ll have to select the one you want carefully, and for that, we wish you the best of luck. Don’t worry, though, as you won’t need luck with our reviews and buying guide.

What are you still doing here? Get off and grab your new cabinet table saw for your workplace!


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