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If you’re working with chainsaws and want to get the task done in the smoothest and safest way, you should deal with these dangerous tools carefully as they aren’t exactly intuitive. That’s why having the right tools, a good grasp of the techniques as well as safety measures can go a long way when it comes to getting perfect results. An essential item in this regard is the best chainsaw bar.

Because there are multiple variants of chainsaw bars on the market, making the right choice is not easy at all. The best chainsaw bar, however, should certainly be made of heavy-duty, durable steel. 

The best chainsaw bar for your needs will have certain characteristics and features that will allow it to fulfill your different needs, namely ease of control and maintenance as well as smoothness and cutting precision. It also has to be versatile and suitable for both heavy and light alike.

So, if you want to make the best choice, read through this article where we will be reviewing the best chainsaw bars on the market and present to you their ups and downs, so you have an accurate idea about your potential pick.

The Best Chainsaw Bar – Our Picks

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#1 – Oregon 105671

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This product is one of the top-selling best chainsaw bars on the market, and it sets a standard when it comes to quality and performance. The Oregon 105671 20-Inch bar was designed with Stihl chainsaws in mind, and the Lubritec lubricating system is guaranteed to maintain the oiling of your chain and guide bar. This excellent system, which is recommended by experience, is crucial in avoiding too much friction and increasing the longevity of your chainsaw.

Another outstanding feature is the nose which is multi-riveted, meaning that you can keep your chainsaw bar in optimal shape for as much time as possible. The measurements of this product are: the pitch is 0.325 inches, while the gauge is 0.063 inches. With this bar, you can use chainsaws up to 62 ccs, while 81 is the chain drive, link count.

This product is one of the best chainsaw bars around, as it has been tested intensively, and it didn’t fail to meet all of the performance criteria. Mainly, it minimizes kickback, which is ideal for those who are searching for a bar that has this feature.

This chainsaw bar is designed mainly for lightweight work as it belongs to the series of AdvanceCut products, and by using it, you can ensure that you’ll have even and clean cuts. The convenience of use, coupled with extra durability, is gained thanks to the slim and light contour.

The only limitation this product the Oregon 105671 20-Inch bar has is that it was made for particular use with Stihl chainsaws, which might prove to be a downfall for those who don’t own such a product.

Finally, we can judge that this is a fine-quality chainsaw bar that is highly durable and versatile. It can be used in various types of jobs, and it has that sweet balance between power, flexibility, and longevity. If you’re keen on that combination, then look no further than the Oregon 105671 20-Inch replacement bar.

What we like about it

What makes us think this is one of the best chainsaw bars around is the intuitive use and excellent durability thanks to its lightweight and the added control by the minimized kickback which proves to be a nice added feature.

#2 – Husqvarna 531300436 Chainsaw Bar

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Husqvarna is a brand well-known for its high-quality, durable products in the outdoor equipment market, and the 531300436 16-Inch HLN250-66 Pixel Chain Saw Bar is no exception since it lives up to the expectations. Furthermore, this company is praised for manufacturing replacement bars that match the quality of the saws themselves, which is rare to see from other brands as most of them drop the quality significantly.

This is the best chainsaw bar if you’re looking for professional quality products that you can count on in the heaviest of jobs, so keep reading if you have that particular need. Moreover, it can be used on the numerous Husqvarna chainsaws available, so you need to ensure that your chainsaw is compatible with this bar beforehand.

When it comes to its measurements, this is a 16 inches long bar that has a pitch of 0.325 inches and a gauge guide bar of 0.50 inches. Even though these numbers are a bit lacking when compared with the next product, it doesn’t fail to get the job done.

The main task of this chainsaw bar is to lower the vibration, and it has low to none kickback generally, and its subtle curvature reduces greatly the possibility of an unexpected kickback that can interrupt your workflow. Furthermore, this handy bar will let you have great control over your unit so you can precisely cut as even and accurate as you want it to.

Let’s talk about its excellent manufacturing, because the build quality is really on point with this guide bar, and is one of the things that puts it among the best chainsaw bars right now. In fact, the bar is fully #coated with epoxy to boost its immunity to working aspects as well as environmental conditions alike. This, along with the build material, gives it outstanding durability that shields it from corroding factors and gives it more longevity.

The one setback that this bar suffers from is the relatively heavy weight, which might prove to be troublesome for a certain group of users. This isn’t the case for heavyweight jobs as heavy units are expected to deal with them.

What we like about it

This product has an excellent price for the features it has, which makes it the best chainsaw bar budget-wise. Moreover, it has a professional quality and outstanding durability thanks to its build.

#3 – Oregon 24” Power Match Chainsaw Bar

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This model has extra length compared to the others so you can get even more of a distance out of it. For professional work, this chainsaw bar is the standard in the industry. It has a length of 24 inches, a 0.375 pitch and a 0.05 gauge. Additionally, it has an 84-drive link count.

This is the best chainsaw bar when it comes to versatility as it can be fitted on most models from any brand which eliminates the issue of compatibility. The Oregon Power Match that comes with this product, which is a replaceable sprocket nose bar that you can faster to your chainsaw using just one rivet. This is not at the expense of security, however, thanks to the ears with which you can fit it perfectly in place. Additionally, the resistance of the design, which is patented, adds even more safety.

The Oregon 72LGX chisel saw chain that comes with it, in addition to the more frequent lubrication system are good bonuses that ensure a significant friction reduction as well as the elimination of specific problems like the plugging of oil holes.

When it comes to the build material, the manufacturer uses sturdy chrome steel that is extra durable, especially against gradual corrosion.

The only downside to this product is that the kickback might be high and dangerous sometimes, so it isn’t recommended for beginners. All in all, this product is an excellent all-around and is the best chainsaw bar for professionals.

What we like about it

What makes this product the best chainsaw bar for professionals is the combo you get for the hefty price you’ll be paying which is worth it, as you’ll get more bang for your buck compared to other products.

#4 – STIHL 3003 008 6821 Chainsaw Bar

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STIHL is a well-known brand that has a good reputation when it comes to quality. Thus this product doesn’t fail in this department. It is, however, laminated, which is a letdown from other products, but its unique material combination might make it worth the price.

When it comes to measurements, this chainsaw bar is 20 inches long, with a pitch of 0.325 inches and a gauge of 0.63 inches. The steel it is made from is welded in several spots to make it more durable and stable. Additionally, star-shaped sprocket is a unique feature that sets it apart from other products. These difference are what makes the STIHL Rollomatic E laminated chainsaw bar one of the best chainsaw bars.

The only downside is the laminated build, which might lack in terms of durability and resistance, which is crucial when dealing with dangerous tools such as chainsaw where safety is a priority.

Finally, this product was designed with occasional users dealing with light jobs in mind. For them, this is the best chainsaw bar because it gives good quality for its low price.

What we like about it

What caught our attention is the product’s quality for the affordable price point as it makes a solid option for beginner users who don’t have frequent jobs or professionals who need a bar that is somewhat disposable for risky jobs.

#5 – Husqvarna 531300440 Chainsaw Bar

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If you’re looking for more length out of your chainsaw bar, then look no further than this product from Husqvarna, as what makes it one of the best chainsaw bars around is the phenomenal 20-inch length. The only thing is that it only works with chainsaws of the same brand.

Moreover, it has a pitch of 3/8 inches, a gauge of 0.5 inches and 72 drive links. The durability of this chainsaw bar lives up to the name of the brand, and the high performance offered is not at the expense of kickback as it is on the low side. Additionally, it has a robust build and is coated for extra protection.

If you have a Husqvarna chainsaw and are looking for a replacement bar, then this one is for you as it is the best first-party product for this brand both for its price and the quality it offers.

What we like about it

What makes this product one of the best chainsaw bars in our opinion is that it is the best choice for Husqvarna chainsaw wielders, as it provides a noticeable boost in every category for an attractive price.

Choosing the Best Chainsaw Bar – Buying Guide

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How We Chose the Best Chainsaw Bars on Our List

There are certain distinct features to check out and base our choice on. First of all, we took a look at the brands as they convey a good idea about the quality, even though they aren’t the end of it all.

Next, after we filtered out most brands and only left the few that we could trust the most, we check out the price and the quality, assessing the ratio between them and if a certain product is worth the investment. The best chainsaw bar has to have the best ratio among competitors.

The build material is of particular importance when dealing with chainsaw bars as this tool is going to be put through a lot of pressure in the work environment, and it has to withstand the abuse. That’s why high-grade steel will cost higher than laminated variants, and the price gap should reflect the difference in quality.

Now the next big move is to check how intuitive the chainsaw bar is to install and use since you don’t have something that is beyond your level of experience as it might be dangerous. That’s why you should read the manuals and ensure it is adequate for you.

Finally, we only need to see if there are extra security measures as they sometimes mean the difference between an even cut and a harmful one, and the best chainsaw bar shouldn’t lack in this regard.

Types of Chainsaw Bars

First and foremost, check the tool you are using which will inform you on whether you need third-party replacements or the OEM replacement bar that your saw’s manufacturer makes. In both cases, you should only buy gear that fits properly, since otherwise it is perilous, and the best chainsaw bar will fit just right.

Two important decision features are the gauge and pitch of the chain. The gauge of the chain is the thickness of its links, and this needs to match with the gauge of the bar; otherwise, it won’t fit properly. Each gear has its own parameter so check meticulously. On the other hand, the chain pitch is how much space there is between the drive links. Generally, it’s either 72 or 78 links, and it differs between each product.

After you have verified all of this, it comes time to check the cutting lengths. This depends on whether you need a length of 16, 20 or 24 inches. Now you should consider how comfortable it is to use and whether the add-on will make the chainsaw too heavy to use, this depends on personal preference.

Finally, the last things to check out are the price and the build quality, and any extra options like security measures.

What Chainsaw Bar Is Right For You? | Wranglerstar

Safety Features You Should Look for

As much as they are useful and widely used today, chainsaws pose a real danger to users, and that’s why safety is a priority. This depends on the proficiency of the user as well as the quality of its parts. You shouldn’t encounter any problems as long as you comply with the appropriate measures. If the quality is lacking, however, you might be exposed to danger.

The best chainsaw bar must have low kickback since it helps to avoid accidents. Other options, such as attachments and lubrication, are also welcome. In the end, you should be fine if you choose a product that comes with these features.

Picking the Best Chainsaw Bar – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar?

To know the length of a chainsaw chain, you’ll always need the measurement of the saw bar. You always need the bar measurement as a reference.

Some manufacturers provide you with extra replacement chains that are, sometimes, made up with reference to the bar’s measurement only. While this may be sufficient, it’s not totally precise and accurate. There are two other measurement techniques that allow you to achieve further accurate results when choosing the chain that is most suitable for your saw.

Step 1

Determine the distance from atop the chainsaw bar to the point where the bar first emerges from the saw’s casing. The result would appear on a tape measure, which indicates the bar measurement. Usually, bar measurements are either 16, 18, or 20 inches. If you feel that the results are wrong or slightly inaccurate, you’ll need to get the measurement moved round the closest even number.

Step 2

Next, the chain should be stretched on a flat surface. You have to focus on the chain’s drive links- also called lugs. These links, or lugs, extend right from the underside of the chain. They are meant to provide the chain with power by seizing the drive cog. What you need to do is counting the number of drive links on the chain.

Step 3

The next step you need to do is figuring out the pitch of the chain. To do so, you need to get the exact measurement of the distance separating all 3 consecutive rivets that unite the chain assembly and maintain it together. The measurement should be done from the center of the first rivet to that of the third. The rivets are placed in between the drive links and the cutters; the cutting teeth are placed atop the chain. To determine the pitch, you need to divide the measurement by two. The pitch, along with the number of the drive links, indicates the chain’s length that would help you when choosing substitute chains.

Step 4
Check the results of both, the number of the drive links, and the final results of the pitch numbers. What you need to do when changing the chain is to calculate the total of those results.


Choosing an inappropriate chain for your machine may have hazardous effects on your chainsaw, consequently damaging it. If you’re not pretty confident in the results you get, you’d rather resort to the help of an expert.

Always have a look at the manual of your machine before buying any replacement chain, to know better of which chain better suits the chainsaw.

When it comes to ensuring your safety, you need to carefully read and perfectly grasp all the safety warnings written down the chainsaw’s manual. Make sure to do this before using any power tool and even your chainsaw. Also, it’s a must that you remove the spark plug or the battery before you start changing the chain. This way, you’d be able to prevent a potential surprising start.

How Do I Measure It to Get the Appropriate Length?

This is an essential question as the best chainsaw bar for you must verify this criterion because you have to be sure that the product you’re buying is the right size that fits your unit and the jobs you are going to use it in.

The process of measuring a chainsaw bar is as follows: you simply take a measuring tape and calculate the distance from the place where the bar starts to be visible through the casing of the saw to the bar’s tip, rounding it to the nearest integer. And there you go, now you have the correct length of your bar.


Due to the number of products available on the market and the variety of models and types that attempt to fulfill different needs, choosing the best chainsaw bar can be a tough task that deserves giving it a really good thought. Choose poorly, and you might end up with a bar that isn’t working, isn’t fitting or even might cause harm.

The same applies to any chainsaw accessory, be it a chainsaw mill or chainsaw chaps, so make sure to follow common sense when looking for new attachments and parts.


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