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When it comes to nightlife, parties useless without music and entertainment. Disco balls are essential components of a party. If you want an exciting night, invite friends to your party, or have a special engagement or wedding ceremony, the best disco ball can change the ambiance of the room excellently.

Disco balls contain a series of mirrors, which are wrapped around a cube or sphere. They are thus the most important equipment for any type of entertainment event. There are many products available on the market and it is not always easy to choose the one that could charm your party or wedding ceremony.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the best disco balls. We have made our research, bought a few items, and tested them in different events. We know how to choose them and we will tell you some important factors that you must consider before choosing an appropriate product for your party. Read on!

Quick Picks

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Top Disco Ball Product Reviews

Along with music, a disco ball can make your party boom and allow your guests to enjoy the different kinds of illumination. Not only does it keep people on the edge of their seats while listening to music – but it is also an aesthetic accessory that can make your party full of entertainment and enjoyment. Here are the top picks!

#1 – Rhode Island Disco Mirror Ball – Best Pick for Living Room Parties

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Do you want to enjoy a musical party with your family and friends? If yes, then this is the right product for you – especially if you want something unique and sophisticated. This disco ball is a great item, which will take you and your family members back in classic times.

It is a disco music lighting ball – allowing you to enjoy the reflecting colors of light in your living room along with loud music. This disco ball uses a lot of mirrors that match your interior décor. The mirrors are attached to the off-white surface.

This disco-ball is 8-inches in size and is an additional accessory for you and your family – especially when you want to add uniqueness to your living room parties. It is not the biggest party accessory – but when it comes to entertainment and fun, it is second to none.

So much so, this disco ball has an adjustable ring located at the top allowing you to hang it anywhere you like in your living room. It is always good to go a bit right out of the box. Looking to change your room? Do you want to light up the backyard? Then, this is your go-to product. Not only is this product fit for your living room but also your outdoor patio.


  • Suitable for any room
  • Attractive and well-designed
  • Stylish and compact
  • Affordable


  • Not for big parties

#2 – Yescom Mirror Glass Ball for Disco – Ideal Disco Ball for Big Home Parties

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Yescom Mirror Glass Ball is great for both indoor and outdoor home parties. This product, in particular, is designed specifically for big home parties. This is why the size of this disco ball is 12 inches. You can hang the disco ball easily and use it immediately.

There is no need for staying tuned. This is classic disco balls, which come with a twist. Also, you can buy this product in a bundle, which means you can have a lighting fixture to illuminate your big parties and allows people to relish the charm and style.

This is one of the best disco balls available on the market and comes with a ring, which makes it easy for everyone to hang it easily about everywhere. It is a lightweight product so there is no need to worry about pulling it down on the ceiling. You can hang it up easily and once done, you are good to enjoy your illuminated room reflected with different color lights.

There are many mirrors in these balls, which make it a great ball to light up your indoor and outdoor party settings. Not only does it allow you to spin it but it also rotates in different directions. You can also fix it in one direction. With this ball installed in your room, it will take back to the era of early 60s and 70s – a real retro touch to your party.


  • High-quality material
  • Easy Hanging
  • Classic Retro style
  • Quality Glass mirrors
  • Great reflections


  • Not suitable for concerts

#3 – Eliminator Lighting Mirror Ball – Plug and Play Application for your party

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It is a big investment to get a large disco ball. The Eliminator Lighting Mirror Disco Ball is designed for all sorts of events. The plug and play operation of this disco ball makes it a special product for anyone looking to have a fun-full and entertaining party at home or in the night club.

This product set tone incredibly for an unforgettable night where all people have a blast to enjoy the party. The product, in particular, is a sophisticated choice for party lovers looking to recall the retro style party.

There are hundreds of small square mirrors, which can decorate the disco ball exterior. This disco ball allows the user to reflect light in random directions because it has a great spinning feature. You can also set it in one place, which is a great utility when it comes to setting it for the stage.

Also, the design of this ball is simple, which means it lasts for a few years and there is no need for replacement. This enables you to enjoy great lighting throughout the party with loud music and some dancing.

Many users think that this is not just a disco ball – but an important accessory to light up their party rooms. If you are looking to have a classic party, this product will do the job perfectly with some extra lights coupled with loud music speakers. This is a standard-size 12 inches disco ball available at the most competitive price. Thus, it provides great value for money.


  • 12 inches, standard size
  • High-quality glass mirrors
  • Hundreds of mirrors
  • Affordable
  • Plug and Play


  • Not versatile

#4 – DJ light Sound Activated Disco Ball – An Ideal Modern Party Touch

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The DJ Light Disco Ball is another incredible product on our list of the best disco balls. Unlike other disco balls, it has a variety of features and functions. For instance, you can adjust the angle easily with locking knobs. This is a great feature when it comes to lighting direction perfectly. The interesting thing is that this disco ball can twist and lock in a few seconds.

The DJ Light Disco Ball has wide glass polygons, which project big lights and delivers a much brighter effect. It can easily be plugged just about anywhere due to the long plug-in cord. Not only is it compact but also made of high-quality glass. You can store it easily in a store or even use it crowded spaces due to its compact size.

Moreover, this is not a hanging disco ball. Using the handle, you can light it up easily or use the handle as a stand – allowing you to set the accessory virtually anywhere. So, if you are looking for something modern rather than a retro style, you must go for this product.


  • Wide illumination
  • Different lights
  • Affordable


  • None

#5 – Spriak 7-Color LED Disco Ball Lamp – Best Remote Control Disco Ball

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Spriak 7 Color Disco Ball is a friendly choice when it comes to quality and price. The most interesting feature of this product is the remote control, which allows it to turn on/off and change the lights colors as well as adjust the music and control many other features.

This is a high-quality product and has 7 colors that will illuminate your room and create a great atmosphere with sparkling lights. Unlike other products, the remote feature is what makes it a unique product. The lights can reach further as compared to other disco balls listed in this article. You can illuminate the entire room with a click of a button on the remote.

It has never been easier before to adjust the angle of a disco ball with Spriak 7-color disco ball. Thus, this gives you a wide range of lighting combinations. Overall, this product is best for all sorts of events including a home party, a commercial party, musical concerts, and even for your wedding ceremony. So, this is a top-quality disco ball available at the most affordable prices.


  • Remote Control
  • Long Plug-in cord
  • High-quality mirrors
  • Budget-friendly


  • None

#6 – ADJ Products M-800 Disco Mirror Ball – Professional Grade quality Disco Ball

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The ADJ M-800 Disco Ball is a classic addition that can make your party illuminate with sparkling lights. Coupled with loud music, there is no other product to enjoy a party.

There are dozens of small square mirrors, which reflect light in many directions. The random directions in which it throws lights create a charming atmosphere in the room. A single disco ball is not enough some times.

For example, if you have a big backyard or venue, you can get this different size disco ball like the ADJ, which is available in different sizes such as 8 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches. Likewise, the 8 inches ADJ model is great for small rooms and home parties.

Not only is this an affordable product but it is also useful and timeless for many situations. This product, in particular, comes with durable tape, which allows you to stick it about everywhere.


  • Different sizes
  • Perfect for parties
  • Hundreds of mirrors
  • Affordable


  • None

Buying Guide

Using this guide, there is no need for looking anywhere else for the best disco balls. There are a few factors to consider while choosing the right product. So, let us tell you how to choose the best products. Continue reading!


The choice of a disco ball depends on the use you will give it. For instance, if you want a disco ball for your living room parties, it is important to go for a small-size disco ball with a few lights. If you are running a night club, you need to choose a complex disco ball or a system with a wide range of color options and hundreds of mirrors.

If you are looking for a classic party, then a spherical white-color ball would be a good idea. It contains hundreds of tiny square mirrors, which can reflect light in a different direction. On the other hand, if you are into a modern party, you need to look for a plug and play product with a remote control to light up space instantly.


Most disco balls are made of Styrofoam material and the sphere has many tiny mirrors. You have to look for the glass material, which is prone to breaking. Make sure you choose a product that is made of solid glass material so that the disco ball lasts for a longer period. Only then, it can provide a better value for your money.


Some disco balls come with limited color choices. Others come with a wide range of colors. So, it depends on your personal preferences. Also, we recommend you choose a product that offers a wide range of colors so that you have multiple reflected lights to illuminate your living room or outdoor space. This will create a real charm for your party.


There is a wide range of products available on the market. However, choosing a quality product will cost you a bit more. There are also cheaper products – but they won’t last long due to lower-quality material and the number of limited lights.

Some high-end products come with a special remote control accessory, which allows you to control the on/off feature, the direction of the lights, and the level of illumination. So, again, we recommend you to choose a disco ball that comes within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How big is a disco ball?

Disco balls come in different sizes and weights from 6 inches up to 16 inches. There are also customize even bigger disco balls.

How much does a disco ball cost?

The price of the disco ball depends on the quality of the material, the number of mirrors, the light options, hanging accessories, and remote control. If you choose a high-quality brand, it will cost you more.

What does a disco ball do?

Disco balls are spherical objects, which reflect light in different directions. They are an added accessory for parties, nightlife, and wedding ceremonies. They come in different sizes and shapes.

How do you spin a disco ball?

Some disco balls are hanged with the ceiling, which allows them to spin by themselves. Others have remote controls that can be used to set the direction of spinning or rotation. The one that comes with remote control is a bit pricey than the retro-style disco ball.


Everyone loves to do parties, enjoy loud music, and meet their friends to have some fun time. Although music is the most important aspect of a party, wedding, engagement, and nightlife, without a disco ball, the party won’t be so much fun. Disco balls are thrilling and create a great atmosphere.

There are many products you can find in both physical stores and online shops. However, choosing the best disco balls is not an easy task because there are a few factors you need to consider. We have already told you about them. We have also reviewed the best products. Make sure you choose a disco ball that goes in line with your party or the event you are hosting. Good Luck!


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