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Is more work piling up? Do you have to put in extra hours of work to submit an assignment? Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours at a tedious stretch doesn’t seem like a good idea then, right?

Prolonged working hours sitting on uncomfortable office chairs and a sedentary lifestyle are responsible for people with lower-back problems. What if you could sit in a chair that could make you feel like you were on vacation?Known as a reclining office chair, these offer a retirement-long solution to your lower-back problem.

A reclining office chair lies between the comfort of a sofa and the stance of a chair. Just that, it is much more comfortable than sitting on an ordinary office chair. Yes, office furniture has been seen to have a significant impact on employees’ moods. In fact, several studies point out that more comfort leads to increased productivity for employees.

Since most hours of your life you spend in your office, you must very well spend it on a reclining office chair. That way, your lower back will be safe, you can take breaks while you work, also, fall for cat-naps (that otherwise help in clear thinking and decision-making).

In case you are planning to hunt for a reclining office chair for your workplace, here’s a list of things that you must look for before buying one:   

Something that nobody at workplaces should compromise with is comfort. A reclining office chair is a good buy, in case you love to work with peace in your mind and calmness in your body. Most reclining office chairs come with buttons. Buttons that can help you massage your body parts if they are sore and tired. People with lower-back or muscle problem, both can benefit from a reclining office chair at office hours.

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The Best reclining office chairs for 2023

Reclining office chair comes under simple and basic office furniture that helps you accommodate all your comfort needs. You need not worry about breaking your back or straining your neck with all your official deadlines. Here are some of the best Reclining office chairs in2023, which will be perfect for your office.

1. Duramont Reclining Office Chair

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With strong solid construction and the ease of the moveable wheels, this Duramont reclining office chair is here to steal your attention. With maximum lower back support for your comfort and convenience, the executive chair has a high back, thick seat cushion, ergonomic adjustable seat height, and back recline. It will suit your desk and task table with ease.

Sit at ease – the reclining chair can carry weight up to 250 pounds and recline up to a degree angle of 155 from 90. The chair is made up of synthetic leather fiber to give it enough elegance and style of your office. When you want to take a nap amidst busy schedules, you can pull out and flip over the footrest of the reclining chair.

Worth Mentioning

More comfortable than a gaming chair: The wider and expansive sitting posture and soft cushioning make this chair the most comfortable. It helps you beat work stress like a pro!

Great for napping: Even people over 6-feet can easily fit and enjoy a nap on the chair. Of course, you might have to keep an eye for your boss!

The Good
  • Easy to assemble
  • Product of high-quality
  • An added benefit of footrest
  • Vouches for comfort
Not So Good
  • Leg-stand may become unusable, according to some reports
  • Some say that it has a stiff cushion seat – though others love it

2. Hbada Reclining Office Chair

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This Hbada reclining office chair will live up to your expectations. The synchronized tilt increases the distance between your torso and thighs. This increased distance will let you get all the comfort you priorly expected from a recliner. It also consists of a tilt lock function to help you stay in the position you feel most comfortable in.

The meshwork over its seat is breathable and contemporary ergonomic. It has armrests, footrest, and adjustable seat.  It will perfectly suit someone who has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. The steel framework is durable and has silenced wheels that allow quick movement with the utmost ease. It can support weight up to 250 pounds.

Worth Mentioning

Never break a sweat: The mesh design of the chair provides enough ventilation to keep you cool. You can work in those summer months without getting a sweaty back.

Control your comfort: The multiple adjustable life, tilt, height, and locking positions offer increased flexibility. You can get your desired comfort level just by adjusting a feature.

The Good
  • Easy to install, within minutes
  • Will release lower-back fatigue
  • Backrest fits the back curve, helping get extended comfort
  • Adjustable headrest
Not So Good
  • Be careful while reclining
  • Chair is shaky
  • May not have a ‘lock position’
  • The tilt lever is too short.

3. Merax Portland Reclining Officer Chair

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The reclining office chair has a double-layered leather with a classic tufted design to make you go all crazy over it. It works best if you are a frequent computer operator and have a sedentary lifestyle. The seat has enough cushion to support your upper body up to the head and shoulders.

It has a rock-back tilt mechanism so you can tilt and lift forcustomized positioning of your body, with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The seat work is made up of heavy-duty nylon and has five swivel casters too. The nylon casters leave no marks or scratches. Best suited for tall individuals. The cushion is quite breathable as compared to other black-colored leather chairs.

Worth Mentioning

Optimum support: The chair provides exemplary support to eliminate risks of back pain that result from a sedentary lifestyle. It always helps you maintain an ideal posture.

Easy installation: You get all the instructions and tools to assemble your chair in minutes. Everything is neatly labeled too so that you know where things fit.

The Good
  • Lock-tilt feature
  • Intuitive to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Pretty clean and stylish look
Not So Good
  • Quality may differ
  • The chair could be shaky

4. Respawn 110 Reclining Office Chair

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This reclining office chair is one of the best chairs for both office work and gaming fun. It comes in solid grey and black or black and red. It offers luxury and comfort for playing intense games, and for those of you who have a long working day at hand. It has an extendable footrest to adjust position as and however, you want. You can find an optimum position of up to 155 degrees.

With infinite locking positions, what more could you have asked for? The armrests are soft and padded so, they will not cause roughness or dryness to your elbow skin. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 275 pounds.You just need to sit back and relax and enjoy your work or your game!

The only thing you wouldn’t like? There is no spring to the backrest.

Worth Mentioning

Great for bulky people: The chair is nicely built to support heavy weights. The materials are quite durable, and you have a comfortable back padding.

Efficient customer support: In case you receive a faulty item, the customer support quickly sends a replacement. They are always quick to respond to queries and offer instant assistance. 

The Good
  • Up to 20 minutes to assemble this beauty
  • Sturdy built-up
  • Affordable
  • Has a stylish gaming look
Not So Good
  • Armrest may wobble
  • Seat cushion may be hard

5. SwivelReclining Office Chair

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With this Reclining office chair, you get a detached footrest. This footrest has the same matching fabric and design material, and metal frame as the chair. The benefit of this detached footrest is, your height does not matter while you sit on the chair. It can carry weight up to 250 pounds. It comes with a 360-degree swivel, thus giving it a versatile range of movement. The fabric used to make the seat cushion is faux leather.

You can use this chair for your office as well as for your home. It comes with an instruction manual,with easy to understand steps. Avid gamers can benefit from this reclining chair with a detached footrest. It comes in a steel grey color to match the professional look at your office.

Worth Mentioning

Chic and refined: The elegant faux leather and stylish cuts make the chair the centerpiece of your office. You can put on a style of sophistication and woo your clients successfully!

Luxurious like a sofa: Pamper yourself in the unmatched comfort of that this chair brings about. You might even feel too comfortable to work at times!

The Good
  • Assemble the chair within minutes
  • Comfortable couch-like feeling
  • Affordable rate
  • Detached footrest, so it suits everybody
Not So Good
  • Check for the design if it’s faulty
  • May cave back in a little with time

6. ReficcerReclining Office Chair

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The reclining office chair has a tall executive design to offer boundless comfort to the person sitting on it. The seat has soft and thick padding. The edge of the seat has a waterfall pattern so that you experience little pressure on the back of your knees. You can sit on this chair for hours at a stretch without any worry of soreness.

The adjustable tilt angle makes forthe natural rocking of the chair. It can carry weight up to 400 pounds. Best suited for tall and hefty individuals as it has a high back and a large seat. It has a heavy-duty metal base as a support system. The cushion is made up of high-quality leather,offering an elegant and stylish look. You can use this recliner for office purposes or even at home, should you want to have a cat nap.

Worth Mentioning

Ample space: The chair offers ample space to fit yourself and even move around! You will never feel restricted, no matter how limited your office space is.

Cozy leather: The soft, cozy leather is too much to resist a nap! You will always feel like a king sitting on this chair.

The Good
  • Ergonomic design for lumbar support
  • Has a high back
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • High-quality material
Not So Good
  • May not be able to carry much weight
  • Not suited for short people
  • Check for the leather quality
  • May lack thick padding at the base

7. KILLABEE Reclining Office Chair

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TheKillabee office reclining chair has an in-built electric massage system.  The massage system will take away your body’s soreness and fatigue – and you can tinker around with the locking angle – which can go up to 155 degrees. While not ideal for tall people, the retractable footrest and adjustable armrestdoes offer more flexibility rotating a good 360 degree.

The fabric used to make the seat cushion is of premium quality leather and has memory foam padding. It has an adjustable massage system for the lumbar (lower) portion of your back. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds. The metal frame is quite sturdy and has smooth-rolling castors. 

There isan extra higher backrest to protect your neck and spinal cord. It provides comfortable cushioning when you sit on it. It is best suited for office-goers who have to sit on a chair for long hours.

Also, suited for those of you who love a good racing game over the personal computer. It comes in a grey color to suit your office environment. It comes with an adjustable headrest pillow if you want to rest your head while you work or play games.

Worth Mentioning

Extendable for extra comfort: The chair extends out with the footrest to almost form a bed. The chair is really a lot relaxing thanks to its thoughtful design.

No fatigue: You can sit and work on this chair for hours without feeling fatigued. The inbuilt massagers also do a good job to keep stress at bay.

The Good
  • In-built massage facility
  • Adjustable massage lumbar cushion
  • Retractable footrest
  • Suited for gaming and office work
Not So Good
  • May be difficult to assemble
  • Footrest may wobble

8. Flash Furniture Reclining Chair

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The Flash Furniture reclining officer chair comes in four different colors to match your office or house. The four different colors being- royal brown, posh black, milky beige, and vintage brown. These colors can match your office furniture or your home furniture easily. It comes with a detached footrest so that you can ease your sore legs after a hard day at work. It is quite easy to assemble.

The reclining chair has thick padded armrest. It has an adjustable lever with infinite adjustments to give you maximum comfort. Plus, this reclining chair sportsa ball-bearing swiveling base. This swiveling base makes moving the chair effortlessly.

Add a unique touch to your house or office furniture. Be it the durable leather upholstery or easy cleaning; there is a lot to love here. You can enjoy reading a book, have a cat nap, watch a good movie, or just have your ‘me-time’ sitting on this recliner.

Worth Mentioning

Luxurious: The getup of the chair is as luxurious as ever. The comfort level, too, is at par with the looks. The chair even comes with a Mahogany wood base for extra refinement.

Value for money: You get a lot more than you pay for Flash Furniture office chair. Quality, comfort, durability – the list is almost endless!

The Good
  • Light-weight
  • Well-built make up
  • Affordable to the wallet
  • Quite easy to assemble its parts
Not So Good
  • Padding for the seat may not be enough

How do I Buy the Best Reclining Office Chair?

Here’s a questionnaire that will help you buy the right kind of reclining office chair you need:

Does it have an inbuilt massage system?

Something you wouldn’t trade for anything else is a massage on your office chair. This type of a reclining office chair is here to woo you over and give immense comfort and rejuvenation to your sore muscles and tired lower back. Look for an in-built massage system in your reclining office chair, so that it’s worth the pay.

Does it have a soft upholstery and sturdy hardware?

Reclining office chairs must come with a soft shell and hardcore. The outer part where you sit must feel soft to give you the kind of relaxation you need during strenuous working atmospheres. And, the inner part where you need to change positions and make yourself even more comfortable, should be sturdy enough to handle all the changes you need.

Does it have lumbar support, armrest, headrest, and a footrest too?

It’s easy to develop musculoskeletal symptoms at the workplace, and you often need the proper chair intervention, or so a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health suggests.

A reclining office chair ought to have lumbar support so that it doesn’t add grievance to your already sore lower back. There is a headrest, so you can enjoy a short nap before your crucial meeting with the clients. Add to that an armrest, and you can rest your elbows. A footrest, so your feet don’t hang in the air or touch the cold office floor. All these features must be easily modifiable based upon every person’s needs and requirements.

How tough is the makeup of the chair?

A reclining office chair must come with a strong metal frame to bear the weight of the person sitting on it. It must have a good skeleton to help it last longer. It must have a hard metal body and thick spongy cushioning. It must also be able to bear the massages given to a person in case it has a built-in massage system installed.

How tough are the tires of the chair?

What’ the one thing we never give a thought to when choosing a reclining office chair? It’s the tires. It’s what does all the moving around. The tires of a reclining chair must be able to bear the heavy metal frame and also the person’s weight sitting on it. They should also help in moving the chair around with ease. The rolling wheels must have a rock-solid construction with enough friction.

How is the fabric of the chair?

One thing we all look for is a premium quality product. And, we want that to happen with our reclining office chair too. It must have premium grade leather makeup. The fabric of the chair is what’s going to be its selling factor. It must come in different colors to suit the professional office look. If possible,look for nylon rolling casters.

Buy the Reclining Office Chair You Need

When it comes to reclining office chairs, these offer a tremendous amount of comfort to the office-goers. Check how easy it is to set up the recliner and how heavy it is. For added comfort, you may want one with an in-built massager – so that you could take a nap even while working. Should you choose one of these recliners above, we are sure you will be able to work more efficiently.

Yes, work will not seem ‘work’ anymore. It’s time to love what you do – and it may all start with an excellent reclining office chair!


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