Best Standing Desk Chair for 2023

Many companies buy uncomfortable chairs so that their employees can avoid sitting more and concentrate more on work. In our opinion, this is highly unethical and against work ethics and employee rights. In the long run, not sitting properly on the chair can lead to stress of the spinal area, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

It is not good to work all day long while standing. Also, it is an absolutely awkward idea to invest in chairs that do not provide comfort at all to our spinal area. So, what to do? Well, if you are worried about this issue, then don’t worry because we have got your back covered.

In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best standing desk chair that will allow you to maintain an accurate posture in the office – especially during the heavy work hours. You can buy one of them and avoid your back or spinal issues.

Now, we are going to talk about the best standing desk chairs. Continue reading!

Best Standing Desk Chairs Top List

1. Office-Star Pneumatic Office Chair

Office-Star Pneumatic Office Chair
  • Features one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment and a sculptured foam seat and back that allows you to sit...
  • Height adjustable foot ring enhances your posture, while heavy duty nylon base with dual wheel carpet casters allow you...
  • Approved for commercial use

On top of our list is the “Office Star Pneumatic Drafting Office Chair.” It has a thick vinyl seat and the best thing about this standing chair is that it can glide across the floor conveniently.

The best features of the standing desk chair are thick padded seat, black vinyl seat, teardrop footrest, as well as the height adjustment range is between 26 and 36 inches. It also has a chrome base and dual wheel carpet casters.

This product is very easy to assemble and the footrest will give your chair an edgy look. The quality of this sanding chair is quite decent and we absolutely love its overall comfort. The product is likewise long-lasting and if you can maintain it properly, it will last up to many years. So much so, the seat’s quality is superior in nature.

2. Boss Office B16245-BK Stool

Boss Office B16245-BK Stool
  • Upholstered in durable beige (bg) or black (bk) caressoft for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable seat height with a 6-inch vertical height range
  • Dual wheel casters

Boss Office standing desk chair is a cool addition – especially when you are looking to buy a chair for your office or home. This chair is also very smart and stylish in design. It looks compact and if you are looking at something that follows the minimalistic approach, this chair will be a very stylish product to put up.

More interestingly, you can also replace the chair’s chrome foot ring, which is pretty cool. This product is best for your home, office, and chamber. The best features of this product are chrome base, full swivel, durable dual-caster wheels, one-touch smooth lever, removable foot ring, 3-inch well-cushioned seat, different color options as well as the adjustable height of the seat and backrest.

The chair also has good cushions and therefore we can say that it is a good value for your money. Boss Office is of superior quality than many other products in the same category. The chair is also very comfortable even you sit on it for a long time. You can assemble the chair easily because the instructions for the assembly that comes with the product are very clear.

Moreover, you can also keep the foot-ring away – in case you are tall and feel uncomfortable. Similarly, there are no locks in the wheels of the chair. Therefore, you should be very careful because you may slide away while sitting on the chair.

3. Office Star Deluxe Chair

Office Star Deluxe Chair
  • This sleek drafting chair is all the rave - It is fashioned with a deluxe mesh back for breathability and a height...
  • It features built-in lumbar support and thick padded seat, along with a heavy duty nylon base with dual wheel carpet...
  • One touch pneumatic seat height adjustment and back height adjustment

If you are looking for an affordable chair, you need “Office Star Deluxe Chair.” You can also use this chair in your home’s mini bar as well as in your kitchen. You can keep this standing desk chair as decoration at your home. This chair also has decent lumbar support along with a thick padded seat. This makes it extremely comfortable.

When it comes to the features of the product, the chair has a heavy-duty nylon base, one-touch seat adjustment – especially if you want to adjust the height, dual-wheel carpet caster, an adjustable footrest, durable mesh back, and high-quality lumbar support.

Moreover, the back of this chair has incredibly good support. The chair is strong – nonetheless, if you put too much weight or pressure on it, then, it might not be able to tolerate the pressure and keep the balance. So, we can say that this product is suitable only for moderately heavy individuals.

4. Boss Office Standing Desk Stool

Boss Office Standing Desk Stool
  • [Ergonomic] Ergonomic design emulates the natural shape of the spine to increase comfort and productivity. The gas lift...
  • [Adjustable Height] Adjustable seat height with a 4" vertical height range; Seat dimensions: 17.5"W x 16.5"D x...
  • [Stable Base & 360° Swivel] Dual wheel casters and 5-star nylon base allow for easy movement; Attractive chrome...

This is an amazing drafting stool, which has incredible back support because it has features like back angle lock, which locks your back throughout the angle range. In addition, the tilt lock allows you to lock throughout the tilt range.

Some of the most amazing features of this product are seat lift adjustment, loop arms, wheel casters, as well as 20-inch chrome footing – all these features make this product stand out among the competition.

Other amazing features of this standing desk chair include back tilt lock, stunning black upholstery, strong nylon base, seat tilt lock, adjustable seat height, and chrome base. It is important to know that this chair is not suitable for desks that are 36 inches in height.

So much so, the metal bracket, which holds the back cushion is also not durable enough. Moreover, this product comes with tags, which help you understand the suitable height position. These tags are actually ripped away tags. So, rather than having a regular chair, this sanding desk chair is very comfortable is indeed a great purchase at the price range.

5. Safco 3395BL Mesh Chair

Safco 3395BL Mesh Chair
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE. Pneumatic lever under seat provides easy height adjustment from 22" to 32" for a comfortable,...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN. Waterfall seat edge and adjustable footring may help improve circulation by reducing pressure points...
  • 5-STAR BASE. Black powder coat finish on the 5-star base helps resist chipping and scratching for an extended...

If you are looking for something that has a sleek design and that suits incredibly well in different spaces including clinics, offices, and laboratories, then there is no better product than Safco Mesh Chair. If you are working long hours and want some comfort all day long, it is better to invest in a product like Safco Mesh Chair.

It has a breathable mesh back as well the height adjustment of the seat along with footrest makes sure a pleasant and healthy experience. The product likewise has 360-degree swivel, which is a great feature and can’t be found in many other products in the same category.

This chair has a thick black vinyl seat, 360-degree swivel – i.e. smooth and strong, polished chrome base, excellent teardrop footrest, and dual-wheel glides and casters.

Furthermore, you can extend the height of the chair to 36 inches and this is why this product stands out among its competition. Likewise, the seat cushion is strong and firm, which protects your back from getting tired even when you sit on it for longer.


There are many standing desk chair products available on the market. However, not all of them work the best and/or according to your specific needs. There are many advantages to standing desk chairs.

At the same time, there are some negatives or disadvantages to these chairs. So, it is always advisable to choose a product that has minimum disadvantages and maximum advantages. In this article, we have told you about the best standing desk chairs. Make sure you choose the one that fulfills your specific requirements. Good Luck!

How To Buy The Best Standing Desk Chair?

You need to bear in mind that in the case of a standing desk, it must always be on the elbow level. When the standing desk is on the level of the elbow, your computer or laptop screen will be on your eye level. This way, your eyes won’t be strained and/or you won’t tilt your head up and down.

In addition, a high chair allows a person to sit properly – especially after you get tired standing and working at the office. Therefore, when you use a high office chair, it is very useful when you don’t move most often. Some models of high desk chairs are designed specifically to use as a proper chair. However, in other instances, these chairs can also be used in the kitchen and bars as well.

There are a few things to consider before you opt to buy a standing desk chair. You should always look for outstanding lumbar support, which is primarily the main thing that the best high chair offers. You must also look for an adjustable backrest of the chair. It should likewise be flexible tilt in both ways.

A standing desk chair can or cannot have wheels. It is important that you stay away from old products because it is quite difficult to assemble it. You need to be careful about the product’s assembly and sort the parts out. At the same time, you should also be careful about the height of the chair as well as the way you work on a computer monitor or a laptop while sitting on a standing desk chair.

When you tend to buy a standing desk chair, you can’t say there is only one type of chair available on the market. Again, the main thing you should look for in the comfort of the chair, which is likewise a driving factor. The following are the factors you need to consider while buying the best standing desk chair.

1.   Height

The height of the seat is an important factor. You need to ensure that it is adjustable enough. As far as normal chairs are concerned, the distance between the seat and the floor should be between 16 and 21 inches. This would be comfortable for many people with normal heights. This way, a person can place his or her feet flat on the floor.

2.   Depth and Width

The seat of the chair must be wide enough along with deep padding so that you can sit properly and comfortably on it. You should know that 17-20 inches are the standard width of the desk chair. This allows you to sit on the chair comfortably and restfully on a cushioned spot while keeping your back or spine straight.

3.   The Backrest

An optimal desk chair should have a curved backrest. It should support your spine’s natural bend. The backrest must have an adjustable height as well as reclining technique, which will help in the health and wellbeing of the spine. You must also take into consideration the recliner lock’s safety that will aid in easing the tension. This is particularly helpful when you move back and forth.

4.   Armrest

Although the height and backrest of the chair are important factors, another one that you must consider is the armrests. They must also be very adjustable in nature. In addition, the armrest must also be padded well so that when you use the chair sits, your hands remain in a parallel position and your forearm including your elbows and palms can rest nicely.

Advantages of The Standing Desk Chair

You have come to know about the factors that you will need to take into account when buying the best standing desk chair. Also, before buying the standing desk chair, you should know the advantages and effectiveness of standing desk chairs.

The standing desk chairs are capable of reducing overall body pain or ache. Particularly, when you use a tall standing desk chair, you will slouch less. In addition, a standing desk chair is used mostly in workstations and offices where there are fixed and high tables that require the individual to stand and work.

A standing desk chair won’t only help you decrease the overall pain in the body, but it will also keep your shoulders and hands in a straight position. A standing desk chair will likewise prompt the individual to take frequent walks and allow him to remain active while working on your office desk.

Disadvantages of Standing Desk Chairs

Although the advantages are pretty cool and brilliant, the standing chair also has many disadvantages. For example, the standing chair can’t support a heavyweight and if you are a heavy person, then, you might have a problem sitting on a high standing desk chair in your office.

A standing desk chair likewise does not have a proper lumbar support as well as lack a wider backrest. Most models have reclining backrests – however, the lumbar support system is always compromised.

Most designers and manufacturers tend to craft the chairs in such a way that they minimize the space that is taken by the chairs. As a result, this affects the overall body posture of the person while sitting on a taller standing chair.


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