Best Under Desk Foot Rest Reviewed in 2021

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Do you want to get feet and legs relieved after long hours walking and standing? Or put yourself at ease when sitting whole day for stressed desk work? Under desk foot rest can be a good way to soothe exhausted feet and improve fitness for a wide variety of consumers. It is designed in ergonomic to settle your feet comfortably and regulate blood circulation throughout the body. If you want your working days to be relaxed and pleasant, choose a good under desk foot rest. Let us have a look at how the under desk foot rest makes our life and work better and more enjoyable.

Top 6 Best Under Desk Foot Rest Picks Quick View

Factors to Consider about

A decent under desk foot rest brings fantastic results when you have to sit or walk for long hours. How to choose the best model? That mainly depends on the product features and your purpose as well. Following are some guidelines to help you make a good choice.


When we are talking about the best product, a wide range of under desk foot rests can be found in market. They always come with various features and prices. The fact is you may not want to spend too large amount on high quality. A under desk foo rest with reliable functions does not have to cost too much. Some categories can be similar in functions but differ enormously in cost. There are chances to pick a pretty good model with budget-friendly price. Choose the product according to your individual needs. However you may need to pay a few more bucks if you want the best value.


Think about what you want to use the under desk foot rest for. The models in market have different features. You need to be clear what features you require before buying. A foot rest situated under the desk with preferable liking can give you a best posture and relieve your lower back. A lot of foot rests are equipped with rolling balls to soothe your feet and encourage blood circulation. A compact footrest with light weight can be portable to carry around. Some models even can be folded into a small unit. That is especially convenient if you want to take it elsewhere for trip. Some consumers sit in office for long time or for home use. A product with anti-slip feature and easy-to-wash materials is preferably considerable for them.


It is sure that everyone wants a durable under desk foot rest with quality service. You will not feel pleasant for any replacement or repair after short-time usage. A product made with durable materials can last for long time. That is more cost-effective and worthwhile regarding investment. Whether you use it in office or at home, it will keep in good condition after others use it. Check the materials and ensure it is reliable in quality before buying.


You may not use the under desk foot rest in a fixed condition. Sometimes you want to place it at far distance to fully stretch the legs. At other time you need to get it close within limited space. In some cases it has to change with short or tall chairs to give a comfortable posture. To make it easy, the foot rest should be flexible in height and adjustable in angles. Otherwise you may need to buy another different model for various uses. That is ineffective in cost and takes up more space for storage. Choose one product that allows you to adjust height and angles to meet various requirements at any time.


A product of great stability can ensure high level of safety. It can be presented in various ways. Whether you use it on marbles or wood, it should be stationary without easy movement. Otherwise you may fall and get yourself hurt. Moreover unstable positioning affects your lower back and spine in a negative way. To prevent slippery, some brands make the treads with anti-slip materials. That is a user-friendly concept to protect your feet or legs from hurts by desks around.


The under desk foot rests cover a wide range of categories with plenty of designs. If you prefer hard surfaces such as wood or plastic, make sure it is featured to prevent feet from slipping off. The cushion models are ideal if you like to take shoes off. But it is necessary to keep it clean and ensure the removable cover is easy to wash. You can find other folding models with compact size. It is portable to be packed with small unit in bag for travel purpose. Some manufacturers provide ergonomic rocking design. That is specialized in improving blood flow in lower body. You can activate blood circulation effectively by rocking the platform back and forth.


Choosing the best under desk foot rest brings about great comfort and fitness. You can feel much better physically during working hours in office. At other times after foot movements, it helps to regulate the blood circulation and relieves fatigue. But which is the best type depends on your needs and what is comfortable for you. It can be helpful to have a look at the top 6 products with considerable functions as below.

Top 6 Best Under Desk Foot Rest Reviews

Choosing the best under desk foot rest can be a difficult task when you are faced with so many options in market. To ensure that you buy a product that completely meets your needs, we consolidate a list of the top 6 models in market for your review.

1.AmazonBasics Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Foot Rest
  • Footrest for placement under a desk offers enhanced comfort when working
  • Elevates feet and legs when sitting
  • Free-floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and increased circulation
The Good
  • Inexpensive
  • Has massage functions
  • Rock back and forth
  • Non-skid surface
  • Durable materials
Not So Good
  • Not adjustable
  • Not very high

The AmazonBasics footrest model DSN-02310 fits easily under desk. It elevates your feet and legs for better posture and blood circulation at home or work. It is of high quality with a good price. You may find it the most cost-effective models in market. That makes it an ideal choice for consumers who are looking for quality and budget-friendly footrest.

It is featured with massage effects when you put bare or socked feet onto its textured surface. That soothes and relieves your feet from fatigue after prolonged walking or sitting in unchanged.

If you want your feet and legs to move, this product gets you. It is functioned as rocking motion. By rocking back and forth you can get to relax the feet and relieve your leg muscles. That stimulates blood circulation and helps healthy sitting posture.

Whether you use it on marble, wood or carpet, it stays securely on the floor without slippery. Its non-skid features prevent it from moving out of place during use. That also protects the floor from easy scratches.

This well-built model is made with hard and durable materials. That means you can use it as long as you want if in proper use.

The drawback is it is not so high and not adjustable. If you want a higher foot rest or have difficulties to reach the floor, this might not be so considerable.

2.Humanscale Foot Machine with Massage Balls

Humanscale Foot Machine
  • Curved leg design encourages rocking motion
  • Provides support for lower back
  • Rubber, non-skid grips keep feet in place and protect hard flooring
The Good
  • Massages balls
  • Rocking motion
  • Adjustable in height
  • Two sides available
  • Non-skid surface
  • Rubber bottom to protect floor
Not So Good
  • High cost
  • Heavy and large

The Humanscale foot massager with item number FM300B is made of dark cherry hardwood. It is equipped with roller balls on the top middle to massage your feet after long time walking or sitting stressed. On two sides of the roller balls mounted the fabric to comfort your feet.

Rollers on the ergonomic tool facilitate your feet and lower legs to move and stretch. By rocking back and forth it activates blood circulation throughout the body and relieves your lower back and legs. It is an ideal footrest you ever get when sitting in office for prolonged hours.

If you have problems to reach the surface with height challenges, this foot rest helps you. It has a height adjustment available on the side. You can lift it by at most 3 inches to suit your sitting.

The non-skid surface keeps your feet and legs in stationary posture with comfort. When you put your feet on the footrest in a certain position they will not slip away or off unless you want to move. It comes with rubber on the bottom to protect floor or carpet from any scratches.

You can rotate your ankles by turning its axis. It is not just flexible but also durable. The two sides on top and bottom offer different feeling. If you want to rest your feet on a plain side instead of the roller balls, just flip it over.

3.Halter Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest

Halter Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest
  • Premium foot rest; Ergonomically designed to lessen pressure and improve posture; Free-floating platform promotes lower...
  • Tilting desk foot stool; Versatile tilt angle between 0 to 30 degrees for best individual comfort; Easy-glide feature...
  • Offers triple height adjustment; Manually modify to three different height positions to achieve all-out comfort and...
The Good
  • Adjustable height to 3 positions
  • Easily adjusts to multiple tilt angles
  • Large platform of non-skid surface
  • Made of high impact polystyrene for sturdy & stable feel
  • 1-Year No Questions Asked Warranty Policy
Not So Good
  • Less stable than comparable foot rests

This Halter ergonomic foot rest is premium to rest your legs in office during work, or soothe lower muscles at home at end of the day. It provides multiple height settings (4.3″ / 5.5″ / 6.7″) to relax your feet and legs comfortably. That suits various desk patterns for consumers who are concerned about the height.

It is designed with an adjustable tilt angle up to 30° to keep your feet and legs levitated. By tuning up the angle to fit your sitting posture comfortably, it removes stress and fatigue from leg muscles. A suitable angle relieves you from the hip or back sores.

The large platform surface with non-skid features keeps your feet in a stationary position. No need to worry your feet may slip out of it. And the non-rubber slip feet ensures the foot rest stays in place all the time. Meanwhile high impact polystyrene gives a stable feel for your feet.

Halter ergonomic foot rest rans on top not only for its quality. It provides reliable service along with 1 year No Questions Asked Warranty Policy.

Coming with its flexibility for wide range adjustments, it tends to be less stable than other ergonomic counterparts.

4.HUANUO Adjustable Foot Rest

HUANUO Adjustable Foot Rest
  • 2 Optional covers for replacing - This ergonomic under desk foot rest comes with 2 optional covers. One of them with...
  • Ergonomic foot rest office - Improving posture and blood circulation by holding your feet and legs up, which makes you...
  • Multifunctional foot rests - The height can be adjusted manually in 2 different positions: 4.13" / 6" (connect two foot...
The Good
  • Adjustable rocking motion
  • Anti-slip fits various surfaces
  • 2 height settings adjustable
  • 1 year warranty
Not So Good
  • You cannot stand on it
  • More expensive

The HUANUO foot rest is a terrific model in ergonomic design to prop up your feet and encourages active movements to maintain fitness. You can see the support legs on sides of the foot rest. It is flat in the middle and turns circular upward. That enables you to put your feet flat on the tread or rock back and forth gently. The easy rocking motion activates leg muscles and stimulates blood circulation throughout body.

For users who have challenges to fit feet on the foot rest, it offers 2 height settings for adjustment. The default height 3.2 inch can be suitable for most. If not, you can turn over the foot rest and lower it to 1.9 inch at least for your needs.

It is made of mostly plastic and rubber that is lightweight and protective for the floor from scratches. However it is not so robust for you to stand on it when using with a standing desk. If you want a more durable foot rest to match the standing desk, turn to one model made with metal or wood.

HUANUO foot rest is backed by a 1 year warranty. That guarantees its reliable and quality service. With high scores on top of list, it is recommended to make your sitting much more enjoyable. But you have to know it cost more bucks than some other models.

5.Rest My Sole – Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk

Rest My Sole - Foot Rest Cushion for Under Desk
  • ⭐ UNLIKE OTHER FOOT STOOLS that are too tall, too soft, or not durable enough, the Rest My Sole foot rest pillow...
  • ⭐ SO DANG COMFORTABLE: There is no need to look further. Discover the difference a padded footrest can make at the...
  • ⭐ YOUR HEALTH FIRST: Easily make health and productivity a priority, even while sitting at your computer desk. Enjoy...
The Good
  • Easy-to-clean cover
  • Anti-slip
  • Comfortable feeling delivery
  • Budget-friendly
Not So Good
  • It is not adjustable
  • Without massage effects

Are you looking for a comfortable and soft foot rest to soothe your legs? If yes, then this is an ideal option. As you put bare or socked feet on the foot rest cushion, it needs to be tidy with regular cleaning. This cover material is not only comfortable in feeling but also easy to wash and dry up.

The cushion inside is filled with high resilience foam with density of 30D. It is extremely sturdy to settle your feet into the softness. It also brings terrific feeling when you rest your legs on it. The tread on the foot rest cushion is featured anti-slip. That holds your feet or legs comfortably on it without shifting out of place.

You do not have to spend too much on this foot rest. A small amount of investment will relax and soothe your lower legs after a long day. If you want to buy a good priced foot rest for comfort at home or work, this is good one.

Compared with other well-build hard models, this Rest My Sole- Foot rest cushion do not have adjustable settings for height or angle. And there is no ball on the surface for massage purpose.

6.Sleepy Ride – Airplane Footrest

Sleepy Ride - Airplane Footrest
  • EASY TO USE - Simply hang it on the arms of the tray table in front of you ((Won't work with bulkhead seats or 1st class...
  • TRAVEL COMFORT - Our airplane footrest is crafted with high-quality, thick memory foam to greatly enhance your travel...
  • LEG & LOWER BACK SUPPORT – Enjoy a hammock like experience as your legs gently sway with the motion of the plane....
The Good
  • Thick memory foam
  • Hammock-like for gentle sway
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
Not So Good
  • Requires supportive hanger
  • Limited by space

Sleep Ride airplane foot rest is crafted with quality memory foam to enhance your feet. It delivers pleasant experience to relieve sore and aches of the feet and legs during flight. Just like a pillow, the structured foam distributes stress evenly for comfort.

When you use it in the air, it sways tenderly like a hammock as the plane goes forward. That eases suffering during sitting stiff for prolonged journey. As it soothes the legs and prevent your lower back from swelling. If you hope to keep yourself refreshed with energy, this might be helpful.

Get started by hanging it onto arms of the tray or chairs. With adjustable straps available, you can extend or shorten the strap length to fit your needs. Generally greater length enables wider motion of the legs if space permits. While fasten your feet in short strap can be stable.

To make easy package for trip, this product comes with a drawstring carry bag. Just fold the lightweight and compact foot rest into a small unit and fit it into your carry-on luggage.

Before purchasing, you have to keep in mind it need to hang on some fixed holder. And it might not be so enjoyable in a narrow space as it is hard to stretch.

Final thoughts

A quality and ergonomic foot rest is not just a platform to rest the feet. Foremost it improves postures for those who sit for short or long hours. By raising knees to a higher level and moving legs, it avoids injuries of ligaments and tendons that may lead to nerve problems.

There are no definite criteria when choosing the best under desk foot rest. It mainly depends on your own purpose and what is comfortable for you. You can refer to consideration points in the beginning of this article to evaluate its reliable quality. Based on market sales and customers ranking, we have put together the top foot rests listed as above. You can look at their different features and check purchase reviews. Happy shopping!

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