8 Best Bed Tents For Kids Reviewed in 2021

Spending time with your family outdoors is always fun. Camping is an amazing activity, providing hours of fun and enjoyment. It is a welcoming opportunity to connect with your family and friends, as well as nature. If you want to make your outdoor activity comfortable and enjoyable, you need the best bed tents.

Today, on the market, you will find a wide range of best bed tents. They come in different shapes and sizes, for instance, some models are designed for single-use but there are some best bed tents, which come with double features as well.

It is important to find a perfect product so that you enjoy resting in the campsite after having hectic activities like hiking, fishing, or exploring the wild. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the 8 best bed tents in 2021. Read on!

Best Bed Tents Top List

Best Bed Tents with Reviews

There are many bed tents available on the market. However, choosing the most favorable one is not easy. Here is the list of top 8 best bed tents in 2021.

8. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - BLACK
  • Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down
  • Durable style that fits twin beds
  • Innovative zip and mesh sides that offer ventilation for easy breathing and light when you need it

Privacy Pop Bed Tent is one of the best bed tent twin products for a better and sound sleep during bedtime, naptime, and playtime. The Privacy Pop Bed Tent is designed specifically for use with your existing bed frame and mattress. You can also use the tent by itself.

The Tent offers a snug fit around your mattress for seclusion and privacy in uncomfortable sleeping quarters. There is a reason why this is one of the best pop up tents for beds, for instance, you can split large rooms such as barracks and dorms into private suites.  It has unique zip and mesh sides, which provides greater ventilation of air and light. Thus you breathe easily. It also easy-to-use double-sided zippers.

7. Besten Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent

BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed for Warm and Cozy Sleep Inside Drafty Room (Queen, Mint)
  • HAVE SOME PRIVACY. Great solution when sharing a room with others. (Dorm, Siblings' room, etc.) For Both Adults and...
  • KEEP YOU WARM. The tent blocks drafty wind in the room while circulating air inside through a vent on top. Enjoy Warm...
  • PLACE FOR RELAX & FOCUS. Great for Reading, Studying, Meditating, etc. You can even turn it into a private theater using...

Besten Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent is made of polyester material. It is designed for both children and adults. It provides your privacy and relaxing time. Besten Floorless Tent can block wind in your room. At the same time, it allows fresh air inside the room via a Mesh Vent on Top.

Besten Floorless Tent is a great canopy allowing you to read, study, and meditate without any ambient disturbance. It has three fully zipped doors. You can open and close the zip from inside and outside. The tent comes with a twin-size mattress.

6. CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy

CAMP 365 Child's Indoor Privacy and Play Tent on Bed Sleep Cozy in Drafty Room (Double, Starlight)
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

Do you want to purchase a toddler bed tent? If yes, what’s better than CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy Tent? It has an easy to set-up feature on the floor and bed. The Tent is manufactured from 90T Polyester fabric with amazing waterproof properties. The polyester material is sturdy enough to block drafty wind in your child’s room.

By blocking winds in your room and keeping the air warm inside, the tent makes your kid feel comfortable. Not only does it give him or her more privacy but it is also an incredible solution for teenagers while sharing their rooms with siblings and/or students who live in dorms. The CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy Tent is one of the best bed tents for kids.

5. DDASUMI Warm Indoor Tent

DDASUMI Warm Tent for Single Bed (Mint) - Cold air Blocking, Privacy, Play Indoor Tent
  • Indoor Warm Tent - Cold air blocking, Keeping inside warm air, Saving Heating Cost
  • Set-up Size : Length 83 X Width 47 X Height 53 inches (Match with Single & Super Single Bed)
  • Storage Size : Lengh 26 X Width 6 X Height 4 inches Weight : 4 Ibs

Are you looking for an indoor tent that provides privacy, blocks winds, and keep you warm? DDASUMI Warm Indoor tent is made of high-quality polyester material, which blocks drafty winds, unnecessary light to keep the tent inside for cozy sleep, and keeps you warm.

DDASUMI blocks cold air and keeps inside warm air saving the cost of heating on your energy bills. The tent matches with both single and super single bed because of the incredible set-up size. The dimensions of this item are 83 x 47 x 53 inches. It is a lightweight tent weighing only 4 pounds.

4. Alvantor Bed Canopy Tent

Alvantor Bed Canopy Bed Tents dream Tents Privacy Space Twin Size Sleeping Tents Indoor Pop Up Portable Frame Curtains Breathable Grey Cottage...
  • ♥Upgraded 2-in-1 bed tent patent pending construction keep no collapsed, no bent, no leans off, no unstable, no metal...
  • ♥Innovative design: Durable pop-up flexible ribs and fiberglass rods help this tent keep it’s shape and stable. High...
  • ♥Easy set up and take down.. pop up frame and shock corded poles make it super easy to set up in a minute. Fold down...

Alvantor Bed Canopy is a two-in-one bed tent with double side-door design, which provides easy access. Alvantor has a pop up flexible ribs frame, which makes it a lightweight product and convenient for sleep. The size of the Alvantor Bed Canopy 5.8 pounds. You can use it with your existing mattress.

The Alvantor has a unique design that is fiberglass rods and strong pop-up ribs, both of which keep the shape of the canopy. It has zipped doors on both sides, which allows you to open it completely.

On the head and foot of the tent has anti-mosquito mesh allowing for wanted light and good airflow. The product is easy to set up and takedown. The Alvantor tent comes with a compact portable carrying bag. The privacy, warmth, and comfort make the Alvantor one of the best bed tents.

3. Pacific Play Tree House Bed Tent

Pacific Play Tents 19790 Kids Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse - Twin Size
  • Twin bed tent size: 77" X 38" X 35" high, Fun tree house graphics, Can be used on or off the bed
  • Helps transition child from crib to bed, Mesh panels for ample ventilation and allows for easy viewing
  • Fitted outer-skirt secures the tent to the mattress (mattress not included)

Pacific Play Tree House is designed for kids. The product has Mesh panels for greater ventilation. It also allows for easy viewing. Pacific Play Tent is an efficient product, which can help transition a kid from crib to bed.

It has G-3 Super Poles, which are sturdier and allow for easy setup and takedown. The Pacific Play Tree House is one of the best bed tents because it is made of high-quality 190T taffeta fabric. It also comes with a carrying bag, which is compact and portable.

Pacific Play Tree House is one of the best bed tents for kids. It allows natural light and air to come in so that the kid can breathe easily and enjoy the ambient inside the tent. It provides your kid with privacy where he or she can play without any disturbance.

2. Pacific Play Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents 19711 Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse - Full Size Mattress
  • Race car themed bed tent fits Standard Full/Double mattresses
  • Assembled tent measures 77" X 54" X 42"
  • Super Poles are safety-coated to prevent splintering or shattering

Although the Pacific Play Tent Playhouse doesn’t fit a queen-size bed, it has an incredible and cool design. The tent is easy to clean and equipped with high-quality and safety-coated features, which prevent it from shattering and splintering.

It has a few other features like standard double and full-size mattresses. The dimensions of the assembled tent are 77 x 54 x 42 inches. It also has a compact and portable carry bag. The Rad Racer themed tent is designed specifically for boys. Your little boy will surely enjoy this toddler bed tent.

1. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed, Disney Mickey Mouse
  • Recommended for ages 15 months plus; Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Features 2 attached guardrails Includes removable tent with mesh windows and roll up doors
  • Uses a standard crib mattress (sold separately) sturdy steel frame and high quality plastic construction

Our list of the best bed tents ends with the Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed. This tent is designed and recommended for toddlers that are above 15 months. It can hold up to 50 pounds.

The Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed has two attached guardrails, which include roll-up doors and a removable tent equipped with Mesh windows allowing the natural light and air to come in. This keeps the inside of the tent comfy and breathable.

Also, the Delta Children Tent Bed uses a standard-size crib mattress. It is important to know that this tent does not come with its own mattress. So, you have to buy it separately.

Moreover, the tent’s frame is made of high-quality steel and plastic material. It offers an easy assembly and the dimensions of this item measure 53.9 x 29.1 x 37.4 inches. The manufacturer follows the CPSC and ASTM safety standards. The product is certified by JPMA.

Best Bed Tents – Buying Guide

[Cover] Best Bed Tents For Kids

Bed tents come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. There are many types of tents available on the market. Each has its own unique characteristics. Sometimes, it is hard to buy the right product. You have to consider a few factors before purchasing the best bed tents.


Size is the first factor you need to consider. Look for the overall dimensions of the bed tent that you want to buy and also assess the floor space. Check whether or not the bed tent will fit your bed, floor, or your truck’s platform.

The size is also important when it comes to fitting the number of people in it comfortably. Also, if your kids love sharing sleeping space, you need to go for an adult-sized bed tent. Otherwise, a tent bed for single-use is a good choice.


The best bed tents are available in a variety of materials. Some of them are made of cotton material, which is a natural fabric and provides breathable features. Cotton is cool in hot weather. It can seal all sorts of leaks during rain outdoors.

On the other hand, many best bed tents are made of polyester material, which is also a great fabric. Not only it is portable but it also has an incredible water-tight structure. The waterproofing and insulation properties make it a good material.

The choice of material depends on your personal preferences. Cotton is good in summers and polyester is an ideal choice for winters.


Today, on the market, you will find a wide range of attractive and affordable bed tents. However, not all of them are desired for outdoor and indoors. For instance, some models are made of strong polyester material, which may not work in summer. Some have a low ceiling height, which makes it unsuitable for your kids to play or for you to read.

It is important to go for a product that has a larger door allowing for good access. We recommend going for zippered and secured models, particularly if you want to take your tent camping or hiking.

Make sure you check the height of the product’s ceiling. It must provide comfy sitting, reading, or sleeping without feeling enclosed. Also, you need to make sure the bed tent allows in natural light and air.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Are bed tents safe?

Bed tents boost privacy while you sleep but most people say it poses health risks, particularly if you choose a claustrophobic bed tent as it does not allow enough air and light into it. In general, they are safe but you have to ensure choosing the right product with all safety features.

Q: How do I clean bed tents?

Use some soap water and damp cloth to clean the dirty spots on the bed tent. We don’t recommend washing machine-based washing of the bed tent as it can damage the material, especially if it is made of polyester. So, dip the cloth in soap water and rub it on the spots that required cleaning.

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A bed tent is an ideal accessory for outdoor activities such as camping. It is also a great product when it comes to isolating yourself indoors and have some privacy. For example, kids use it for playing and adults sit in to read books or enjoy texting without any privacy breach.

There are hundreds of best bed tents available online. However, you need to choose the one that best fits your needs. We have already given you a list of the 8 best bed tents. Good Luck!


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