5 Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews (A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide)

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What is the best drip coffee maker?

We have received countless emails from different people asking us about the best drip coffee makers so we decided to scour the internet, to find the best five automatic coffee makers available on the market these days.

Undeniably, it can be hectic to choose the best machine for your coffee needs given that there are multiple brands and types of coffee machines out there.

You need to do enough research to find the right equipment for your daily needs. And this can get tricky for somehow who doesn’t know where to start from. Worse of all, there are even more intricate and explicit features which one needs to consider and these can bring confusion for those who aren’t sure what to look for

This post will provide you with comprehensive reviews of the five incredible coffee machines together with their pros and cons. In the end, you will read a complete buyer’s guide (factors to consider when choosing the right coffee maker).

Basically, the best coffee machine will allow you to brew your fresh cup of joe smoothly each day, regardless of your flavor preferences.

And to assist you to find your best equipment, here is a list of the five we can recommend for you.

5 Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Cuisinart DCC-2650- Best Drip Coffee Maker 12 Cup

Cuisinart DCC-2650P1 Extreme Brew 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Stainless Steel,Silver
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to...
  • EXTREME BREW: Feature uses re-engineered brewing technology to deliver coffee up to 25% faster
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC COFFEE BREWER: 24-hour programmability with 1–4 cup settings, auto-off functionality (0-4 hours)

If you are looking for a coffee maker that won’t disappoint you, then Cuisinart has great deals for you. Capable of brewing up to 12 cups of coffee the DCC-2650 is your friend in need when it comes to starting your morning in the right mood.

About Cuisinart

Cuisinart is a household name when it comes to the manufacturer of household appliances and their coffee makers are one of the greatest machines you can have in your kitchen. In fact, Cuisinart is the 4th most popular coffee machine brand in the United States.

Whether you are looking for a food processor, a hand blender, a microwave, or any other kitchen appliance you need, Cuisinart gets you covered. Besides, the company has a rich history of manufacturing high-quality units which are not only durable but pocket-friendly as well. And Cuisinart DCC-2650 is no exception.

Every feature in this machine is similar to other Cuisinart machines except that this unit has few extra buttons. This unit has a great ergonomic handle. With this equipment, you can control brew strength (regular or bold).  Customers who have used this unit appreciate that it comes with a great ergonomic handle so you can use it comfortably when making your morning coffee.

But that’s not all you can get from this machine. It also has a dripless spout and a knuckle guard. In addition to that, the coffee maker is fully automatic with 24-hour programmability. Cleaning a coffee maker can be overwhelming but this unit has a self-clean and 1-4 cup setting. You can adjust its auto shutoff as well.

What’s more, the machine features a Brew Pause feature so you can taste your cup of joe before you completely brew your coffee. Additionally, you can adjust the carafe temperature; whether you want to brew with high, medium or low settings.

The greatest thing about this coffee machine is that it comes with the charcoal water filter that sieves all the impurities during brewing. Another good thing is the classy stainless steel look. This machine can blend with any kitchen appliances in your home.


  • It brews your coffee 25% faster than the older versions of Cuisinart
  • It has a classy look and it can match with any kitchen appliance you have in your home
  • The ergonomic handle makes it a comfortable coffee maker to have in your kitchen
  • It also comes with a self-clean feature so cleaning the machine is not a hassle at all.


  • The exterior of the coffee maker is made with plastic material
  • It might not be easy to notice the difference even when you switch from bold to regular settings

2. Cuisinart DCC-1200 Central Brew – Best Inexpensive Drip Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-1200P1 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Coffee Maker, Carafe, Brushed Chrome
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to...
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC COFFEE BREWER: 24-hour programmability with 1–4 cup settings, auto-off functionality (0-4 hours)
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Variable heater plate for temperature control that is adjustable – low, medium, and high settings

Cuisinart has never disappointed its customers and this time they bring the DCC-1200 Central Brew, a 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with a very ergonomic handle. If you are a serious coffee lover, then this is a great choice you don’t want to miss.

First, this coffee maker features a unique and compact design, so you don’t require huge storage space. It also sports an elegant metal finish, you can rest assured it will complement any décor in your kitchen. And most importantly, its incredible features will give you an amazing coffee experience you can’t get from other coffee makers of its calibre.

Secondly, this unit allows for 12-cup preparation. So if you are always expecting guests, don’t worry since this coffee maker takes care of all of you.

Well, sometimes you might not want to brew too much coffee. This machine has 1-4 cup settings so you can brew 1 cup, two cups, three cups or even 4 cups of coffee.

Thirdly, the DCC-1200 comes with a programmable start time setting. That means it allows you to set the time you want it to start brewing. And this is a huge benefit for you if you are always on the go. For instance, if you want your coffee to be ready before you get up in the morning, you can set the machine to start brewing some few minutes before the time you wake up. This unit will always serve you coffee any time you need it.

Another incredible feature is Auto-Off settings. This feature is meant to protect your safety. One brewing is complete, the unit will switch off itself automatically. It will beep five times to notify you that brewing is complete.

What’s more, the unit comes with an efficient spray head which ensures all the coffee beans are soaked in hot water thus giving you the most out of your hot cup of joe.

The dripless spout will prevent coffee drips so you won’t have to worry about leaving your cup panel dirty. Its control panel is also easy to use. Similar to the DCC-2650, this unit also comes with the Brew Pause feature, which allows you to enjoy your coffee before brewing is completed.


  • It is compact and not heavy to carry
  • Fully programmable
  • The Auto-Off keeps you safe while brewing
  • It allows the preparation of more coffee
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It allows faster
  • Charcoal filter sieves all the impurities so you can enjoy


  • You might need to replace the charcoal filter regularly
  • It tends to have a narrow water refilling slot

3. CUISINART DCC-3200- Best Drip Coffee Maker Under 100

Cuisinart Coffee Maker, 14-Cup Glass Carafe, Fully Automatic for Brew Strength Control & 1-4 Cup Setting, Stainless Steel, DCC-3200P1
  • Enjoy Hotter Coffee: Utilize expert coffee-making technology to ensure your coffee temperature is perfect, delivering a...
  • Brew Strength Control: Tailor your coffee flavor to perfection by choosing between regular or bold settings, catering to...
  • Fully Automatic Coffee Brewer: Experience convenience with 24-hour programmability, offering flexibility with 1-4 cup...

As mentioned earlier, Cuisinart is a household name in the manufacture of kitchen accessories and appliances. The company has received appreciation from its customers for making quality appliances and the DCC-3200 is one of them.

This unit is exceptional: Whether you want a coffee maker for home brewing or office, this machine allows you to brew up to 14 cups of coffee. It features a beautiful looking design that will make your kitchen look stylish. This is because it is made with stainless steel, unlike other models made with plastic. So with this machine, you have a lasting friend to rely on when you want to brew coffee.

The good thing about stainless steel is that it has no smell; it is easy to clean and does not peel off.

Basically, DCC-3200 and DCC-1200 have the same temperature settings, but the former produces much hotter coffee than the latter. This makes the unit to keep coffee hot for an extended period of time, unlike the previous models. It won’t burn coffee as well. You can watch your coffee as brewing continues because this unit comes with a detachable glass carafe that is also easy to clean.

Incredibly enough, this coffee maker removes the guesswork as it is easily programmable. Thus with it, you rest assured of best results every time. Another incredible feature of this unit is the auto on/off button that shuts off when the machine stays idle for about four hours. Once done with brewing, press the self-clean button to flush away the residues that may cause a blockage.

Many customers appreciate this coffee maker for it is easy to use due to the user-friendly control panel. All the buttons are properly labeled. You just can’t get confused when operating it.

The Brew Pause is also another amazing feature of this machine. You can temporarily pause the machine, especially if you have something to attend to urgently. Other incredible features include a finger touch, permanent filter, adjustable temperature control, etc.


  • Faster coffee brewing
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Auto on/off buttons
  • Brews much hotter coffee than most models
  • It is fully programmable
  • The charcoal filter allows sieving of impurities


  • It tends to drip spills during refilling
  • After using the machine for a while many users have complained of the coat coming off
  • The drip tray tends to get loose after using the machine for a while.

4. Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew- Best Drip Coffee Maker With Removable Water Reservoir

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel
  • Please refer to user guide or user manual or user guide (provided below in PDF) before first use
  • Delay Brew feature sets brew time ahead so you can wake up to fresh-brewed coffee; Freshness Timer keeps a tab on coffee...
  • Removable water reservoir for easy filling

If you are looking for a coffee maker that’s practically easy to use, fully programmable and does not require much effort to make delicious coffee, then Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew would make the best option for you.

Although it doesn’t have plenty of amazing features like other models in best drip coffee maker reviews, it will still make good tasting coffee and keep it warm for longer. The name defines it. While this unit does not allow brewing of too much coffee like other models in this post, it takes care of quality than quantity. And that’s the reason it is built with an efficient water filtration system that is capable of filter 97% of impurities in the stream.

The grab-and-go system allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing is complete.

The greatest thing about this unit is that it will notify you when it’s time to clean it.

Ideally, this coffee maker is designed to extract the fullest flavor so you can have a good coffee experience. With the high brew temperature of up to 205 and the faster brew speed, you are sorted.

The removable water reservoir allows you to fill and empty the water tank without much effort. It’s also easy to clean. What’s more, the just brew thermal carafe technology will keep heat from evaporating hence keeping your coffee fresh.

Another great feature of this unit is the Daily Brew Timer that allows you to set the machine so that it can start brewing when it’s time to. That means any time you wake up you have coffee ready. This makes the coffee maker a great choice for people who are always on the rush.

Similar to Cuisinart models, Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew features the Auto shut off feature so the unit will shut off automatically when you are not using it. This saves power and money.

Other remarkable features of this unit include freshness timer, cleaning cycle, lift and clean filter basket, optimal brew time, etc.; all of which are meant to give you the best result possible.


  • Grab-and-go technology
  • User-friendly machine to have at home and in the office
  • It can make up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Faster brewing
  • Has alerting features for safety purposes
  • Comes with pre-programming features


  • It tends to be a bit noisy
  • It might get complicated for novices
  • It tends to create a lot of steam during brewing. You can’t use it under a kitchen cabinet.

5. Bonavita BV1900TS- Best Drip Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

Bonavita 8 Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine with Carafe, One-Touch Pour Over Brewer, SCA Certified, 1500 Watt, BPA Free, BV1900TS with Resting...
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE AT HOME: Bonavita’s coffee maker brews a full carafe in about 6 minutes; The artisan café style...
  • AWARD WINNING RESULTS: Golden Cup Standard Coffee Machine is curated with features to mimic the artisan pour-over...
  • BETTER FLAVOR, FAST: Powerful 1500W heater maintains professional recommended brewing temp of 198°-205°F (91°-96°C)...

Best for its aesthetically appealing design; the Bonavita BV1900TS makes your kitchen look outstanding. This is your easy-to-use coffee maker. The thermal carafe will make your temperature control easy but most importantly it will take away the hassle of needing a burner. With this unit, you will enjoy hot coffee for longer.

The smell of coffee intensifies the flavor and that’s exactly what this unit gives you.

The BV1900TS comes with plenty of incredible features including:

Single-Touch Brew Operation which makes it easy to brew coffee with a single click of a button. The brew operation feature setting also has an auto-shutoff design that keeps coffee from spilling over.

The 1500-watt heat system brews coffee at temperatures from 198 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.  The flat-bottom filter basket and spray head keep your coffee grounds saturated so your coffee pot is brewed evenly.

Coffee brewed with this machine is smooth with no bitter taste. Most parts of the BV1900TS are made of stainless steel that makes it last longer.  With this unit, it takes around 5 minutes to brew 8 cups of coffee.

Given that many parts of this unit are made of stainless steel, you just need to take a simple swipe to clean it. Although you will need to hand clean the filter basket.

Note that you will need to descale this unit after every 100 uses cycles.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple coffee maker that brews coffee to your expectations, then this unit would make the best option for you. Because of its zero, brew pause, programmability and timer, this unit delivers consistent great-tasting coffee.

This drip coffee maker is an upgraded version of the Bonavita series and is certified by the SCAA.


  • It is stronger and lasts longer
  • The drip coffee maker is certified by SCAA
  • It is compact in design
  • It is easy to operate and maintain
  • The sleek design makes it easy to store – it does not consume too much of your kitchen space.


  • It tends to have a short power cord
  • It lacks hotplate, although this is replaced by the thermal carafe
  • Some users have complained of design issues with the lid

How to Choose The Best Drip Coffee Maker- A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

With the best drip coffee maker, you have an outstanding machine that delivers the kind of experience you desire.

As a coffee lover, having a perfect cup of coffee to kick start your day is all you need. For that reason, many coffee lovers are considering brewing their coffee at home instead of enjoying in in coffee shops.

And like buying any product, you are looking for something you will use for a long period of time. That’s why it’s important to make a good buying decision from the word go. Having a good quality coffee machine can get you good quality coffee for many years.

Drip coffee makers make brewing of coffee easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are so many brands and models available today and this can make the selection process look overwhelming, especially for a new coffee lover.

If you are interested in buying a drip coffee maker, you need to put into consideration several factors to ensure you have made a good choice in the end.

Use this comprehensive drip coffee maker buyer’s guide to get the best unit for your daily coffee needs.

Understand the coffee maker types

First things first, before you decide your type of drip coffee maker, ensure to explore various types available in the market. This way, you can easily pick a unit that will meet your coffee needs.

Unit size

There are drip coffee makers for almost every type of coffee lover. Whether you are the all-day coffee drinker or you just prefer getting a few cups of coffee each day, you will always get your preferred machine out there.

It is important to consider the quantity of coffee a unit can brew, especially if you intend to brew too much coffee for the whole family or at your office where there are many employees. If you need too much coffee, the DCC-3200 would make the best option since it delivers 14 cups per single brew.

But you could consider other units that brew fewer cups as well if you don’t prefer too much coffee. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality with quantity.

Programmable features

When buying a drip coffee maker, you need to consider convenience and quality. And the best way to achieve this is to choose a unit with programmable features so you can control it.

For instance, if you are a busy person, you could consider picking a unit that allows you to pre-set the timer so that you can have coffee ready when you need it.

This way, you will be able to adjust your machine the way you want. The units we have reviewed here come with programmable features to make your brewing a breeze.

Automatic Shut Off

A unit with the automatic shut off feature will not only be convenient but also saves energy.

When using a drip coffee maker, you want to make sure you and the environment are safe. The auto shut off feature will stop the machine from running when it stays idle for too long.

For that reason, when buying your coffee maker, choose one that can shut off itself after a certain amount of time; whether after 2, 3, or four hours of staying idle.

Ease of cleaning

We all love coffee but hate cleaning and if you are also a league member, then you need to choose a unit that does not take too much effort to clean. Note that you will still need to keep your unit clean and maintained regularly.


Buying a drip coffee maker is an investment. You need to make sure you pick a unit that will last longer. If you cannot handle delicate objects then you need to consider buying a drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe. In this case, the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew and BV1900TS would make the best option for you. Coffee machines with glass carafes such as the CUISINART DCC-3200 are ideal for people who are not good with breakable objects (and people with children), and they make the best units to have for your daily coffee needs.

Just make sure to choose a unit that you can rely on for your day to day brewing.

Build Quality

Before you buy a drip coffee maker consider its build quality. These days, many coffee maker brands make BPA free plastic such as stainless steel. This way, you can use it for heavy-duty applications.

Hot Plate or Thermal Carafe

There are two types of carafes:

The only idea behind carafes is to keep your coffee hot for the period you want to consume it.

Thermal carafe– If you do not want to brew every now and then, then a unit with a thermal carafe would be the best option for you. A thermal carafe brews many cups of coffee and keeps your coffee hot and flavorful for a long period of time. Coffee machines with thermal carafe are ideal for people with families and office brewing as well.

Hot plate- A unit with hot plate carafe cannot keep your coffee hot for too long since it lacks insulation. The coffee will only remain hot when the carafe is placed on a hot plate. If you are not a serious coffee lover, a machine with a hot plate carafe would be your ideal choice. The only thing you need to know is that the longer you place the carafe on a hotplate the more the flavor and taste is compromised.

Final Words

Up to this far we hope you have enjoyed reading our best drip coffee maker reviews. And you are not knowledgeable about what makes the best drip coffee maker for your coffee needs.

We would love to hear from you so that we can give you what you want.

Leave a comment below if you have any feedback or there is something you want us to cover.

We are here to help our readers

Happy brewing!!

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