Best Gaming Keyboard under $50 in 2023

PC gaming doesn’t just need a good monitor. Having a productive gaming keyboard is also vital when you want a competitive edge while gaming. For gamers, gaming keyboards acts like a joystick. So, it is evident that you would need one that comes in high quality and doesn’t compromise the ease of use.

Considering the price range of $50, you may get lost in your search for the keyboard, which will optimize your gaming performance. Thus, we have compiled some of the most popular, highly-rated gaming keyboards available in the market. Along with that, to help you make a better and practical decision, we have added a buying guide. 

Quick Picks 

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Best Keyboard under $50 for Gaming Reviews

Here are the top 5 gaming keyboards that are available in the market for under $50. Please read our detailed review of each product to pick the one that best suits your gaming needs. 

#1 Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard

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Please do not underestimate this gaming keyboard based on its price tag. Yes, it is one of Corsair’s basic ranges among gaming peripherals, but it will last longer than most considering the robust build. This RGB keyboard is known to work well and enhance your gaming scene. You can dabble between varied lighting effects; the backlighting has ten preconfigured modes. Corsair’s iCUE software enables you to customize the color. This range is an overall best pick because it serves the purpose, is comfortable, programmable & has a sleek design. Also, it comes at an excellent price range. 

You can use this keyboard with Windows 8, Windows, 7, Windows Vista and Windows 10. While you are playing, you can personalize your volume without interruption. This full-sized keyboard has 110 keys, including controls for multimedia, volume and 6 customizable macro keys (giving you a competitive advantage).

Don’t worry about speed and accuracy every time you press a key – thanks to its multi-key anti-ghosting function, which improves responsiveness. Then there is guaranteed comfort that the adjustable height & built-in (detachable) rest brings. So, the chances of wrist fatigue will go down to a great extent. This membrane keyboard is quieter than its mechanical counterparts. 


  • IP42-rated design (dust & spill-proof)
  • 6 macro keys (programmable)
  • High adjustments
  • Anti-ghosting capabilities
  • Immensely responsive – great for gaming
  • 3 separate backlight zones


  • Not mechanical

#2 Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The Redragon K552 works and feels fantastic & gives you the best value for your investment. This gaming keyboard was built to last with ABS and metal alloy, making it look premium. The 87 keys on the keyboard are plate mounted & have curved keycaps that are precision-engineered designed for uniform backlight glow and durability.

This ergonomic mechanical keyboard comes in a more space-saving design, i.e., without a number pad. 

It’s Outemu Red switches under the keys will not fail to stand up even during challenging and intensive gaming sessions. Being equivalent to Cherry MX, the red switches on this keyboard is the real deal for their actuation points & low sensitivity. They can provide you the competitive edge you need without hampering your overall gaming experience.

K552 is slightly noisy when you type on it. Anyone looking for a reasonably-priced mechanical keyboard can go for this as it does not compromise a lot on features that matter in gaming. 


  • Insane price-performance ratio
  • 60% mechanical keyboard
  • Keys are easy on the fingers- no much resistance
  • Durable construction
  • Splash-proof and non-slip keyboard
  • Outemu Red key switches
  • Tested to endure at least 50 million keystrokes easily


  • No macro keys
  • Not having a separate number pad can be an issue for some

#3 Havit Wired Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard

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Are you on a tight budget? The Havit gaming keyboard is shockingly affordable, considering the impressive features that it offers. It comes in a combination pack, including a 6-key 4800 DPI mouse with a stylish root pattern on it & 7 light modes.

This model has Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 compatibility. It is a standard keyboard that gives you superb accuracy and responsiveness with 104 keys at a low price point. 

This 2-in-1 combination is a wired one. The terrific keycap backlights make your gaming keyboard look like a rainbow on your hands. Other game-oriented features include a lock window button that you can disable anytime during your gaming sessions. You even get a comfortable spacebar key, along with 11 multimedia combination keys, 19 conflict-free keys, and four interchangeable direction keys, adapting to the gaming habits of most people.

You can simply plug-in and start playing without the need for any software unless you want to customize the lighting. The keyboard has 3 light modes. The four adjustable heights and the detachable wrist rest makes your overall gaming time more comfortable. 


  • God speed and accuracy
  • Combo set- with mouse
  • Great for entry-level gamers
  • Great price
  • Wide compatibility
  • Individual switches with n-key rollover on all keys


  • Some have faced lighting problems on the mouse
  • Membrane keyboard

#4 Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Welcome to the future of PC Gaming. You can now have your gaming mouse, typing keyboard and gaming keyboard within perfect reach. The Redragon half keyboard fits your palms just right, and you can rest your wrist comfortably on the detachable magnetic space at the bottom of the keypad.

It is one one the most affordable one-hand gaming keyboard available in the market currently. If you are looking for a half-keyboard, this can easily be your go-to option. Pro-gamers can literally slay with this. 

This unit comes with Outemo Blue switches that are Cherry MX clones. This mechanical keyboard’s keys are clicky with a tactile feel and come with multiple color options with 5 backlight modes.

Do not worry if you’ve been using a full-size keyboard till now; this unit gives you all the basic gaming keys & 7 additional function & macro keys that are programmable. This option offers a full anti-ghosting feature and a USB port using which you can charge your phone. 


  • WASD movements are precise
  • Highly responsive keys
  • Outemo Blue switches
  • Portable 
  • Declutters your gaming space
  • Stable base
  • Full anti-ghosting 
  • 7 programmable macro keys
  • Bright RGB lighting 


  • Not for entry-level gamers
  • Some have an issue with the software

#5 HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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Gamers who are especially hunting a membrane type keyboard within an affordable range can choose HyperX gaming keyboards. Even though the brand is famous for its gaming headphones, their Alloy core keyboard is also worthy of looking forward to.

This keyboard is marked by comfort, quality and durability. This model is quiet, making it the best pick if you plan to play PC games for long hours in the night so that no one else gets disturbed. This gaming keyboard model of Hyperx is spill-proof and is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. 

Coming to design, you can take full advantage of the RGB lights to personalize your keyboard unit with a variety of backlight options (six effects) and bring your battle station to life. It’s solid structure, and sleek design gives you a premium feel.

This unit features dedicated multimedia keys, which is a bonus. HyperX Alloy Core has soft-touch keys that promise accuracy and speed; plus, they are highly responsive. This exceptionally crafted gaming keyboard is popular among gamers for its silent keystrokes, the ability to execute multiple commands at one go and anti-ghosting features. 


  • Dynamic backlight effects (customizable)
  • Solid Frame- long-lasting
  • Quiet & highly responsive buttons 
  • Spill-resistant
  • Quick access buttons
  • Keyboard lock mode
  • Anti-ghosting with key rollover
  • Dedicated media keys + volume control


  • No macro keys
  • Some experience a ringing noise on turning on the lights

Buying Guide

[Cover] Best Gaming Keyboard under $50

Everyone has a different when they are looking for a gaming keyboard. We have added a comprehensive buying guide that will help you pick the best gaming keyboard that syncs best with your requirements. Here are the key factors that you must consider:


Switches are the most vital feature in any gaming keyboard. In under $50, your options will be limited so, pick wisely after considering your needs. Manufacturers tend to cut down on the number of keys, but our list has something for everyone. You can choose between the following two switch types:

  • Membrane/ Red switch: Membrane switches make typing seem fluid and quick because of their mushy feel, making them a lot more quiet than the mechanical counterparts. They are the more affordable and generally come with a water-resistant frame. While the Reds can be quite responsive initially, most tend to become harder to press. Moreover, the keycaps of the Red switches are not removable.
  • Mechanical/ Blue switch: Unlike membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are more expensive and weigh more. However, they are more popular among gamers. These Blue switches are tactile and long-lasting with an almost instant response time. Plus, their keycaps are removable. 


Keyboards under $50 are available in a wide range of sizes. A full-size keyboard accommodates luxuries like dedicated media keys. The size is the same as what you’d usually imagine a keyboard to be with above 100 keys and a number pad on the far right. 

Next up is the TKL or Tenkeyless boards, which range between 40- 80% keyboard size. They come in very compact designs and are more portable but, this would mean that the function keys are moved around a bit.

Also, they usually lack the number pad; numbers are located on the letter keys themselves. The 40% keyboards increase the space of your gaming station, but they often fall short on the number of key binds in a game and have compacted function buttons. 

Layout vs. Look

While some may prefer simple and sleek keyboard designs, some may go for a more striking look. Therefore, both layout and appearance become essential things to consider while buying a gaming keyboard. First and foremost, consider the layout points.

 For instance, your overall gaming experience depends highly on the key placement and the distance between them. The availability of a simple numpad can also impact your gameplay if you are in the habit of using them while you play. 

Most of the gaming keyboards come with backlit options, which gives them the authentic gaming look to match your entire setup. They can usually be customized and personalized. The lights of the keyboard can be turned off when not in use. Plus, when you intend to play for long hours, comfortability can become a concern. In that case, it is best to go with ergonomically designed keyboards that come with features like a wrist rest. 


Best gaming experiences depend on a stable connection of the peripherals. Gaming keyboards come with two types of connection: wireless and wired. The wired is undoubtedly the better option to enhance your gaming sessions as they provide more stable connectivity without lags. Just one minor drawback- limited adjustments while the keyboard is in hand.

Wireless keyboards, on the other hand, are suitable for average gamers. You can use it from a distance and are thus, not limiting in terms of movement. However, there can be connectivity problems, and input lags as well. 


Q: Are Mini keyboards good for gaming?

When compare to full-length keyboards, the compact options are far more convenient for playing games. You have more mousing options because of the extra room that you get. Better load on your arm, wrist and shoulder and fewer reach movements can give you a considerable cutting edge in the game. 

Q: Are mechanical gaming keyboards better than mechanical?

Both have pros and cons. However, gamers tend to prefer mechanical keyboards for their tactility and quick response time. If you are into intense gaming, they are undoubtedly more durable. 


Gamers cannot do without a good gaming keyboard – you know that already. Now, you also know what factors you are to consider when you are in the market searching for a gaming keyboard that best suits your requirements. With our list of user and manufacturer-tested products, get yourself one of the best gaming keyboards in 2023. 

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