Best Laptop For Music Production

Best Laptop for music productionAgain this is a personal choice.

What do you prefer working on or find easier to use? When I was using Fruity Loops I was on PC. I had no issues whatsoever.

Now I’m using Logic Pro X, I’m using a Mac Mini, Mac Book Air and guess what . . . no issues.

So point is, try different DAWs out and see what works for you.

As a side note, if you are PC person, it’s best to continue on that route and vice versa. I became a Mac person after owning an iPhone for a few years. Soon I started using my sister’s MacBook Pro and that was it!

Bye Bye PC for me . . .

Best Mac for Music Production

As far as the details go, obviously you want the most powerful computer you can get aka afford but contrary to popular belief, you can get by with a lot less than you think.

Let me share with you the stats of my computers with you.

MacBook Air

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This is my ‘on the go’ computer. When I’m flying around or staying at a hotel, I use this one. Heck I’ve finished two songs on this so far as well (Static Mixes). This is an awesome computer to have when you are on long flights.

I just sit and work on my tracks. Makes me feel like a professional DJ / Producer moving from one city to another.

BTW, the flying for me is usually for a vacation or business trip. Not to a massive club in Ibiza somewhere where I’m the headliner.

Not yet 😉

My MacBook Air Stats:

Macbook AIr Statistics

Yes have a look at the RAM. Just 4MB. However, I’ve literally finished full songs on this before transferring the files using the BOX file transfer service or by using my external hard drive if the file was well over 1GB or something.

Okay maybe not full songs but I would call it a “static mix” or a “pre-static mix”. A static mix refers to when your track is pretty much complete and just needs to be “polished” and mastered.

Overall, it does a great job.

You can’t use 4gm RAM for mixing and definitely not for mastering but you can bang out solid ‘rough drafts’ of proper tracks on this one for sure.

Good for traveling.

That’s how I use it.

MacBook Mini

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This is my studio computer. This is where i turn those static mixes into professionally mastered tracks.

As you can see, the most RAM I have is at 8MB. Since I’m still at an intermediate stage and can master and stuff, I have no issues with my 8MB Ram. Of course I use Logic’s ‘FREEZE’ feature a lot (Which drastically reduces the load on your computer) but in a perfect world, I would love to have 16mb RAM.

Point is, if you heard my songs, you can check out the quality. It’s freaking professional.

So at the end of the day, work with what you have. Mac or PC isn’t an issue at all. It’s how you use them.

Click below to learn more about each model on Amazon.

This should give you a good idea on what’s best for making music at home.

Best PC for music production

So now that I’ve got the mac fans out of the way, let me go back to a time when I was using a desktop PC to make beats. As I mentioned earlier, I was using a PC. PC’s are great for music production too but you definitely need more ram for PCs vs MACs.

Especially if you are producing music.

It’s just how things are.

So for a PC, I would recommend any decent PC with at least 8-12 MB ram. The higher the better. I mean there is a reason why I don’t use PCs for music production anymore but hey, lots of people still do. Especially laptops for music production and even DJing.

Razor Blade Laptop For Music Production

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Although this is a refurbished version, razor blade laptops (Although designed for gaming), are quite popular with people who want a high-performance laptop for music production as well.

Reality is you need a high performing machine whether you use a PC or a Mac. Especially when you get to the mixing and definitely for “mastering” your music stage.

The Razor Blade brand is definitely the ‘Mac’ of music production laptops.

Sorry PC users, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings with that analogy.

Moving on . . .

HP Envy Laptop For Music Production

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The HP Envy (Most HP Laptops actually) is literally perfect for the beginner to the intermediate producer. I love the 16mb RAM and a fast processor makes it an ideal music-making machine. Most literally love this machine but despite the fact that touch screen is not an option.

To be honest, when it comes to making music, a simple mouse does a great job too.

Of course with HP, you can always count on the reliability and overall decent customer service as well.

Acer Predator For Music Production

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Another great brand for all you PC Lovers out there is Acer.

Acer has been around for quite some time and really stepped their game up with laptops for gaming. These are very well-liked by most up and coming music producers as well. You get the 16 MB ram, a fast i7 processor and you’re good to go.

Some of the had issues with it but most consider it a long-lasting laptop.

Now go make some beats.

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